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Novacite Silica 1

Alternate Names: Whetstone

Description: Microcrystalline Novaculite

Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 0.01% 0.18
MgO 0.02% 0.51
TiO2 0.01% 0.13
Al2O3 0.10% 1.00
SiO2 99.49%
Fe2O3 0.04% 0.26
Oxide Weight 101,663.40
Formula Weight 101,663.40


Novacite® is a quartz silica unique in the extender/filler market. Graded by micron size, the individual, unagglomerated particles tend toward a platey structure, which promotes superior leveling, meshing and wear-resistance in many performance applications.

Mined and processed in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA. The product is a "rotted", or powdered form of Novaculite mineral. It is also known as Arkansas Whetstone because it is a massive white quartz rock used to make whetstones for sharpening knives.

According to the Arkansas Geological Commission it is "a sedimentary rock composed mostly of microcrystalline quartz and is a recrystallized variety of chert. It is dense, hard, white to grayish-black in color, translucent on thin edges, and has a dull to waxy luster.".

Typical applications other than ceramics include casting resins, potting compounds, molding compounds, abrasive medium (wet blasting), latex paints.

Color (Dry): White
Color (Wet): Grey
Particle Shape (1-7 microns): Platey (over 7 microns): Clusters
Specific Heat (mean 0-200C): 192 cal/g/degree C
Surface Modification: Very Receptive

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Density, loose packed (lbs/cu fut) 50 lbs/cubic foot
Hardness (Moh) 7
Index of Refraction 1.55
Oil Adsorption (Spatula) 17-20%
Particle Shape (1-7 microns) Platey (over 7 microns): Clusters
Sieve Analysis Dry Percent finer that 74 microns: 99 53 microns: 98 44 microns: 93-98 10 microns: 36 Average parti
Density (Specific Gravity) 2.65
pH for dry powder 6.0-7.8
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