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List of 151 Ceramic Consultants by Digitalfire


  • Badal, O.P.S. (Morbi, Gujarat, IN): ,, Phone: 919825452708, FAX: 91 2822 240141
    Qualification : B. Tech in Ceramics

    I have 27 years experience in production of ceramic wall, floor, porcelain & vitrified tiles years using LPG, natural gas & coal gas. I have started up more than 150 roller kilns in Morbi (India) maintaining a high standard of quality and production. Presently working with various well-known factories of Morbi as a ceramic consultant. Plants suffering from poor quality and production, can contact me.
    I also have many years of experience of erection and commencing of tiles plants.

  • Badiee, Ramin (Mashhad, IR): , Phone: 00989153140854
    A ceramic engineer who is an expert in porcelain, wall & floor Tile (once-fired & twice-fired) and has 15 years experience in several factories. Has an M.A degree from the University of Science & Technology in IRAN.
    May help in:
    Project Management, product development, plant setup, handling and layout, raw material selection and processing, design development, body formulation and development, glaze formulation, development and trouble shooting, forming processing and troubleshooting, production flow and processes, quality control and assurance, production and process control auditing

  • Barton, Stephen (Alton, Staffordshire, UK): , Phone: 44-1538-703782, FAX: 44-1538-703782
    Specialist in all aspect sof the sanitaryware business including manufacturing, design, financial etc,
  • Bhattacharya, Shambhu Nath (Jaipur, Rajasthan, IN): Phone: 07737417288
    I am capable to handle ceramic projects right from project reports to commissioning stage with my technical team , as well as can take up the drawing , design , erection & commissioning of high & low temperatures kilns & driers.
  • Butt, Nadeem (Calgary, Alberta, CA): , Phone: +1(403)540-0978, FAX: +1 403-279-3140
    -Overall General Management.
    -Budgeting & Cost Management.
    -Process Improvements.
    -Business & Facility Expansion.
    -Manufacturing Operations Management.
    -Experienced and seasoned professional in the field of quality management, operations and production management.
    -Detailed planning, and dedicated execution of plans.
    -Quality Assurance & Quality Systems
    -Quality control
    -Policies and procedures writing and implementation
    -Troubleshooting expert
    -Excellent plan comprehension
    -Excellent customer service skills
    -Solid experience resolving customer complaints
    -Familiar with production procedures
    -Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Carter , David (London and, Staffordshire, UK): , http://Under Construction, Phone: +44 7909871068
    M.Sc. FRSC
    Since 1972 hands-on expertise in:
    Surface coatings, inks, pigments, glass enamels, ceramic colours, frits, organic vehicles, decorating aids, covercoats etc. for direct and indirect application. Ceramic decorative materials.
    Unleaded systems, rheology, application technology and processing. Former Technical Manager with leading companies.
    Qualifications: M.Sc.( Bristol) C.Chem FRSC

  • Clowes, Peter (Vereeniging, Gauteng, ZA): Phone: ++27 (0)849529535, FAX: 086 559 4230
    My experience covers 40 years of involvement, mostly in South Africa, in the design & development, process, production and quality control/assurance of manufacturing producing a wide range of ceramic products-including pottery, technical ceramics, sanitaryware, split and punch tiles, clay pipes and refractories-using gas, oil, electric and coal fired kilns, both intermittent and tunnel. As well as working in the field with customers advising on the application of products and investigating complaints.
  • Conrad, Christina (Balmain, NSW, AU): ,,
    I am available as a teacher/consultant in the area of clay sculptor, especially masks and icons.

    I am a well-known New Zealand sculptor and painter who has been making clay masks and icons for more than 25 years. My work has been shown in America, the UK., New Zealand and Australia, and has been the subject of numerous articles and documentary films. I employ an ancient and unusual method. To see examples of my masks visit my web sites.

  • Coventry, Michael (NEWCASTLE, UK): ,, Phone: 44 1782 634898, FAX: 44 1782 661320
    Experienced in tableware, sanitaryware & tiles. A 'hands-on consultant with 25 years of practical and technical experience, gained in the UK, Africa & S. America. Has done geological surveys and laboratory analysis for locating and evaluating suitable materials for use in developing countries.
  • Davison, William W. (Fairfield, CT, US):
    He has over 15 years of ceramic and business experience and sanitaryware, aerospace and automotive applications, and electronics.

    A PhD Ceramic Engineer (U of Illinois-Urbana) BSc (Ohio State) and financial analysis (MBA-Finance).

  • Dev, Akant (West Lafayette, IN, US): , Phone: 765-497-7604, FAX: 765-497-2764
    A results oriented consultant since 1989 with international experience in medium to large multinational ceramics, electrical and related companies, including those in the electrical porcelain, sanitary ware and tiles. A wide variety of 30 years plus experience with raw materials replacement in body and glaze development, re-engineering (process & product development), shortening and optimizing dryer and kiln schedules, developing and implementing operational manuals and systems etc. leading to marked increase in productivity with improved quality in several manufacturing operations, reducing or eliminating the need for additional equipment. Provide consulting services internationally. Hold BS and MS degrees in Ceramic Engineering and MBA from the University of Illinois, Champaign- Urbana. Held offices in Engineering Societies and American Society for Quality Control, local chapter. Held technical and management positions with fortune 200 multinational companies.
  • Dotti, Robert (Modena, CAP, IT): , Phone: 0039 348 3365940, FAX: 0039 (0)59 826556
    Has experience as a supervisor in a start-up roller kilns (in expecially Sacmi kiln). He has worked with diesel/gas/methane kilns, and received specialized in a single-double firing tiles (monocottura,gres,biscuit,etc.) and in production, energy consumption, tile defects, etc....
    He has worked in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Turkey, Iran, Syria (since 1993 in many important ceramic factories).

  • Eppler, Richard (CHESHIRE, CT, US): ,, Phone: 203-271-2211 FAX 203
    A consultant and author with many years of experience in Ceramic Glaze, Porcelain Enamel, Pigments, Electronic Ceramics, Whiteware, Glass.
  • Ferraraccio, Robert (Redondo Beach, CA, US): , Phone: 415-350-5749
    Independent consultant with experience in manufacturing, R&D, new product development, material & equipment sourcing, laboratory management, process improvement (Kaizen & Six-Sigma), documentation (ISO 9001) and training. Worked in sanitaryware, tableware and tile in the US and overseas. Consultant works with owners, engineers, potters and marketing departments to understand and solve issues. Consultant is willing to get dirty. BS in Ceramic Engineering, minor Art History MBA, cum laude. A detailed CV and references are available upon request.
  • G, Owais (toronto, ON, CA): , Phone: 6472419245
    I am keenly interested in contributing my extensive ceramic industry experience. I have over 20 years in this industry and have worked in the production aspects as well as in the maintenance and servicing ends, where I was responsible for the operations of body mills, spray dryer plants, hydraulic presses, tunnel and roller kilns, glaze and inspection lines, among other processes.

    I have managed the plants that manufactured wall and floor tiles, single fire tiles and various other toilet accessories, glass tiles, earthenware product, oven ware product, clay pots A wide knowledge and experience of the traditional ceramics industry and its raw materials since the mid-1980s.

    Cost reduction and equipment efficiency Improvements, management and personnel training and development, raw materials and body formulations,body and slip preparation, trouble shooting during process of ceramic product, new formulation development of body, glaze and frit to reduce production cost and improve quality, color matching and new tone development, new surface effect development and third firing process, production for giftware, plant modification and updating, production planning as per market requirement ,new product development Professional member institute of ceramic Chartered Scientist, The Science Council, United Kingdom Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry

  • Gibellino, Alfredo (Vercelli, Italy, IT): , Phone: 0039 333 281 0149, FAX: TEL-0039 0163 834832
    An independent sanitary ware modeler since 1981 with the most important sanitary wares producers.
    Skills: Design, new models block molds for manual, mechanized casting for bathroom and kitchen testing and production set-up case molds made from araldite resin and rubber for production molds for different technologies of sanitary ware casting models, block molds, resin cases for medium and high pressure casting for resin molds modification of resin molds.
    Experience: Sacmi system, low pressure capillary system, spagless/dewatering system, medium pressure plaster
    Capabilities: Assistance in starting new plants, optimizing existing production lines.

  • Goswami, Amiya (IN): , Phone: 91 80 23573006
    Have core degree in ceramics and experiences over 30 years with major porcelain insulator manufacturers in India. Innovative body glaze formulations for quartz and alumina porcelains with high order of mechanical strength required. Fast firing technology and kiln designs for all products. Research experiences in special alumina and zirconia composites.
  • Hankey, Bill (Stoke on Trent, UK, US): Phone: 0044 1782 867732 FA, FAX: 0044 1782 867732
    Has 20 years experience in the tableware and sanitaryware industries as a modeller/mouldmaker/blockcasemaker in plaster/resin/rubber. He has had overseas experience training and managing.
  • Harper, Brian (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK): Phone: +44 1782 847566, FAX: +44 1782 847566
    Harper and Associates are specialised consultants to the ceramic industry and provide solutions for all areas of the ceramic process.
  • Jha, Pramod (Vadodara, Gujarat, IN): , Phone: 919824025418
    Experienced in detail engineering design, manufacture, assembly and projects. Successfully built modern manufacturing units (ISO certified) from green stage. Expert in building relationships with vendors, foreign collaborators and consultants. Widely traveled across various geographies (Europe, US, Africa) and well conversant with their work-culture.

    Qualification: B.E (Mech). First division from R.E.C, Jaipur, Chartered Engineer

    Expertise: Strategic Planning Production Control, Quality Assurance Consumer Products, Start-up Organizations Manager/Motivator, Total Quality Management, Operations Management, Problem Solving, Organizational Development.

  • Jimmy, Lee (Rajah Court, 321104, Singapore): , Phone: 65- 6355 1537
    Has had experience working as Refractory Sales/Service engineers selling Refractory to Steel industry and also as Technical Sales in selling raw materials to the Ceramics industries. Specialist in troubleshooting in Ceramic industry and also in the refractory industry for steel production.
  • Kaver, Jayram (MORBI, GUJARAT, IN): Phone: +912822227490, FAX: +919825262649
    Span Of Work: Consulting and ceramic testing. I am an expert in ceramic wall tiles (body, glaze, engobe, firing and maintenance of their thermal expansions).
    Ceramic Testing: Own well equipped and modernized ceramic lab i.e. National Ceramic Lab.

