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Praseodymium Oxide

Alternate Names: Lanthanide oxide

Oxide Analysis Formula
Pr2O3 100.00% 1.00
Oxide Weight 329.81
Formula Weight 329.81


This is a lanthanide rare earth oxide, it is available as a raw powder. For information on making vibrant colors using lanthanides visit the page by David Pier linked to this record.

Quote from David Pier: "The oxide is a dark brown color. It gives a small range of vibrant lime green colors in oxidation and reduction at concentrations of 5-8%. In small amounts (0.65%) in reduction with a trace of iron, gives a bright spring green color."

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New glaze colors using Lanthanides
Temperatures Praseodymium oxide decomposes (2300C-)
Typecodes Colorant
Metallic based materials that impart fired color to glazes and bodies.

By Tony Hansen

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