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Glaze Matteness Property

Matte glazes are the opposite of glossy ones. They are more difficult to achieve and the matte mechanism can be fragile (lost by slight changes in firing, for example) and the surface non-functional (cutlery marking and staining are common).


Oxides Al2O3
Materials Titanium Dioxide
Oxides MgO
Oxides SiO2
Materials Rutile
Oxides CaO
Oxides BaO
Oxides SrO
Materials Dolomite
Materials Magnesite


Glossary Matte Glaze
Random material mixes that melt well overwhelmingly want to be glossy, creating a matte glaze that is also functional is not an easy task.
Glossary Dolomite Matte
Dolomite matte glazes have the potential to be very silky and pleasant to the touch, while at the same time being hard, durable and non-crazed (if they are formulated correctly).
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