  • Khan, Taslim (dhaka, dhaka, SN): , Phone: 008801713001085
    Ceramic Engineer with over 14 years of hands on experience in the manufacturing, marketing and sourcing of Porcelain, Bone China and stoneware Tableware. Having a wide knowledge for maintaining quality production with low cost.
    I successfully built a modern Ceramic Tableware manufacturing unit from green stage. Worked in Shinepukur Ceramics, MONNO Ceramics, BFC Ceramics and IKEA as Global Ceramic Tableware Specialist. Widely traveled (Europe, India and UK)and well conversant with their work-culture.
    My Phone Number - 008801713001085

  • M, Banagundi (Gulbarga, Karnataka, IN): , Phone: 09460171686
    -Industrial/technical ceramic development in alumina (85-99%), steatite, zirconia and cordierate products, grinding media, ball mill lining, micro-media, thermocouple tubes, thermostatic parts & micro finish seal faces
    -Body development for EHV/EHV insulators for electrical transmission and distribution, high-aluminia porcelian, bauxite bodies
    -Experts in glaze formulation for various applications including ceramic stain development
    -worked with "German Scientists"
    -Quality improvement, cost reduction, technology update
    -Experts in ceramic R&D laboratory/process laboratory set up
    -Body development in vitrified tiles, double filling technology

  • Malhotra, Pardeep (Houston, TX, US): , Phone: 281 491 8514
    Has 20 years experience in making ceramic waterslide decal paper and printing ceramic decals (lithograph & offset) and silk screen printing. He has been the owner of many companies in India making ceramic decals and decolmania (simplex) paper.
  • Moro, Giancarlo (Sant'Agata Bolognese, Bologna, IT): ,, Phone: 393482581661, FAX: 3905119900820
    The inventor and developer of most advanced fast drying / firing extrusion process.
    Former technological director of the major Italian ceramic plants supplier Firms.
    25 years of experience in main ceramic tiles and machinery Companies such as Marazzi Group, Cooperative Ceramica of Imola, Sacmi Group, Siti-B&T Group.
    13 years of specific experience in extrusion innovative process, whose variants have been later patented by Sacmi as GRES ESTRUSO RAPIDO and Sit-B&T Group as GRESTREAM.
    According to this innovative process, maximum size of porcelain tiles/slabs and hollow ventilated facades have already reached 1200 x 3000 mm, thickness from 4 to 25 mm.

    Personal experiences:

    Organize and manage any ceramic production process, either by pressing or by extrusion. At present, 24 complete plants commissioned all over the world.
    Solid and qualified experience in ceramic bodies� formulation and production processes.
    Inventor and developer of the most advanced extrusion technology for the leading italian plants supplier Companies.
    Field research of raw material and deposit exploitation, (working Country: China, Viet Nam, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA, South America).
    Technological support to any industrial production.
    R&D direction and support.

    Areas of Specialization:
    Floor and Wall Tiles, any typologies.
    Roof Tiles and heavy clay in general.
    External Claddings /Ventilated Facades

  • Moss, Jim (Pachuca, Hidalgo, MX):, Phone: 7717147088
    Industrial ceramist /ceramic engineer. Serve industrial and craft-based pottery, sanitaryware and tile manufacturers and related services industries worldwide. Originally from UK, operates internationally from Mexico home base since 1988.
    Services provided includepProject design, management and commissioning of manufacturing operations body, glaze and decoration colour formulation (an extensive range of body types) troubleshooting of manufacturing processes 'hands-on' training of production personnel process and product development support quality control and production control systems and documentation design and implementation.
    Work experience:
    1966-1988 Employed in senior technical and production management positions with leading UK tableware/cookware stoneware, vitreous china sanitaryware and vitreous tiles manufacturers.
    1988-1993 Relocated to Mexico, employed by earthenware tableware and craft based terracotta and stoneware tiles and giftware manufacturers.
    1993-Present Consultant, since worked extensively overseas in developing countries at industrial and craft based level.
    Full curriculum, consultant services and examples of past assignments posted on website. Specialist attribute: a practical industrial and craft-based ceramist / ceramic engineer with extensive hands-on experience and abilities over a wide ranging product base. Academic qualifications (UK): Associate of the Institute of Ceramics, Diploma in Management Studies and Diploma in Marketing. Speaks fluent Spanish as second language

  • Patel, Raju (Morvi, IN):
    Has a degree in chemical engineering and experience in double firing technology for tiles in tunnel kilns.
  • Platt, Simon (Ubud, Bali, ID):, Phone: +62361976220
    Simon has extensive experience in craft and industrial ceramics, and specifically in the context of Indonesia where he has worked for over 12 years.
    Simon has worked in sanitaryware, tableware and other ceramic manufacturing industries in Indonesia and has a track record of addressing and resolving production problems, raising productivity and improving profitability. Hands-on approach and practical skills enable Simon to get to the root of issues.
    Has good technical skills and understanding of: glaze and body formulation; production management; casting control; industrial forming and glazing techniques; clay processing; craft pottery techniques; mould design; kilns and firing.

  • Reynaud, Jorge (San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, MX): ,, Phone: 045-415-1003644
    JORGE REYNAUD (San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, MX):, Phone:521415-1003644
    I have more than 30 years of experience as a specialist in both small and big companies, manufacturers of sanitary ware of world class standard and high quality, stone ware pottery and tiles, earthen ware tableware,terracotta and gift ware. Including development of special projects. Selection of minerals, glaze and body formulation, slip casting, pressing, extrusion, forming, finishing and glazing techniques, mold design, production, firing and sistem controls. Also cordierites and silicon carbides accesories. Manufacturing and maintenance of kilns.

    A detaliled CV and references are available upon request.

  • Rogers, Shannon (Auburn, Ca): ,, Phone: 530-823-5047, FAX: 916-728-4422
    Shannon Rogers is owner/founder of 3 manufacturing companies (Progressive Technology, American, Pheiffer with the ability layout and set up manufacturing processes. Shannon has been in manufacturing since 1975 setting up one machine for a custom application or starting new manufacturing plants or processes. Materials range from all the aluminas to sapphire including some nitrides and silicates. His focus has been to create unique machining techniques for hard-to-produce products. Shannon has experience in CAD designs and several years of engineering. Shannon has been all over the U.S. but is primarilly focused on the west.
  • ROY, RON (Brighton, ONT, CA): Phone: 6134759544 , FAX: 6134753513
    Experienced in the manufacture of stoneware, earthenware, and porcelain bodies for small industry and potters. He can do dilatrometric testing and consults on glaze formulation and troubleshooting problems of all sorts. He has recently co-authored a book on formulating leach-safe and craze-resistant glazes for cone 6. He is available to teach seminars on these subjects.
  • Sawyer, Julian: ,, Phone: 00 44 1782 303909, FAX: 00 44 1782 303909
    He has acquired experience since 1976 with blue chip companies based in Stoke on Trent, with total knowledge of all processes. His Qualifications/Education are Li ceram, IQA syllabus 5 TQM, Kobayashi 20 keys to workplace methodology. His main expertise is in Process control/loss reduction and Quality inititiaves. Has carried out projects in Eastern Europe and Asia.
  • Schmid, Anthony P. (Solana Beach, CA, US): , Phone: 619-481-9468, FAX: 619-481-9468 Phone f
    An expert in ceramic packaging materials for electronics,
    semiconductors, instrumentation, manufacturing methods, dielectric properties. He is experienced as Director Ceramics Technology at Candescent Technologies; manager of the UNISYS Corporation Ceramic Pilot line; manager of Process Development at Emcon Division of ITW; Director of Owens Illinois Dielectrics Laboratory; and at Raytheon Research Division. Mr. Schmidt has degrees in mathematics and physics, has overseen the procurement of many patents, and has lectured internationally.

  • Shah, Dr. R. G. (8 th CrossBangalore, IN): ,, Phone: +91-080-5291511, FAX: +91-080-5490857
    Over 35 years experience in Industrial R & D.
    Decade experience in Sanitaryware manufacturing, glaze development and trouble shooting. Responsible for development of Clay-Graphite Refractories for continuous casting of Steels. Rich experience in speciallity graphite.
    Interested in manufacturing of a variety of mineral based industries like Bentonite, Olivine and Basalt.

  • Sharma, Nagaraj (6th blockBangalore, Karnataka, IN): ,, Phone: 91-80-26794038
    Qualified ceramic Engineer and has 45 years of experience in the field of Ceramics. Worked in reputable spark-plug insulator manufacturer for 33 years. He offers consultancy in technical ceramic parts manufacturing (e.g. high-alumina parts, liners and grinding media etc) and manufacturing of porcelain insulators. Also offers consultancy in trouble-shooting for companies suffering technical problems. He has long experience in handling new ceramic projects. Highly experienced in solving problems in spray drying systems.
  • SIMMONDS, JEFF (NEWCHAPEL, STAFFS, UK): , Phone: 00441782787156
    I have been based in Asia many years and specialise in glaze development, particularly strong in developing stable reactive glazes and effects for all types of bodies and applications and also very strong in minimizing losses in production and improving efficiency in all ceramic production methods. I also can develop food safe bright reactive red glaze for earthenware body previously not thought possible.
  • Stentiford, Martin (Newton Abbot, Devon, UK): , Phone: +44(0)1803319911
    A wide knowledge and experience of the traditional ceramics industry and its raw materials usage since the mid-1960s which is now available to ceramics manufacturers and industrial minerals producers worldwide. Particular expertise in clays, kaolins, feldspars with extensive knowledge of their extraction, processing and quality control. The development and improvement of ceramic bodies and formulations based on such materials is a speciality and includes involvement with wall and floor tile manufacture as well as sanitaryware, electrical insulators and tableware (porcelain, bone china, vitreous and earthenware). He is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (UK), a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), a Chartered Scientist and a Chartered Chemist.
  • Tozzi, Nilo (50056 Montelupoi, Fi, IT): , Phone: +39 329 2142968
    35 years of experience as technical manager in Italian plants of tiles, frits and glazes.
    Inorganic chemistry doctor. Several years of experience as plant manager in Italy and after as consultant for important Italian and foreign companies producing traditional ceramics.
    Inventor of "monoporosa" or single firing for wall tiles. Ceramist with strong theoretical and pratical skills in tiles manufacturing, including bodies, frits and glazes formulation. Wide experience in the field of production cost reduction and improvement of quality and quantity.
    Consulting deals and payment on the basis of results in case targets are quality and quantity improvements.
    Good English, Spanish and French.

