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TF - Tin Foil II Fara Shimbo Crystalline Glaze

Modified: 2013-03-25 08:44:38

Low Titanium Cone 6-9 Glaze

Material Amount
Ferro Frit 3110*50.00
Zinc Oxide*25.00
Tin Oxide*2.00
Titanium Dioxide*2.00


Purpose: To alter the shape of the crystals from broad "geranium" petals to
narrow "dandelion" or "aster" petals by using tin.

Tin Foil 2 is an excellent low-titanium glaze; in fact, it makes an excellent
no-titanium glaze if you just leave the titanium out. On porcelain it
has a very transparent ground, though this does not necessarily hold true
on stoneware. I decided to try adding tin to the glaze when I noticed the
very interesting effect that chrome-tin pinks had on the crystals; the nearly
complete change in character from a flower to a lily-pad. Most of this effect
is due to chrome, but with chrome being a powerful colorant I didn't
want to use it. Tin is generally thought of as an opacifier, but in small
amounts like this its only real effect is to change the shape of the crystals,
so instead of a daisy one has a dandelion. Tin Foil 2 crystals are very
opaque which makes this an excellent glaze for use with copper colorants.
The ground is often slightly yellowish by itself, often varying the color response
of cobalt toward cyan.

Tin Foil has always been an exceptionally reliable glaze for me. I
found out that the original would go down to D5 quite by accident one day
when the power went out at that temperature. After two hours soaking at
1000°C, I had lovely crystals about 2 cm in diameter.
It's been my experience that crystal growth slows down proportionally
to the amount of tin in the glaze; so much so that if you add about 4%
tin you can grow only a few crystals no more than a centimeter in diameter
even after a three hour soak.


Firing Schedules Shimbo Crystal Schedule 1
Typecodes Crystalline Glaze Recipe Fara Shimbo
These are from Fara\'s Crystal Glazes book II.


Crystal Glaze VariationsCrystals produced by this glaze have many narrow "petals" instead of only a few (or one) large, broad petal. Aster or dandelion shaped crystals, ends are often "frilly."
Glaze ColorWhen used with up to 2% copper carbonate, magnificent true turquoises and cyans result (due to interaction with tin and calcium).

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<recipes version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8">
<recipe name="Tin Foil II Fara Shimbo Crystalline Glaze" keywords="Low Titanium Cone 6-9 Glaze" id="74" date="2013-03-25" codenum="TF" location="Page 66">
<recipeline material="Ferro Frit 3110" amount="50.000"/>
<recipeline material="Zinc Oxide" amount="25.000"/>
<recipeline material="Silica" amount="16.000"/>
<recipeline material="Dolomite" amount="5.000"/>
<recipeline material="Tin Oxide" amount="2.000"/>
<recipeline material="Titanium Dioxide" amount="2.000"/>
<url url="" descrip=""/>

By Tony Hansen

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