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Desulco Graphite

Description: Carbon


This product is 99.9% carbon with minuscule ash, gas, and sulfur content. It is especially useful in the production of high strength metals and other products where exceptional carbon purity is needed. This material can be recognized by its porosity, lower particle density and matte luster.

Graphite is made by firing various carbon sources to very high temperatures (up to 2500C). However Desulco products are made from processing petroleum products, producing a more consistent result.

It remains stable under extremely high temperatures without melting.

Quality graphite products are refined to remove gases and other impurities.

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Oxide Analysis Formula
Materials Graphite
Typecodes Refractory
Materials that melt at high temperatures. These are normally used for kiln bricks, furniture, etc. or for ceramics that must withstand high temperatures during service.
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