  • Zheng, Rosy (Belleville, Ont., CA): , Phone: 613-968-7029
    Has a Master of Engineering Degree and 14 years experience as a Ceramic Engineer in several sanitary ware companies, including Foshan Kohler Ltd, Crane Canada, and Gerber Plumbing Fixtures LLC.
    I have hands-on experience in research and developing ceramic stains, slip, one-fire glaze, re-fire glaze, and stopping formulae in sanitary ware industry. My quality control experience of raw material, production processes, and product performance supported by my ISO 9002 Inner Auditor certificate and Kaizen management certificate.
    I speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese; wish to use my experience to help ceramic companies with their technical problems and doing ceramic related business in China.


  • Roca India and Malaysia Sdn Bhd Malaysia (last j: SAURINDRA NATH BASU (Indore, Madhya Pradesh, IN): , http://Personal website, Phone: Mob.9893236246, FAX: nil
    THIRTYSIX YEARS EXPERIENCE in Ceramic Sanitaryware Product Design in Roca :Spain based Company worldwide,Tableware,Artware and Insulator Strategies,Formulation and Implementation. Heading the Design and Development activities including supervising Modelling,Moulding,Block/Case(including Resin and Rubber application) making,New product development and standardisation (Indian Standard,Malaysian Standard,British Standard ) by Method and Process with Ergonomic Design application followed by Integrated Management System in Design and Development to satisfy internal and external customer.
    viz.:Implemented the following Projects :
    NETZSCH SYSTEM :Including Mould design and casting Implementations of Wall Hung.
    GAROLL m/c Introduction and Mould Designing as per the m/c and productivity improvements in Casting for Wall Hung and EWC..

  • ACMS: Jim Adams (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK): , Phone: 01782 398364
    Has over 15 years experience as a tableware/giftware ceramic modeller. Working for ceramic manufacturers both in the UK and overseas.
  • Advanced Microwave Material Center: Dr. K. Suresh (IN): , Phone: 0091333573487, FAX: 0091333573702
    Has 10 years of experience in processing & QC on ceramics, microwave ferrites, dielectrics, microwave paints, ceramic-polymer dielectric composites, and setting up of test & measurement at microwave frequencies.
  • Affinity Ceramics, Ltd.: Patsy Bullard-Geier (Mansfield, OH): Phone: 419/522-9922, FAX: 419/524-6611
    Ceramist with 25 years of extensive "hands-on" experience in Pottery and Whitewares
    production. Areas of expertise in troubleshooting include slip casting, pressing, finishing, and glazing. Heavy experience in firing, periodic & tunnel kilns. Excellent trainer of personnel.

  • Al-Trade: Borghi Benedetto (Modena, Italy, IT): ,, Phone: +393393334705
    Since 1978 I have been working as technical assistant in Italy and over 70 countries, got experience in the entire ceramic technologies including glass, resin and decoration.
    I can provide a Worldwide Technical Assistance:
    -Develop new products: Floor, Wall, Glass, and Ceramic Decoration.
    -Production and Cut Costs.

  • Alfred University: David Earl (Alfred, NY, US): , Phone: 607-871-2812, FAX: 607-871-3469
    A Professor of Ceramic Engineering at Alfred University with 15 years experience in the industry, including R&D Director and Plant Mgr for Florida Tile, Quality Mgr for Dal Tile. Expert in ceramic mfg, SPC, statistical methods, glaze development, glass frits, defect & color control.
  • Applied Ceramic Technologies, Inc.: Robert Hall (Buffalo, NY, US): Phone: 716-826-9103, FAX: 716-822-9529
    I have been working on characterizing, engineering and manufacturing ceramics since 1998. Please contact me with all your ceramic manufacturing needs.
  • Aqua Engineers, Inc.: Richard Fiola (St. Petersburg, FL, US): ,, Phone: 7277441244
    AEI is a chemical engineering/process engineering consulting firm specializing in water and wastewater treatment, with a specific focus on ceramic filter and RO filter applications.
  • ASHIRVAD INDUSTRIES: K.M. Gajjar (Dist, Gandhinagar, CHHATRAL, IN): ,, Phone: +91-02764-34017, FAX: +91-2764-32498
    Experienced designer and machinery manufacturer of equipment used in Production of FLOOR & WALL TILES, by Single as well as Double Fired Process. Specifically GLAZING LINES, AUTOMATIC SCREEN PRINTING M/c., SPECIAL CONVEYING SYSTEMS. Interested in establishing techno commercial relationship with interested entrepreneurs to Market/Manufacture products in potential user countries.
  • Atelier für Keramik und Porzellan, Milan-Keramik: Bernd Stueber (Muenster, NRW, DE): ,, Phone: +49 (0) 251 664252, FAX: +49 80) 251 664160
    30 years of experimental design with various clay media such as ceramic, porcelain, stoneware and other materials.
    Artwork, crafts and various services offered by the studio pottery, such as product design, decals (photo ceramic), prototyping, mould construction, product development and restoration.

  • AUDICERAMICA: ALBERTO SILVA (ALCOBAÃsa, ALCOBA�A, PT): , Phone: 00351262087831, FAX: 00351262087831
    Graduated in Physics and Chemistry, specialization in Ceramics. More than 30 years experience in product development, raw materials characterisation and testing, setting up laboratory, guiding industries in design and production of body & glaze.
    Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French, English,Italian and German.


    * Preliminary studies to ascertain the feasibility of a product.
    * Analyses, tests and investigations of available raw
    materials for a preliminary determination of their suitability for the intended production.
    * Check-up of the local conditions and visit to the mines or raw material deposits with regard to the infrastructure and utility supply facilities, and to the mining conditions with respect to homogeneous quality and sufficient quantities.
    * Proposals regarding the best suitable technology under consideration of all technological alternatives; selection of suitable machinery and equipment.
    * Proposal and preliminary layout of the production plant including administration and auxiliary buildings.
    * Elaboration of proposals for the production programme based on the results of body trials and glazing tests.
    * Preliminary determination of labour and staff required for the proposed plant including sales, administration and auxiliary units.
    * Preliminary cost calculation of the plant under consideration of the local conditions and of local supplies; preliminary estimation of the manufacturing costs.
    * Summarising report of the overall feasibility of the project.
    * Elaboration of a tender specification; comparison and adjudication of quotations.


    *General check-up of the manufacturing plant; analysis of the present productivity status and quality level; elaboration of a feasibility report with detailed proposals for the realisation of measures to solve production problems.
    *Selection of better suitable raw materials under economic and technical aspects; improvement of the body composition in terms of technology and economics.
    *Proposals and measures for cost-saving manufacturing procedures.
    *Proposals and measures for advanced technological developments and improvements.
    *Establishment of a sophisticated quality control system; improving labour and production supervision and control.
    *Training of personnel.


    *Feasibility studies, market analysis and pre-investment studies.
    *Tests and analyses of raw materials to determine their suitability.
    *Development of bodies and glazes in laboratory scale and in semi-industrial trial runs; test of bodies and glazes under real production conditions in an industrial scale.
    *Elaboration of a detailed know-how documentation.
    *Advice and assistance concerning the best suitable plant location, requirements of raw materials, utilities etc. and the purchase of machinery and equipment.
    *Product development and design service.
    *Training of personnel.
    *General ceramic-technical consultancy before, during and after the commissioning of the plant.


    *Plant and production-technical performance checks.
    *Independent efficiency controls in the factory.
    *Assistance and advice to remove production difficulties.
    *Training of personnel.
    *Assistance in establishing an up-to-date sales programme.
    *Development of new techniques and new products.


    *Investigation of raw materials; survey and evaluation of raw material deposits and mines.
    *Industries surveys and assessments.
    *Plant rehabilitation studies.
    *Management consulting.
    *Design service and product development.
    *Modelation and mould making
    *Serigraphy and decal development
    *Marketing assistance and sales promotion.

  • Bagian R & D Glaze Roof Tile: Hamka Fauzan (Depok, Jawa Barat, IN): , Phone: 8718779
    A tile consultant currently working as R&D Manager for one of the biggest Indonesian tile manufacturing groups.
  • Bharani glass consultancy private limited: Ramarao Wusirika (Hyderabad, IN): ,!/pages/Bharani-glass-consulting-services-private-limited/14495798
    Bharani glass consulting services was started by Wusirika Rama rao in the late '90s.Mr.rao has vast experience of working in glass industry for more than three decades. He has worked in AGI glasspac, sarabhai glass, HNG.
    After working for nearly 30 years in glass industry,mr.rama rao started the consultancy and has designed furnaces for various glass industries like excel glass,KS industries,gopal glass.He also provided his services as a consultant to various companies like excel glass etc.
    Following a paralytic stroke in february 2007,mr.rao had to take a break from consultancy services.Due to age & health constraints,he wont be able to move out of the house.But thanks to the technology,with the help of a CAD expert and other equipments,he can design the furnace on the computer.

  • CAPITOL SERVICES PVT. LTD.: SURESH DESHMUKH (Thane (W), Maharashtra, IN): , Phone: 966551200225
    Master of inorganic chemistry. He has over 25 years of experience in various ceramic industries in India and abroad. Can offer complete range of services to the white wares ceramic industries. Has set up more than 15 industries as consultant in india and abroad. Widely travelled has resources in many countries.
  • Carbo Tech Nordic: Karsten Sørensen (Frederiksberg, copenhagen, DK): ,, Phone: +45 70222223
    Advice and testing of suitable ceramic materials for heat and wear application. Project development and theses on properties and use of different ceramic materials.
  • CeraConsult: Paul Bergh (Maastricht, -, NL): ,, Phone: 0031651138973
    CeraConsult is specialized in delivering worldwide diverse services to the traditional- and advanced ceramic industry based on a long term experience of +40 years.

    We provide the following services:

    Technical support.
    We help you in close cooperation with your staff to improve your production processes and assist you in product- and process development.

    As a result of that you get:
    - higher yields because of smooth running processes!
    - improvement of product quality!
    - a cut down in your production costs!

