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Glaze Crystallization Property

Crystal glazes are normally evaluated on the recipe level, people simply have a recipe that they know works and add colors to it. However there is a great benefit to knowing why crystals grow the way they do and what explains the variations in size, shape, color, etc.


Materials Willemite
Materials Titanium Dioxide
Oxides ZnO
Oxides Al2O3
Oxides TiO2
Materials Ilmenite
Recipes GRNTCG-GRANITE Crystalline Glaze


Glossary Crystalline glazes
A type of ceramic glaze made by potters. Giant multicolored crystals grown on a super gloss low alumina glaze by controlling multiple holds and soaks during cooling
Glossary Glass vs. Crystalline
In ceramics, understanding the difference between what a glass and crystal are provides the basis for understanding the physical presence of glazes and clay bodies.
Glossary Crystallization
Ceramic glazes form crystals on cooling if the chemistry is right and the rate of cool is slow enough to permit molecular movement to the preferred orientation.
The Awesome Crystalline Glaze Gallery of Tilton Pottery
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