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To co-efficient of thermal expansion, globally harmonized data sheets, differential thermal analysis, digitalfire reference library, respirable crystalline silica, calculated thermal expansion, clays for ovens and heaters, refractory ceramic coatings, verify your kiln controller, particle size distribution, medium temperature glaze, medium-temperature glaze, using clay with children, base-coat dipping glaze, high-temperature glazes, porcelaineous stoneware, triaxial glaze blending, cristobalite inversion, low temperature bodies, ghs safety data sheets, high temperature glaze, high-temperature glaze, lead in ceramic glazes, low-temperature glazes, t.rex discovery centre, ceramic glaze defects, digitalfire foresight, glass vs. crystalline, electronic controller, low temperature glaze, low-temperature glaze, material substitution, representative sample, made a brushing glaze, make a brushing glaze, ironstone concretions, drop-and-soak firing, unbalanced chemistry, glass-ceramic glazes, industrial clay body, liquid bright colors, make your own glazes, particle orientation, silica:alumina ratio, silk screen printing, theoretical material, thermal conductivity, self-supporting cone, iron red stull chart, ironstone concretion, cordierite ceramics, digitalfire insight, inside-only glazing, kiln venting system, melting temperature, strontium carbonate, lead sesquisilicate, laguna gum solution, correctly bent cone, brushing underglaze, first-coat dipping, carbon trap glazes, clay body porosity, thermal expansions, crystalline glazes, drying performance, encapsulated stain, incised decoration, balanced chemistry, unbalanced recipes, middle-temperature, non oxide ceramics, transparent glazes, ultimate particles, granular manganese, manganese granular, new zealand kaolin, colored porcelains,, abrasion ceramics, apparent porosity, casting-jiggering, chemical analysis, ovens and heaters, thermal expansion, fluid melt glazes, glaze compression, unbalanced recipe, once fire glazing, oxide chemistries, oxide interaction, powder processing, de-airing pugmill, cone 10 reduction, reduction speckle, refiring ceramics, ceramic transfers, slurry processing, water in ceramics, nepheline syenite, calcium carbonate, lithium carbonate, bending correctly, 3d printing clay, base transparent, ceramic material, characterization, straw bale house, drying shrinkage, fast fire glazes, firing schedules, firing shrinkage, glaze durability, ink jet printing, kiln controllers, balanced recipes, mullite crystals, oxidation firing, phase separation, physical testing, primitive firing, pyrometric cones, quartz inversion, reduction firing, tissue transfers, ceramic transfer, specific gravity, water solubility, soluble material, titanium dioxide, gillespie borate, calcined alumina, barium carbonate, manually program, maturity profile, silicone sealant, glaze the bottom, formula-to-batch, 3d-printed clay, alkaline earths, bleeding colors, brushing glazes, crystallization, devitrification, cutlery marking, desktop insight, dishwasher safe, inclusion stain, fast-fire frits, feldspar glazes, firing schedule, fired shrinkage, glaze chemistry, glaze shrinkage, glaze thickness, kiln controller, balanced recipe, maximum density, metallic glazes, micro organisms, micro-organisms, anti-microbials, propeller mixer, propeller mixed, pyrometric cone, reactive glazes, reduction fired, restaurant ware, vibrating sieve, spraying glazes, surface tension, terra sigilatta, terra