    Support in business development in Europe.
    Finding new customers for your products or stay in touch with existing ones is not always easy. Especially when your company is located outside of Europe problems or misunderstandings can arise in the communication about technical-, product quality- and order related issues. We offer you help in these situations!

    As a result you get:
    - Intensification/follow-up of contacts with your customers!
    - Intensification in the follow-up of your quotations with a better chance in getting orders!

  • Ceram Technology Ltd: Bob Deakin (PenkhullStoke-on-Trent, UK): , Phone: 44 (0) 1782 764444, FAX: 44 (0) 1782 412331
    A senior mould technologist at British Ceram Technology Ltd. He has worked there for 24 years and has a wide technical and hands-on knowledge with plaster, mouldmaking and ceramic forming techniques. He has done consulting work in the UK, USA, Europe, Scandanavia, India and Japan, and has had technical articles and production manuals published. He is the author of several patents, and has successfully passed on technology transfers in the UK, USA and Japan on the use of synthetic mould materials and pressure casting.
  • Ceramatec: Rob Wheatley (Torpoint, Cornwall, UK): , Phone: +447967937613
    Ceramic designer and glaze tecnologist specialising in commercial design using Autocad software and a hands on modelling process. Offering a design/glaze testing service to companies across Europe.
    Also produces moulds for decorative brick, tile and large vessels, has experience with encaustic tile, thrown tableware and kiln building. Graduate in 3-D ceramic design holds C+G3 in computer aided design. Worked as a technician for 7 years and formed Ceramatek in 1998.

  • Ceramic Engineering & Consulting Services - CECS: George Hida (Tucson, Arizona, US): , Phone: 3302880500, FAX: 3302880500
    â–ª Advanced Ceramics and Materials: powders, feedstock, consolidated/fired parts and components
    â–ª Powder synthesis: single, double, multi oxides, non-oxides, oxide-non-oxides, composites
    â–ª Powder processing up to ready-to-use or ready-to-press feedstock;
    ▪ Expertise in the matter’s surface characteristics with the ability to considerably manipulate the material surface features
    â–ª Non-oxides and their synthesis, processing and fabrication technology & equipment
    â–ª Opaque, translucent and transparent armor
    â–ª Ceramic cartridges and proppants
    â–ª Specialty refractory ceramics for kiln/furnace furniture
    â–ª Silicon Carbides, Nitrides, SiAlONs
    â–ª Aluminum Nitrides and AlONs
    â–ª Ceramic armor tiles and plates: Al2O3, AlN, SiC, B4C, Si3N4, SiAlONs
    â–ª Tubular ceramic linings for gun barrels, rifled or smooth: Si3N4 and SiAlON
    ▪ Ceramic envelopes for handling, processing and service nonferrous metals – SiC, Si3N4, Si3Al3O3N5
    â–ª Mechanical seals, shafts, bearings, gaskets, valves, nozzles and other sealing parts for pumps and other equipment used in oil & gas industry, chemical processing, pharmaceutical: WC, SiC, Al2O3, PSZ, Si3N4, SiAlONs
    â–ª Ceramics parts for pulp and paper mills: Al2O3, Si3N4, SiAlON
    â–ª Ceramics for Automotive and Aerospace Industry: washers, gaskets, valves, cam-roller followers, seats, piston caps, manifold valves, exhaust manifolds, igniters: SiC, ZrO2, Al2O3, AlN, Si3N4, SiAlON
    â–ª High temperature vacuum furnace furniture: graphite and carbon-carbon composites
    â–ª Materials, equipment and technology to make carbides, nitrides, oxides and oxy-nitride powders and parts
    â–ª Ready-to-press aggregates and feedstock
    â–ª Graphite, C-C and C-Ceramic composites and refractories for high temperature industrial applications

  • Ceramic Manufucturing Consultants LLC: Tim Scales (Gadsden, Alabama, US): Phone: 256-490-8777
    Complete set up of manufacturing processes. Casting, Mould making, Modeling, Slip and Glaze manufacturing, Research and developement. Quality assurance specialist.
    Have consulted in The USA, China, Turkey, Mexico and the UK. We have over 25 years experience in the manufacturing and firing of the sanitary/plumbingware industry. Have worked extensively in PR, Union shops and HR. Motivating people to do their best is one of our specialties.

  • Ceramic Services, inc: Cameron Harman Jr. (Bensalem, PA, US): ,, Phone: 215-245-4040, FAX: 215-638-1812
    Is a ceramic engineer and has experience in kiln design and operation since 1959. He has worked for several of the major kiln engineering companies and has owned and operated a pottery. He has had the unique opportunity to experience both the industrial and the potter side of the business.
  • Ceramic Technology Services: Alvaro Lipio (pasig city, Metro-Manila, PH): , Phone: +63 6405679
    Diploma in Chemistry and have extensive experience in Ceramic technology, had worked for the industry for the past 44 years to several countries from indonesia, vietnam, malaysia, china, north africa and Russia and some european countries. Well verse in quality trouble shooting.

    Had worked with 2 Frit suppliers from Spain under technical colaboration scheme gave technical assistance to clients. Previously technical manager of a frit production company in vietnam as well technical assistance to client.

    I wish to share my experiences and knowhow to deserving ceramic factory.

  • Ceramics Advisory Services Company: Qaiser Cheema (Lahore, Punjab, PK): ,, Phone: 923008506868, FAX: 923334566678
    We CASCO Ceramics Advisory Services Company having been established since 1988 in Pakistan.

    We provide one-stop comprehensive solutions for existing and future ceramics/refractories manufacturing plants/factories.

    We have vast experience spread over two decades in the development and production of:

    Fireclay Bricks,
    High Alumina Bricks,
    Chrome Magnesite Bricks,
    Magnesite Bricks,
    Spinel Refractories,
    Magnesia Bricks,
    Slide Gate Plates and Nozzles,
    Ramming Masses,
    Gunning Mixes,
    Patching Materials,
    Induction Furnace Lining
    Hollow Blocks (Extruded) used in Construction.

    We can design, install and operate;

    Tunnel kilns
    Shaft kilns
    Down Draft Kilns
    Shuttle kilns
    Tunnel Dryers
    Chamber dryers for green bricks.

    We extend our consultancy services for the applications of various refractory products in order to get maximum life etc.

    We can assist you in sourcing the best and the most cost efficient refractory products and ceramics related machinery and equipment for your specific requirements.

    We recently have designed, installed and operated hollow red blocks plant having capacity upto 450 MT / Day in Yemen and similar projects in Sudan.

  • Ceramics-tips: Janet Rodwell (Woolgoolga, NSW, AU):, Phone: 02 66542457
    I am a studio potter from the beautiful east coast of Australia. Since completing 6 years of study I have run my own business here "The Pott-Pitt" for the past 10 years, teaching and selling to galleries and shops Australia-wide.
    My site is an invaluable resource site for potters and all those interested in the art. You will find tips on bodies, building, firing, glazing, techniques, decoration, business, history in fact everything you need to know about ceramics whether you are an expert and just need refreshing or a beginner on your first piece.
    The site also offers an informative weekly newsletter and access to my ceramics forum with a monthly chat and web-board where you can meet other ceramics enthusiasts or chat to the guru in real time.

  • Ceramicsource Corporation: Bo Price (US):
    Has 15 years experience as a ceramic scientist, technician and artist and has experience in the distribution of wholesale decorative ceramics and is knowledgeable in the technical difficulties of transitioning toward unleaded fired products.
  • CERCONSULT: PAOLO CORRADI (Campegine, R.E., IT): ,, Phone: #5218182546453, FAX: #528181333799
    We are expert in ceramic floor tiles, heavy clay like brick and roof tiles, sanitaryware, and pottery production. Our consulting office works to optimize production processes, increase volume and efficiency, solve production problems with body and glaze, reduce costs and improve energy efficiency and recovery, characterize materials, formulate bodies, and analyze and introduce lab processes to maintain consistency and quality. Our company also provides technical training and plant startup assistance.

  • Andrew Clift (Portland, OR, US): ,, Phone: 5034494152
    If you are searching for something related to ceramics on the net I can most likely help you find it at

    I am ceramic artist, with a career dedicated to the exploration, education and promotion of the ceramic arts. At the present time I am an Instructor of ceramics at the University of Redlands and Riverside Community College. I am also working on my own as a Web Developer of

  • Claystyle: Vincent Grice (Tamworth, Staffs, UK):
    Through his sanitaryware design and mould development company he has worked as a consultant since 1981 for leading sanitaryware companies in Europe, Asia and USA providing designs models, blocks and case moulds for battery and pressure casting systems.
  • Combustion Systems: AKSHAYA MISHRA (Nagpur, Maharashtra, IN): ,, Phone: 919437010473
    A specialist in the design and erection of tunnel kilns up to 1750C. He also provides consulting services in product technology for all types of refractories and DRI in Tunnel Oven Process.
  • CV.Ade Noon: Trevor Shenton (Jakarta, Banten, ID): Phone: +61 08161801472
    He is a manufacturing professional with comprehensive knowledge and experience of ceramic processes and technical expertise.
    Has successful practical experience and ability and is expert in all aspects of ceramic tableware technology.Is a good team leader dedicated to quality and productivity.Can direct, control and plan in order to deliver high quality products.Was instrumental in developing a world class factory in a developing country from a green field site.Achieved the companies plan to transfer world class brands to the new site and produce at less than half of the UK costs.Can select, train and build teams to produce high quality products.
    Qualified to Masters level in both Ceramics and Business Administration.

  • D.S. FILIPPEOS CERAMICS SA: STAMATIS FILIPPEOS (K. HALANDRI, ATHENS): , Phone: 0030 210 6723588, FAX: 0030 210 6723587
    Since 1926 we are producing Earthenware ceramics , we are agents of Raw materials and Frits and Machinery and we are consulting engineers in the field of Tableware, Sanitaryware, Heavy Clay Industry.
    We are working succesfuly in Greece but we are looking to work in neighbour countries.

  • David A. Earl, PhD: David Earl (Dallas, TX, US): , Phone: 2145328154
    Over 25 years experience in the ceramic whitewares industry: Vice President R&D (Dal-Tile Corp.), Plant Manager, Director R&D, Corporate Statistics Consultant, Senior Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager, Contract Researcher, Expert Witness.

    • New product development systems, procedures, staffing and digital printing advances
    •bManufacturing operations, problem solving, equipment selection and body/glaze/ink formulations
    • US product standards, testing methods and quality control
    • Advanced statistical methods for industrial problem solving, DOE, predictive process control, SPC

    Nine patents granted/filed. Award winning research publications. International experience in Mexico, China and Italy.

  • Decoritalia: Luigi Farolfi (Florence, Italy): , Phone: +39 055 886011, FAX: +39 055 8824434
    Has been in the ceramic decal market for 15 years and has technical experience in image processes, printing, application and firing of ceramic decals.
  • Delta H Systems: Richard Conway (Columbus, OH, US): , Phone: 888.868.2457, FAX: 614.235.8652
    Has over 20 years of experience in kiln and oven design, system improvements and refurbishing, combustion, and related thermal processing technology from an equipment to a facility level.

    His background includes a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and AAS degrees in both Ceramic Engineering Technology and Heat Processing Technology.

  • Dineen Refractories Ltd.: Michael Dineen (Co. Kildare, IE):
    Has expertise in heavy ceramics, firing and drying.
  • Dr. George Hida, Senior Technical Director: George Hida (Tucson, Arizona, US): , Phone: 3302880500, FAX: 3302880500
    Technical consultant with high degree of expertise in the engineering/management for advanced ceramic materials and composites with higher degrees in Science of Technology, in charge with the technology and development of current or new production lines, of R&D for new materials and technologies, including the obvious development of lab-to-pilot technology and matter toward large scale production, and if you need:
    • Experience working as part of a team in a leadership role
    • External and internal recognition within the advanced ceramics and composites
    • Able to work autonomously and with a great degree of flexibility;
    • Advanced experience with computer systems including Office and PLC
    • Ability to communicate effectively in written, verbal, and presentation formats
    • Robust R&D background in the entire Advanced Ceramics and Materials Science of Technology
    • Experience in all facets of the entrepreneurship and commercialization process; will identify likely opportunities to commercialize new, innovative technology
    • Create new marketing and sales Road Maps
    • Expertise in establishing the foundation of technical knowledge that enables new product development
    • Expertise in transforming the technical knowledge and market opportunity into innovative new products that will enable company to grow market share, meet customer needs, and enhance profit

  • Earth Alchemy Pottery: David Beumee (Lafayette, CO, US): ,, Phone: 303-665-6925
    I am a potter who helps clay manufacturers and potters solve problems with their clay bodies. I am familiar with clays mined in the continental United States, so I would be of most use to North American and Canadian companies and potters. I carry on extensive and ongoing clay body research at my studio in Lafayette Colorado, and have considerable experence as a potter. I have a B.A. in Art, ceramics major, from Montana State University, 1979, and have been a full time potter since 1983. I authored the article "Porcelain Bodies for Potters" Ceramics Monthly, Jan. 1994, and am currently a consultant with Mile Hi Ceramics in Denver Colorado.
  • Edouard Bastarache Inc.: EDOUARD BASTARACHE (SOREL-TRACY, QUEBEC, 00): ,
    He has 35 years of experience as a specialist in Occupational & Environmental Medicine and has also been a potter for 38 years.
    He has authored a book in 7 different languages, including Esperanto:
    "Substitutions for Raw Ceramic Materials", and many articles pertaining to different health hazards related to ceramics, glass and metallurgy.
    Many of these articles are available on this web site, in France and the USA.
    These articles have been put together to make a book in French and English (357 and 337 pages respectively):
    "Toxicology Ceramics Glass and Metallurgy"
    "Toxicologie C?ramique Verrerie et M?tallurgie"

    Would prefer to consult only in the area where he resides.

  • Eye Design Studio: Amrish Patel (Baroda, Gujarat, India, IN):
    A ceramic designer from the National Institute of Design specializing in industrial ceramics and a master in ceramic product styling.
  • FARR Ceramics Limited.: Aruna Saputhanthri (Gazipur, Dhaka, BD): ,, Phone: +94115845243
    I had worked since 1983 to 1998 at Dankotuwa porcelain, again 1998 to 2007 October at Royal Fernwood porcelain.I am now working for FARR Ceramics Ltd as a consultant for Raw Material Selection, Body & Glaze Development, Casting (Normal & High Pressure), Forming (Fully Automatic & Normal Roller Head Machine) Glazing (Auto Dipping , Spray & Hand Dipping) & Firing (Biscuit, Glost & Decoration) since October, 2007 to till now.
  • Frahme Consulting Services, Inc.: Carl Frahme (Grass Valley, CA, US): ,, Phone: 530-575-6853, FAX: 530-272-6259
    Has over three decades experience in the ceramic industry and consults on all aspects of ceramic technology, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, business, and
    training. Offers on-line courses via World CyberUniversity, including "Ceramic Processing and Statistical Process Control". Web sites are and Co-founder of Ceramic Correspondence Institute (CCI), now operated by The American Ceramic Society.

  • Francis, Smith and Associates Pty Ltd: Jonathan Smith (Melbourne, Victoria, AU): , Phone: 613 97274365, FAX: 613 97274166
    We offer engineering and manufacturing consultancy services specialising in ceramic manufacturing.
    Experienced in ceramic tiles, clay pipe production and ceramic products generally.
    We specialise in the following: Project management, maintenance management, plant upgrade, process improvement, quality systems and operator training.

  • Freelance Ceramics: Raul Angelo Segismundo (City of Marikina, Metro-Manila, PH): ,, Phone: (0632) 948-5617
    Has strong technical experience in slip and glaze formulations for vitreous china, fire clay sanitary wares and earthen wares with purpose of process simplification, quality improvement, cost reduction, technology update, material alternatives, etc. Uses WINDOWS EXCEL to evaluate chemical analysis, particle size, molecular formulas and color matching and do reformulations. Troubleshoots production problems from batch preparation, casting, glazing and firing. Recent works include solving glaze pinholes and developing metallic glazes for sanitary ware. Has done consultancy for American Standard Philippines and Shanghai, Foshan Kohler Hindustan Sanitarywares and Pottery Craft Vietnam. Had attended trainings abroad on Management principles such as Just-In-Time, 5S of Housekeeping, Fine Fire Clay Technology. Licensed Chemical Engineer with a B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering earned from the University of the Philippines 1979.
  • Fu-Wang Ceramic Industry Ltd: S M Mahbub Alam (Banani C/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh): , Phone: 00880-2-8311847, FAX: 00880-2-8823985
    I have extensive experience in Business Development. I offer companies assistance in developing and implementing business Development programs. My specialty is the ability to develop and deliver Bangladeshi & Indian business programs. Functions may include 'Formation a new company', 'Demand-Gap analysis', 'Market Research',and 'project management'. My fee depends on the assignment, minimum US$100/ hour.
  • Fusion Ceramics, Inc.: NATH VISWANATH (Carrollton, OH, US): , Phone: 330-327-0164, FAX: 330-499-2355
    Has many years of experience in the manufacture of ceramic frits, prepared glazes, bodies, bonds, stains, raw materials and slurries.
  • Glass Industry Consulting: C. Philip Ross (Laguna Niguel, CA, US): ,, Phone: 949-493-7293, FAX: 949-493-7294
    Has been in the glass industry for 27 years and a consultant for an additional 11 years. His experience includes specifications for glass raw materials and formulations, melting furnace design construction and operation, as well as air emission issues. Details can be found on his web site
  • Global Ceramic Consultancy Service (GCCS): Stephen Picking (Batu Pahat, Johor, MY): , Phone: +44 1782 850632
    GCCS offers ceramic consultantcy and provides solutions to all ceramic manufacturers technical and commercial issues, worldwide. GCCS have a very good understanding of both raw materials and ceramic process manufacturing and there related issues and have over 17 years experience having worked in both the UK and all over SE Asia.
    GCCS are experts in body, glaze and colour development and formulations of recipes to the customers required specification to match their manufacturing process conditions. GCCS have dedicated many years of work in the development ofreactive glaze,metallics,crystalline glazes,Celedon glazes, antique effects, plus many more which can be applied to stoneware or porcelain at low,mid and high firing temperatures for both conventional and fast fire systems.
    You can ask GCCS about any ceramic technical issue and we will respond to you within 24hrs everyday of the year. Technical visits are available once agreed by both parties,whereby hands on experience is at hand rather than just consulting. The director of GCCS graduated in BSc Hons in Material Science and specialises in ceramic coatings.GCCS have worked in both Americas, Eastern and Western Europe and have spent the last 5 years based in the Far East.

    UK Tel: +44 1782 850632; Thailand: Tel:+66 56656158

  • Global Ceramics Consultancy: Graham Smith (Duffel, 2570, Belgium): , Phone: +32 15 322942, FAX: +32 486 273893
    Experienced consultant with over 30 years Executive Management and Consultancy experience in over 65 countries (Africa, North & South America, Asia, Australasia, Caribbean). Products include: structural clay products (bricks, roof tiles, vitfrified clay pipes, floor tile, terracotta), sanitaryware, tableware, wall tile, artware, refractories, glass, non-metallic minerals, marble, granite, ceramic raw materials.
    Projects have been carried out for private companies, international agencies, banks, receivers, incuding: feasibility studies, business plans, market studies, technical trouble-shooting, executive management, interim management, diagnostic studies, training of personnel, strategic planning, improvement of technical and financial performance, turn-around situations (eg: non-performing loan situations), new product development, rescue of closed-down plants, planning of new factories and expansions to existing factories.
    He is also now an equity investor in a brick, roof tile and decorative ceramics plant in Adidome, Ghana, West Africa, which was formerly closed down. He rehabilitated the plant, restarted production and has subsequently expanded the production facilties with the installation of a second brick and tile production line.
    His work is carried out worldwide, either from his EU office in Belgium and/or his West African office in Ghana. He is therefore ideally based to carry out consultancy projects throughout Africa, Asia, North & South America and Europe with his team of experienced EU and local consultants.