sigillata, wood ash glazes, zero3 stoneware, sodium silicate, custer feldspar, lead bisilicate, gerstley borate, total shrinkage, silicone sealer, kitchen blender, insight for dos, bisquit firing, blender mixing, blender-mixing, breaking glaze, brushing glaze, calculated coe, carbon burnout, ceramic matrix, ceramic binder, ceramic decals, clay stiffness, high expansion, high-expansion, code numbering, deflocculation, deoxylidration, dipping glazes, dolomite matte, magnesia matte, fired strength, forming method, formula ratios, formula weight, glaze layering, multi-layering, green strength, gunmetal glaze, iron red glaze, target formula, limit formulas, gas-generating, microorganisms, anti-microbial, microwave safe, oil-spot glaze, oxide formulas, particle sizes, secondary clay, slurry process, soluble colors, unity formulas, wood ash glaze, zero3 fritware, zeta potential, plastic vitrox, saint rose red, cornwall stone, grolleg kaolin, ceramic rutile, acidic oxides, agglomeration, bisque firing, blender-mixed, blender mixed, blender mixes, celadon glaze, ceramic glaze, ceramic oxide, ceramic slips, ceramic stain, earth plaster, low expansion, low-expansion, code numbered, crackle glaze, decomposition, deflocculated, dimpled glaze, dipping glaze, drop and hold, drop-and-soak, drop and soak, drop-and-hold, drying cracks, dry shrinkage, dust pressing, efflorescence, glaze bubbles, glaze gelling, glaze laydown, glaze recipes, limit formula, limit recipes, recipe limits, liner glazing, luster colors, lustre colors, melt fluidity, mineral phase, mohs hardness, opacification, oxide formula, oxide chemtry, phase diagram, phase changes, plaster table, precipitation, rutile glazes, sanitary ware, slip trailing, soluble salts, spray glazing, thermal shock, unity formula, vitrification, water smoking, floating blue, bright colors, thermocouples, body bloating, agglomerates, ball milling, bamboo glaze, bamboo matte, cover glazes, base recipes, basic oxides, batch recipe, bisque-fired, bisque fired, black coring, borosilicate, brick making, ceramic slip, ceramic tile, characterize, chromaticity, code numbers, coil pottery, cristobalite, deflocculate, drying crack, late-melting, late melting, fining agent, flocculation, flocculating, glaze mixing, glossy glaze, hot pressing, insight-live, leather hard, lime popping, limit recipe, liner-glazed, liner glazed, metal oxides, mold on clay, mocha glazes, oxide system, permeability, pour glazing, primary clay, pyroceramics, corning ware, rutile glaze, salt-glazing, salt glazing, shino glazes, slip casting, slurry it up, stain medium, sulfate scum, surface area, translucency, st. rose red, cobalt oxide, copper oxide, wax emulsion, alberta slip, beehive kiln, letter press, supply chain, sieve shaker, kitty litter, thermocouple, amaco velvet, spectrum 700, 3d-printing, 3d printing, ball-milled, ball milled, base glazes, base recipe, cover glaze, blender mix, blender-mix, calcination, cas numbers, ceramic ink, clay bodies, code-number, code number, cone plaque, cuerda seca, orange peel, dip glazing, earthenware, food safety, crystalline, jasper ware, kiln firing, kovar metal, laminations, lead glazes, liner glaze, matte glaze, monocottura, mosaic tile, native clay, plaster bat, plasticizer, pour-glazed, pour glazed, orton cones, variegation, rheological, rutile blue, salt firing, soda firing, slurried up, stull chart, tapper clay, terra cotta, thixotropic, tony hansen, trafficking, translucent, underglazes, variegating, variegators, wood firing, silica sand, burnt