  • Groupline Technical Ceramics: Martin Beyers (Edenglen, SA):, Phone: (++27) 11 397 89 33, FAX: (++27) 11 397 89 38
    Groupline Technical Ceramics (GTC) is a privately owned SMME in Johannesburg, South Africa specializing in the designing of technical ceramic components. Apart from being able to do prototyping and large scale manufacture of alumina and zirconia ceramic products using injection moulding,casting and isostatic pressing, GTC emphasizes the importance of using appropriate ceramic related design principles. Original Equipment Manufacturers, wanting to include ceramic components into their equipment are advised to consult with ceramic specialists with long trackrecords of production experience. A team of 3 ceramic engineers and technicians with more than 20 years of combined experience in designing and manufacturing advanced ceramics offer a broad spectrum of services including components design, material specification and manufacture of production runs.Oxide ceramics, like Alumina, Zirconia as well as composites thereof are widely used in the medical, engineering, mining, manufacturing, wear combating, corrosion control and refractory industries.
  • H&R JOHNSON (INDIA) LTD: S. N. Deshmukh (Maharastra, India, IN): Phone: 02143-57133
    Has more than 10 years experience in alumina and other advanced ceramics and is an expert in the processing of ceramic materials for bodies, engobes, and glazes for ceramic tiles. Has a Bachelor & Masters in Ceramic Engineering.
  • Hage Industries s.a (Burkina Faso): Dhirendra Kumar (Ouagadougou, Ouagadougou, BF): ,, Phone: +226 70 11 91 77
    He is a Ceramic Engineer,graduated in June 1996 from Banaras Hindu University, India. He is an expert in the processing of ceramic materials for bodies, engobes, and glazes for ceramic tiles as well as polished porcelain tiles. Having a wide knowledge for maintaining quality production with low cost from the size of 10 X 10cm to 120 X 180 cm tiles.
    Worked in H & R Johnson(I)Ltd, RAK Ceramics, Varmora granito and curently at Hage Industries s.a. as Factory Manager. He was the first person in RAK Ceramics who had developed PEI-5 reated ceramic floor tiles in satin smooth surface which was certified by C.S.T.B. France. He was also the first person in RAK Ceramics, who had started producion of polished porcelain tiles size upto 45 x 45 cm at 32 min firing cycle in 105 mt. Sacmi Roller Kiln.

  • Henshall and Associates: Frank Henshall (Houston, TX, US): , Phone: 713 952 2063, FAX: 713 783 0067
    In 1968 Mr. Henshall formed a specialized ceramic consultancy and as Senior Partner successfully ran Henshall Bamford and Partners until 1984. Henshall Bamford and Partners provided a complete range of services to the world wide ceramic industry, on both short and long term assignments. Prior to setting up Henshall Bamford and Partners, Mr. Henshall was the Technical and Production Director of the Arrowsmith Group of Companies a company based in The United Kingdom. The Partnership became internationally recognized and carried out assignments for many multi national companies as well as governmental bodies.
    In 1984 Mr. Henshall joined the Interkiln Group of Companies as Technical and Production Director, with a position on the main board. From 1984 to 1989 Mr. Henshall headed all the joint venture operations in the Peoples Republic of China and successfully commissioned and operated four ceramic plants in country.
    In 1989 Mr. Henshall moved to Interkiln?s head offices in Houston, Texas as Executive Vice President and was responsible for the planning and implementation of Interkiln joint ventures world wide. They included operations in Malaysia, Botswana, Lesotho, Slovakia, and Sri Lanka.
    In 1999 Mr. Henshall formed Henshall and Associates a specialized ceramic consultancy organization based in Houston Texas. The practice carries out assigments both in the United States as well as overseas.

  • Henshall Bamford & Partners: Peter Carr (NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYME, STAFFORDSHIRE, UK): , Phone: 01782 715599, FAX: 01782 713557
    Henshall Bamford & Partners have provided services to the ceramic industry worldwide (for over 30 years). Henshall Bamford & Partners is totally indepdendent of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, kilns and materials but has the experience of working closely with such companies involved with the implementation of projects.
  • Hira: MICHAEL BANKS (NELSON, NZ): , Phone: 64 3 5451120, FAX: 64354 82 442
    A geologist with 20 years experience in mineral exploration in Australia, New Zealand, Viet Nam and Indonesia. This includes testing and quality control of clay deposits. He is also an experienced potter and has acted as technical advisor to potters and clay producers. He has designed and formulated a wide range of successful commercial products including throwing bodies, casting slips, tile, ram press and jigger/jolly bodies from vitreous china to terracotta. He can advise on all sorts of glaze or body faults and adjustment. He has a deep understanding of minerals, silicate melts and their physiochemical reactions and can apply
    this knowledge to adjusting thermal expansion, strength, toughness, colour, surface tension, viscosity etc of all sorts of ceramic products.

  • Hocking College: Jerry McClain (Nelsonville, OH, US): , Phone: 740-753-3591, x2653, FAX: 740-753-4071
    He offers lab testing at Hocking College facilities: Dilatometry to 1500C, DTA/TGA to 1150C, Thermal Gradient furnace, Microtrac particle size analysis, multi-volume pycnometer, BET Surface area, SEM/EDS-photomicrographs and elemental analysis, L*a*b color and gloss. ASTM tests such as absorption, density, porosity, compressive strength and MOR, thermal shock, sieve analysis.
    They have two labs:
    The Holl Lab houses pilot plant scale equipment such as: jaw crusher, roll crusher, vibrated screens for material sizing, rotap for sieve analysis, piston type extruder, pug mill(small 50# charge), filter press, ram press, high speed mixers and dispersors,
    universal testing machine for compressive, modulus and tensile strengths, (3) water cooled-diamond blade-cutoff saw.
    Kilns and furnaces - electric or gas fired to 1700C, small pilot size tunnel kiln. The Shaw lab houses the analytical equipment: (2) Orton Dilatometers w/1500C capability, Harrop simultaneous DTA/TG, (2) LN Microtrac particle size analyzers *176 to 0.9 microns and 65 to 0.3 microns, various light microscopes, sample mounting and polishing, modified Columbia Scientific thermal gradient furnace to 1200C, Micromeritics BET Surface Area analyzer and Multi-Volume Pycnometer, ISI Scanning Electron Microscope with EDAX EDS that detects sodium and down.

  • Holanducia SA: Ing Hans van Elst (Spain): , Phone: +34 -952202540
    Has wide experience (15 yrs Spain, Germany, Russia) in frit formulations, and no nonsense solutions for glaze defects as well as ceramic trouble shooting in general for tile industry.
  • Horizon Technology: Ron Jones (CastleDacre, Cambria, UK): Phone: +44 (0)17684 86711, FAX: +44 (0)17684 86770
    Can provide a complete consulting service in the field of Technical Ceramics including new product development, pilot plant trials, process development, technical audits for new technical ceramics products and licensing issues. He has 20 years of experience as an Entreprenuer in developing new ceramic products, manufacturing processes and for the Ceramic Armour used on the majority of Hercules Aircraft during the Bosnian conflict, the Flat Ceramic Element for rapid heat low energy kettles and the process for manufacture of glass for safe vitrification of high level Nuclear Waste. He has a well equipped ceramic pilot manufacturing facility.
  • Indian Institute of Technology: Dr. B. Pitchumani (New Delhi, IN): ,, Phone: +91-11-6563453
    -Particle technology for 26 years related to powder production of fine particles in mills both dry and wet (ball mills, hammer mills, attritor).
    -High efficiency dust collectors and improving flowability of powders from the storage silos.
    -Improve existing equipment for energy saving and quality control, develop methods for determination of size distribution and interpretation for reduction of energy, organize in house short courses for in plant engineers and energy conservation and production of finer particles.

  • Jeff Zamek/Ceramics Consulting Services: Jeff Zamek (SOUTHHAMPTOM, MA, US): ,, Phone: 413-527-7337, FAX: 5272755
    Offers advice on clay, glazes, kiln firing gas, electric, wood, Raku, salt/soda. Clay body and glaze defects cause and correction. Glaze and clay body formulas for low, med., high temperature firings. Product development for functional ceramics. Industry, school, home studio information. Raw material toxicology and safety recommendations for a safe studio or work place.
  • Jeremy Dubber Potteries: Jeremy Dubber (East London, Eastern Cape, ZA): , Phone: 27(0)437265889, FAX: 27(0)437265889
    Mr Dubber consults on clay and glaze problems, such as crazing, dunting and material substitution. He is a trained potter running a ceramic supplies business since 1986. He has extensive experience in clay and glaze chemistry, manufacture and troubleshooting. He designs and manufactures kilns and pugmills. He designs electric kiln elements and can check and re-design your electric elements to give a longer element life and sufficient power if your present design is unsatisfactory.
  • JSAVP Consultancy: Saseedaran Kumaran (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IN): ,, Phone: 919849677011
    JSAVP offers expert technical and process consulting for Ceramic products manufacturers, Raw Materials/Minerals producers and allied industries for clients from across the globe.

    JSAVP's Principal Ceramic Consultant is an experienced versatile Ceramic Specialist who has set many breakthroughs in the Ceramic industry since 1977. He hold's a Master's degree in Ceramic Technology combined with extensive industrial experience. He has established new benchmarks in achieving manufacturing efficiency, productivity, cost reduction, waste management, mechanisation of processes, raw materials beneficiation etc.

  • Keith Ackers Associates: Keith Ackers (Longton, Preston, UK): ,
    A consultant specializing in assisting companies achieve ISO 9000 Certification and other aspects of quality assurance.

    He has international experience in both small and multinational companies, including those in the ceramics, insulators, sanitary ware, tiles, refractories, pottery, processing and allied industries.

  • Laguna Clay Company: Adam Jarzembowski (Cambridge, OH, US):, Phone: 800-762-4354
    Techincal support specialist on the use of clay bodies and glazes for pottery.
  • LEX KILN INDUSTRIES: Roberto Calbesi (US): ,, FAX: 001.508.374.0276
    Senior Ceramic Plant & Equipment Specialist, design custom production lines for special ceramic products, engineering of equipment, processes and plants. Developer of ceramic kilns and thermal applications in general. Consultation available worldwide.
  • M/S Nano Cera Enterprises (US):
    We are providing consultancy solutions for high alumina grinding balls manufacture, steatite gringing media, ceramic tubes, cordierite manufacture, silicon carbide refractories, mullite refractories, red clay automatic production, high temperature kiln constructions (1000C to 1650C), production of gas/bio gas/briquettes, driers, conveyors. We have been serving customers in India since from 1990.
  • Material Solutions Corporation: Dave Kellerman (Littleton, MA, US): , Phone: 978-486-0053, FAX: 978-486-8452
    Kellerman specializes in advanced materials; state of the art composite materials and advanced ceramic materials for electronic and structural components. His company has five US patents in advanced and composite materials formulations, processes, and structures. He offers consultation, product development, technical training, test, characterization, and manufacturing services. Consulting services cover electronic materials and processes, applied materials characterization and powder characterization and processing services. Kellerman has recently developed annealing processes for alumina substrates, and has developed process monitoring and control for the substrate annealing process.
  • Matrix Enterprises: Fred Stover (waterville, OH, US): ,, Phone: +419-878-0001
    Graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1960 with a Bach. Cer Engr. degree. Co-founded Applied Ceramics, 1968.

    Have extensive experience with the use of man made raw materials such as Silicon Carbide and Brown Fused Alumina for the Refractories industry since 1977. I have consulted in the use of these materials in addition to sales of them.

  • METACON Engineers and Consultants: R. GAURISHANKER (CHEMBUR, MUMBAI, IN): Phone: 91-22-5973268/70, FAX: 91-22-5973269
    Has expertise in setting up projects for manufacture of whiteware, artware and industrial ceramic products on a turnkey basis, design and installation of high temperature batch and continuous furnaces for firing ceramic ware and reengineering of existing ceramic units to cater to latest markets.
    Will be interested in offering expertise to clients in India and SAARC countries, the middle east and Africa.

  • MGK Mines, MGK Trading House: Mrs. Geetha Dubey (CHENNAI, IN): , Phone: 5223802, FAX: 5221810
    A woman entrepreneur with 26 years experience as an owner of ceramic mineral mining, export and research companies. Has experience in all types of ceramics from body preparation to glaze. Currently her company is managing large pegmatite deposits in India to produce quality K2O low iron feldspar for export and she is available for raw materials consulting. Mrs.B. Usha Devi at is also available. They are interested in launching an international ceramic park in India and can give practical training at MKG mines for overseas students in India.
  • Mian Enterprises: Abbas Mian (Quetta - 87500, PAKISTAN, PK): Phone: +92 81 444026, FAX: +92 81 444026
    More than 40 years of experience related to mining sector. For the last 10 years involved in manufacturing and supply of refractories for steel and other metal melting industry.
  • Nahak Overseas Ltd.: J. Shukla (Baroda -7, Gujarat, IN): , Phone: +91-265-2281419
    Specializes in problems related to ceramic color. Has partners in Italy and Taiwan.
  • Nile Associates: Hugh Nile (Newell, WV, US): , Phone: 330 303 4121
    Has 40 years experience in high tension electrical porcelain and vitrified hotel ware. Other areas of expertise are body preparation (wet), extrusion, forming (jiggering, turning, RAM pressing), drying, firing, glazing,(glazes) equipment installation, Q.C., decorating.
  • Nyco Sales: KEITH FULLER (Bascom, OH, US): , Phone: 419-937-2072, FAX: 419-937-2072
    A porcelain and whiteware consultant and formerly the Technical Director for a major producer of Sanitary ware. He has 15 years experience in the development, fabrication and processing of vitreous china products. From modeling to final selection. Experience includes product design for aesthetics and function, modern fabrication techniques, kiln technology, raw material selection and formulation for both casting body and glaze, drying, and final Q.C. testing.
  • OPF Enterprises, LLC: Bryan Geary (Missoula, MT, US): ,, Phone: 406-370-8923
    On The Plant Floor
    Boots On The Ground Manufacturing Consultants
    Helping you develop a genuine plant culture that sets high expectations for performance, quality, engagement, disclosure, integrity, and respect.
    Achieving these fundamentals in the modern factory will allow you to maximize employee satisfaction and profitability.
    We have an extensive background in ceramics processing and can offer affordable solutions to problems in your operation and business.

    Ceramic Engineering
    Kiln design / troubleshooting / optimization
    Raw material selection / sourcing
    Product formulation
    Equipment design / selection / sourcing
    Pressing design / troubleshooting / optimization
    Raw material batching / mixer / slurry needs
    Digital Inkjet
    Ultrafine Grinding
    Color science / matching / stain selection
    Refractory design / selection / sourcing

  • Owens Corning: Dr. Jason Huang (Granville, OH, US): Phone: 740-321-7238, FAX: 740-321-4238
    A licensed Ceramic Engineer, experienced in the areas of ceramics, glass, glass fibers and composite materials. He is Business Development leader for Owens Corning Testing Systems (OCTS), a leading independent provider of comprehensive evaluation services for materials, products, and systems. OCTS features problem solving (including reverse engineering), consulting, manufacturing trouble shooting, and standard and non-routine testing, especially in thermal, fire, mechanical, physical, analytical (inorganic, organic and microscopy) and acoustic areas. OCTS offers confidential testing service to the ceramic and glass industry.
  • P&P Co.: Parviz Shenavar (West Resalat Bull, IR): , Phone: 98214072235
    A consaltant in sanitary ware technology.
  • Padmakar Anand Badkar: Dr. Padmakar Badkar (Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN): , Phone: 0091-22-4147813, FAX: 0091-22-4147813
    Has extensive experience in powder metallurgy, ceramic tile industry, slow and fast firing of wall, floor and granite tiles, technical ceramics and stone ware pottery. Specialist in glaze and body formulation, troubleshooting in ceramic industry. Also has extensive experience of implementing turnkey projects in the ceramic tile industry.
  • Pakistan Porcelain Insulators Co.: Abdul Hannan (Sheikhupura Punjab, Pakistan, PK): Phone: 0092-04931-56493, FAX: 0092-04931-611661
    He is a manufacturer of porcelain items especially insulators and can provide assistance with regard to chemical composition, slip testing, kinds of kilns and their use, porosity and density testing, and information on kinds of ball clays which are suitable for insulators.
  • Paul Ratcliffe & Associates: Paul Michael Ratcliffe (Christchurch, Dorset, UK):
    A consultant to the ceramic industry since 1977.
  • Pepin & Co.: John Pepin (Woking, Surrey, UK): , Phone: 44-1483-729252, FAX: 44-1483-729252
    Pepin & Co is involved in the establishment of ceramic/refractory projects around the world on a "turnkey" basis including machinery and technical know how. They welcome enquiries from companies wishing to establish new plants or upgrade existing ones.
  • Phisem Consultancy Services (P) Ltd: Dr. T.V. Prasad (New Delhi, India, IN): Phone: 91-11-601 2836, FAX: 91-11-601 1445
    50 years experience in the manufacture, Research & Development and Testing of refractory raw materials and finished products; Design, Application, Inspection & Maintenance of refractory lined systems in Hydrocarbon Processing, Fertilizer, Cement, Glass and Non-ferrous metallurgical industries; Quality Assurance
    in the Installation of refractory linings in these industries; Conducts Training Programmes and In-house Workshops in Refractories Engineering and Maintenance. Other areas of specialisation are Thermal Insulation, Non-metallic Corrosion Resistant Lining Systems, Passive and Passive Fire-proofing.

    Has a Ph.D in Silicate Technology from Banaras Hindu University, India

  • Phoenix Ceramic Consultants Limited: Darren Chambers (Hull, East Riding): ,, Phone: +44 (0) 1482 217283, FAX: +44 (0) 1482 217283
    Phoenix specialises in the manufacture of sanitaryware to world class standards. Phoenix's services range from cutting edge design and development facilities, glaze and body development and yield improvement programmes to implementation of best working practices. Phoenix are the modern professional consultancy to turn to for a helping hand.
  • Plinth Gallery: Jonathan Kaplan (Denver, CO, US): ,, Phone: 303 2950717
    Jonathan Kaplan is a ceramic artist and ceramic designer. He is literate in all types of ceramic manufacturing and has expertise in clays and slips, glazes, firing, and production methods. He is also a master mold and model maker.
  • Poterie d'Ependes, Peter Fink: peter fink (Ependes Fribourg, CH):
    Advice for ceramic production by crafts-cooperations, foundations or small business partners. Technical, or design and management related. Earthenware and Stoneware glazes, firing and kiln technology, clays. Experience in Burkina Faso, Nepal and Ecuador.
  • Process Engineering Services: Gary Schlager (Mount Vernon, TX, US): ,, Phone: 903.537.2787, FAX: 903.537.2787
    Has 30-plus years experience in dinnerware, tile, artware industries, with strong background in dry-pressing, Ram process, extrusion, and glaze formulation. His company offers consulting, prototyping, equipment design and sourcing.
  • RCS-India: Er. A.K.Gupta, Er. Gajendra Singh (Bikaner, India, IN): ,, Phone: 00919636893223,, FAX: 01512206840
    We offer door step service for small as well as large scale industries in India and E-consultancy all over world. we have experienced engineers scientists.
    "Rajasthan Ceramics Society" assist the Small to medium Scale Ceramic Industries of Rajasthan at their door step. Where the main objective is to educate the small Scale entrepreneurs through organizing seminars,training programs and to solve their day to day Industrial problems at their industries.
    Recently after working as technical support member in the UNIDO Ceramic Cluster Development programme In Uttar Pradesh and in Gujarat, I also feel that this Society will also help in sustainable development of Ceramic minerals & applied Industries in the state of Rajasthan.
    Er. A.K.Gupta
    (Chairman & Chief Consultant)
    Ex. Head, Ceramics Engineering. College of Engineering & Technology
    Ex. Dy. Scientist In-charge. C.G.C.R.I., Khurja
    UNDP-KVIC National Consultant
    Ex. Technical member-UNIDO-Cluster development
    Ex. CGCRI-SAIL Ceramic Kilns Consultant

  • Regma Ceramics Limited: Bachu Sathyanarayana (YSR District, Andrapradesh, IN): , Phone: 919944967845
    I am an expert in wall & floor tile body and glaze formulation for both monocottura and bicottura. Also I have 27 years of experience in different ceramic industries. I am familiar with all the latest techniques in the tile industry from the plant installation to commission. Apart from this I am familiar with all world standards, like TQM,TPM and ISO quality systems.I have thorough knowledge of all the test procedure in tile industry,from the process to end product.Present I am located in Karaikal near Pondycherry
  • RGC Consultants: Amrik Singh (New Delhi, Delhi, IN): , Phone: +91-11-3623 5145, FAX: +91-11-2623 5393
    I am seeking assignments in the Refractory Industry to provide technology to develop Monolithics, resin & chemical bonded bricks and fired refractories. I have 40 years hands-on experience in all areas of management, product development/improvement, manufacture, setting up of green field plants, and marketing support, market surveys etc.
  • Rictec Pte. Ltd: Philip Ong (Singapore): , Phone: 0065-7633618, FAX: 0065-7696033, 565038
    Consultant with 33 years experience in heavy clay, brick & ceramic making machinery supply, refractory coating/cement (FURNASCOTE), clay roof tile molds, kiln car sealing cords, ceramic stains, engobes, glaze, and refractory kiln furniture.
  • Ritucera International: Kamal Ganguli (New Delhi, IN): Phone: 91-011-6943112, FAX: 91-11-6946938
    A consulting engineer for porcelain enamel frits, colors,
    stains, fluxes, plant & machinery. The most trusted companies in ceramic colors and frits in India have obtained their expertise for production units. Also offer trial plant facilities and pilot production.