umber, tyler sieve, letterpress, drippy pots, kiln sitter, frit shards, dos insight, fusion 360, 3d printer, 3d printed, 3d-printed, base glaze, base matte, first coat, blistering, bone china, boron blue, boron-blue, boron frit, cas number, copper red, decomposed, dip glazed, dip-glazed, dishwasher, flame ware, fluid melt, fluid-melt, functional, durability, kiln fumes, mechanisms, mineralogy, monoporosa, wild clays, found clay, opacifiers, plasticine, plasticity, plasticize, refractory, salt-fired, salt fired, suspension, suspending, terracotta, thixotropy, trafficked, underglaze, wedging in, ash glazes, ravenscrag, veegum cer, zinc oxide, frit f-524, frit fz-16, iron oxide, reclaiming, blue brick, bryan cera, sandscreen, 3d design, 3d slicer, amorphous, talc body, ball mill, base coat, bit image, photoshop, clay body, clay oven, colorants, devitrify, decompose, mgo matte, fast-fire, fat glaze, firebrick, flameware, food safe, foot ring, glaze fit, glaze-fit, interface, jiggering, kiln wash, mechanism, melt-flow, melt flow, microbial, wild clay, once-fire, opacifier, overglaze, pinholing, porcelain, sculpture, shivering, sintering, slip cast, slurrying, slurry up, slurry-up, splitting, stoneware, sulphates, suspended, test kiln,, variegate, viscosity, vitrified, volatiles, wedged in, whiteware, ash glaze, silicosis, bentonite, spodumene, tin oxide, ep kaolin, raw umber, frit 3110, frit 3124, frit 3134, frit 3195, frit 3249, frit f-12, frit f-19, frit f-38, frit f-69, frit f-75, ball clay, calibrate, frit 3602, mod podge, BWIW test, DFAC test, EBCT test, GBMF test, GLFL test, GLLE test, IWCT test, SHAB test, SIEV test, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 3d-print, art ware, blisters, bloating, blunging, roasting, candling, ceramics, porosity, colorant, crawling, crucible, dimpling, low fire, low-fire, eutectic, fireclay, flashing, fritware, bubbling, incising, iron-red, iron red, leaching, majolica, marbling, maturity, the melt, microbes, ovenware, pinholes, plucking, cone 10r, rheology, sintered, slipware, slurried, sulfates, settling, throwing, toxicity, vitreous, wedge in, titanium, zirconia, zircopax, dolomite, feldspar, fire-red, Organics, ford cup, modpodge, 50:30:20, clouding, LDW test, artware, blister, bloated, high sg, calcine, colloid, crawled, crazing, dunting, engobes, engobed, fritted, laydown, grogged, handles, incised, leached, gassers, cone 04, cone 06, lusters, biocide, mottled, opacify, opacity, physics, pinhole, propane, pugmill, sieving, 80 mesh, sinters, slaking, settled, tenmoku, warping, wedging, pv clay, boraq 2, boraq 3, ulexite, cmc gum, kyanite, G1214Z1, GA10x-A, GR10-J1, GR10-K1, C04PLTP, C6MSGL1, chatgpt, alkali, bisque, borate, low sg, oxides, stains, cone 1, cone 5, cone 6, crazed, engobe, jigger, mature, refire, shiver, sinter, slaked, slurry, thrown, upwork, redart, rutile, silica, veegum, zircon, darvan, kaolin, CELECG, G1214M, G1214W, G1215U, G1216L, G1216M, G1916Q, G1947U, G2571A, G2826R, G2826X, g2851H, G2853B, G2902B, G2902D, G2916F, G2926B, G2926J, G2926S, G2928C, G2931H, G2931K, G2931L, G2934Y, G3806C, G3838A, GA10-A, GA10-B, GA10-D, GA6-G1, GR10-A, GR10-B, GR10-C, GR10-E, GR10-G, GR10-J, GR10-L, GRNTCG, L3341B, L3685U, L3724F, L3924C, L3954B, L3954N, TNF2CG, VESUCG, 03DSFF, 04DSDH, BQ1000, BRTF05, BTFB04, BTSB04, BTSG05, C10RPL, C5DHSC, C6DHSC, C6IRED, C6PLST, FSCGB1, FSCGCL, FSCGWM, FSCRGL, PLC6CR, PLC6DS, shapr, bloat, boron, decal, 2200f, crawl, craze, frits, mole%, pyrex, shino, sieve, slake, glazy, zero3, zero4, boraq, c-red, borax, Al2O3, Cr2O3, Fe2O3, BORY1, G2000, G2240, G2896, G2934, G3879, GA6-A, GA6-B, GA6-D, GA6-F, GA6-G, GA6-H, GC106, GR6-A, GR6-B, GR6-C, GR6-D, GR6-E, GR6-H, GR6-L, GR6-M, GR6-N, L2000, MA6-C, BRTF6, BRTS6, FSCG1, FSHP1, FSHP3, FSNM5, MDDCL, gimp, flux, frit, grog, kaki, raku, talc, c-98, B2O3, Cu2O, Li2O, MnO2, Na2O, P2O5, SiO2, SnO2, TiO2, V2O5, ZrO2, knao, QICA, coe, cte, loi, mdt, psd, pce, nzk, epk, 45d, 45r, BaO, CaO, CO2, CoO, CuO, FeO, H2O, K2O, LOI, MgO, MnO, NiO, PbO, SO3, SO4, SrO, ZnO, ZrO, a1, 3b, 3d, m2,

To Our Shares at Insight-live: 77C04E, 77E05B, 77E06B, 77E14A, 77E15A, 84-G-05-S, G 304, G1002, G1214Z, G1214Z1, G1214Z2, G1847, G1916M, G1916Q, G1916Q2, G1916Q3, G1916QL1, G1916S, G1916S1, G1916V, G1947U, G2571A, G2571B, G2571C, G2571D, G2571D1, G2571E, G2571F, G2576B, G2584, G2826A, G2826A1, G2826A2, G2826A3, G2826B, G2826F, G2826G, G2826M, G2826N, G2826R, G2826R1, G2826U, G2826V, G2850C, G2850M-c, G2850P, G2851A, G2851AB, G2851D, G2851H, G2880, G2880A, G2881B, G2890B, G2894, G2894A, G2908A, G2917, G2926, G2926A, G2926B, G2926BL, G2926J, G2926S, G2931, G2931F, G2931G, G2931H, G2931K, G2931L, G2931L2, G2932, G2933, G2934, G2934BL, G2934Y, G2934Y1, G2934Y2, G2934Y3, G2934Y4, G2936, G2936A, G2936B, G2936C, G2938, G2941A, G2941C, G3806, G3806A, G3806B, G3806C, G3806D, G3806E, G3806F, G3806K, G3806N, G3808, G3808A, G3813, G3813B, G3813C, G3814, G3834, G3840, G3868, G3868A, G3868B, G3868C, G3875, G3875B, G3875C, G3879, G3879C, G3879E, G3879F1, G3888, G3892, G3903, G3904, G3904A, G3909, G3910, G3910A, G3912A, G3914A, G3918, G3925, G3925B, G3926B, G3926C, G3933, G3933A, G3939A, G3948, G3948A, G3948E, G3955, G3966, G3973, G4546, GA6-A, GA6-F, GR10-A, GR10-C, GR10-CW, GR6-H, L2553B, L2596E, L2596F, L2626, L3127E, L3127G, L3127I, L3127N, L3146A, L3146B, L3146C, L3146D, L3500, L3500G, L3500H, L3523, L3523A, L3523B, L3523C, L3523D, L3617, L3619, L3664A, L3673, L3685U1, L3685Y, L3685Z2, L3685Z3, L3685Z6, L3685Z7, L3685Z8, L3693H1, L3724N2, L3778D, L3778D1, L3778G, L3798C, L3798G, L3802E, L3806L, L3840, L3868, L3868A, L3868C, L3869, L3869A, L3875, L3875A, L3875B, L3894D, L3906, L3911, L3916, L3924C, L3924J, L3924L, L3954B, L3954F, L3954J, L3954N, L3954R, L3972, L3977, L4001, L4005D, L4028, L4068, L4115J3, L4115L2, L4115L2a, L4158, L4159, L4163, L4168G5, L4170, L4170B, L4208C, L4208D, L4217F, L4217G, L4227, L4228, L4239, L4244, L4244A, L4245, L4245F, L4246, L4247, L4248, L4249, L4249A, L4249B, L4264, L4264A, L4264B, L4264C, L4264D, L4273, L4280, L4287, L4287A, L4292, L4293, L4294, L4404A, L4404B, L4410L, L4410P, L4421, L4441A, L4441B, L4453C, L4482B, L4484D, L4498, L4498A, L4530, L4530A, L4532A, L4532B, L4532D, L4532F, L4543, L4543B, L4543C, L4557, L4558, L4558A, L4567, L4575, L4575A, L4588, L4597, L4599, L4599A, L4608, L4655, L4655A, L4705A, MRG6B, MRG6C, MRG6E, MRG6G, P4738A, P4808, P6385, P6821,

To Plainsman Clays: MNS, L210, L215, MNP, Buffstone, L212, M332, M350, M340, M390, M332G, MSculp, P300, M370, PolarIce, Polar Ice, crystalice, H440, H443, H550, h450, H555, H570, P600, P700, H441G, SculptureClay, sculptureclay, RakuThrowing, A2, A3, 3B, 3D, pr3d, Kaosand, PFC, M2, FireRed, Fire-Red, Redstone, Midstone, Helmer, AlbertaSlip, RavenscragSlip, TexturedEngobe, Tapper2, Tapper5, PlainsmanGrog, F97, G2934, MG6CDM, G2926B, MG6CG, Zero3LH, g1916q, Zero3Porcelain, 98Mix, SBC, G1947U, G2571A, g2571a, L3954B, Coffee Clay, GA6-B, GR10-A, gr10a, KilnWash, L3954N, 3C, m390c, m340c, snow, m340s rev, 45f, a1,

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