  • River Bend Pottery: John Baymore (Wilton, NH, US): , http:/, Phone: 603-654-2752
    Specialist in design, construction and troubleshooting of fuel-fired ceramic kilns for the studio potter, craft center, or academic institution since 1974.
    Experience with construction of wood firing kilns since 1969, including anagama and noborigama kilns.
    -Former consultant for Cutter/Eagle Ceramics, former instructor of ceramic materials and kiln design at Mass. College of Art and Boston University's Program in Artisanry. Current adjunct professor of ceramics at New Hampshire Institute of Art, teaching materials science and kiln design as well as studio courses.
    -Invited presenter at the 2002 Aomori, Japan Wood Fire Festival and reciepent of the Judge's Special Prize in the 1st Mashiko, Japan Ceramics Competition.
    -Kiln building educational workshops a specialty.
    -General studio operations and technical consulting also available.

  • Ruark Engineering: Ralph Ruark (Sun City Center, FL - Florida, US): ,, Phone: 9417302253
    A Kiln Consultant specializing in assisting companies to achieve improved kiln operations. Offer diagnostics, analysis, improvement in setup, design modifications, and energy efficiency. Training seminars for 1 person or 100.

    Formerly Vice President of Bickley and Riedhammer (kilns), and Director of Engineering for Lenox China. He has been working in the Ceramic business since graduation from Rutgers in 1972 and is available for kiln consulting.
    He has international experience in both small and multinational companies, including those in the ceramics, insulators, sanitary ware, tiles, refractories, pottery, processing and allied industries.

  • Saudi Ceramic Company: Nadeem Butt (Riyadh, Central Region, SA): ,, Phone: +966500183657, FAX: +96614981832
    Educated in UK and Japan and have around 21 years of experience in ceramics whitewares.
    May help in: Project Management, Product development, Plant setup, handling and layout, Raw material selection and processing, Design development, Body formulation and development, Glaze formulation, development and trouble shooting, forming processing and troubleshooting, Production flow and processes, Quality control and assurance, Production and process control auditing, Bench marking
    ISO QMS and EMS, SWOT analysis.

  • SEMACO: Yadvendra Choudhary (Jaipur - 6, Rajasthan, IN): , Phone: +91-141-222033, FAX: +91-141-361630
    Has expertise in proving mineral / industrial raw materials to ceramic industry in India and abroad. His company has been supplying feldspar, quartz and other minerals to various companies in
    India, Germany and Australia for over 10 years.

  • SHIV - CERA: MORENDHA K. (Nr. Railway Station, DHORAJI, IN): , Phone: 91-2824-20312, FAX: 91-265-327551
    Specialize in all types of glaze & glaze frits. Applicable to all of the ceramic articles like wall tiles, floor tiles, sanitary wares, studio potteries by application of single, double or third firing procedure.
  • Stairs Small Systems: Gavin Stairs (Toronto, Ontario, CA): Phone: 416-530-0419, FAX: 978-8221
    Has a background in instrument design and construction and has been attached to the high energy physics group at the University of Toronto for about 13 years. Has also been director of research at an industrial computer firm and worked on advanced computers for sonar. He has studied geology and has intimate knowledge of the mineralogy and chemistry of ceramic processes. Mr. Stairs wishes to use his experience in science to help studio potters and small potteries with their technical problems (i.e. everythiNg from calculating glazes to designing kilns). He is also interested in founding a Technical Institute for Studio Potters, with a view to helping them with technical problems, and pursuing research topics of general interest.
  • Stratum Resources: Murray Lines (Sydney, NSW, AU): ,
    Has wide experience in raw industrial raw materials such as feldspar, kaolin, ball clay, silica, zircon, borax etc. His company operates throughout the Asian region and Australia / NZ.
  • Tafreshies: Maryam Tehrani - Rastegar (Kingston -upon- Thames, Surrey, UK): ,, Phone: +44-20-8547 3156, FAX: +44-20-89745857
    A specialist in Persian/ Iranian and Islamic Ceramics and pottery.
    BA Ceramics: University of Westminster, UK (2000)
    MFA Fine Art: University of Middlesex, UK(2002)

  • The Clay Coyote Pottery: Tom Wirt (Hutchinson, MN, US):, Phone: 3205872599, FAX: 3202346849
    Has expertise is in marketing and business planning and administration of functional pottery, both wholesale and retail.
  • The Potters Friend: Ivan Wozniak (Cheadle, Staffordshire, UK): ,, Phone: 44 (0)1538751200
    Specialist in raw materials,body, glaze and decoration of pottery.
    Educated to Masters level in materials technology with over 25 years experience working in a multi national company. Member of the Institute of Materials, Mining and metals IMMM.
    I have travelled the world to help companies develop and improve products, reduce costs, and improve process yields. Development of unleaded glazes and troubleshooting of glaze related problems is a speciality.

  • TKH Services Ltd: Philip White (UK): ,, Phone: +44(0)7773066546
    T.K.H. Services Ltd. will support and advise you on all aspects of the operation of your factory or business.
    The knowledge and expertise that will be used on your behalf is based on a lifetime¡¦s experience in the ceramic and associated sectors, involving all types of ceramics and a wide variety of other materials and products.
    Energy Efficiency and Environmental Improvements.
    Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvements.
    Project Management.
    Management and Personnel Training and Development.
    Business Planning and Strategic Issues.
    Quality Systems, Production Control Testing and Standards Specification.
    The solving and prevention of operational and quality problems.
    Organisation of production areas and the selection of equipment.
    Quality Standards and Test Procedures for Finished Products.
    Factory Audits and Efficiency Surveys.
    Raw materials and body formulations.
    Body and slip preparation.
    Mould and die design from original model to final product design.
    Manufacturing techniques for all types of product and material.
    Glaze formulation and application techniques.
    Decorating techniques of all types.
    Design development from original, two or three dimensional design to manufacture of finished product.
    Drying and firing technology of all types and for all requirements.

    Please contact the following to learn how T.K.H. can help your business: -
    Philip J. White, F.R.S.A., F.I.M.M.M.
    Telephone: - +44 (0) 1782 644791
    Fax: - +44 (0) 1782 644791

  • Unimin Corporation: Russell Fish (Cadiz, KY, US): ,, Phone: 270 978 0708, FAX: 270 978 0708
    I am a ceramic engineer with 22 years of manufacturing experience, with 8 additional years of mining and processing experience of ceramic materials such as silica, feldspar, nepheline syenite, kaolin, and ball clays. I have consulting experience in most ceramic processes with the ability to analyze chemistry, mineralogy, and physical properties of crude and fired compositions.
  • Viselecolor, S.L.: J. Alfredo Sequera Bennett (BUÑOL, Valencia, ES): ,, Phone: +34 962503795, FAX: +34 962501030
    Specialized consultant in additives and chemical auxiliaries used in the manufacture and decoration of ceramic products: tiles, earthenware, porcelain, etc.
    Since 1970 "hands-on" experience in R & D for the manufacture of fluidificants, temporary binders, fixers, vehicles or media for decoration in single, double and third fire, products for decal manufacture, precious metals inks, lusters. Also Purple of Cassius: magenta, carmine. He can advise in formulating/deformulating, improvement, developing new products/applications.

  • VJM Ceramics: Hemen Patel (Rajkot, Gujarat, IN): , Phone: +91 281 370255, FAX: +91 281 386005
    Ceramic technologist with more than 10 years experience in selecting equipment, setting up & running a third firing plant using the latest equipment & raw materials from the best suppliers. Currently running a very successful company. Looking for exciting opportunities anywhere in the world. Intersted in short term & long term assignments as well.
  • William C. Geier & Associates: William Geier (Ore City, Texas, US): , Phone: 903-235-3190
    Current heavy experience representing industry clients with issues
    involving both State and Federal environmental protection agencies.
    Ceramic Engineer with over 30 years of hands on experience in the manufacture of heavy clay products, tile, and other ceramic products. Particular expertise in fast-firing, loss reduction, fuel economy, and solid fuel systems. Background in environmental management and engineering. Technical problem solving, automation, and training background. Extensive experience in health & safety management, upgrading & modernization of existing facilities. Available for domestic or foreign assignments.

The future of ceramic recipe, material and physical testing record keeping is here. Just pennies a day. We are working hard to deliver a product that will behave as a mobile web app, at home on portable devices.

Maintain your recipes, materials, firing schedules and test data (and more) on-line

  • Login to a private account or work with others in a group account (e.g. university).
  • Nothing to install (access it using your web browser). It is always the latest version.
  • Import existing material, recipe data and pictures..
  • As many side-by-side recipes and/or materials as you want (chemistry is shown for all).
  • Many ways to search and classify glaze and body recipes.
  • Recipes are robust, with units-of-measure, pictures with individual titles and descriptions, much more.
  • Add variations to a recipe; each with its own pictures, descriptions and name/code-number extensions.
  • Recipes can link to materials, typecodes, projects, firing schedules and physical test result data (all managed in their own areas).
  • Standard reports and mix ticket reports with last-minute-totalling; variations report as if they are a complete recipe.
  • Video tutorials, help system, contact form on every page.
  • It is an industrial-strength database system (unlimited capacity, fast, reliable, scalable).
  • Insight-live site is designed to run on any web browser on any device. Data is columnized so it is zoomable on small screens.

Imports many file formats

  • Glaze recipe formats supported: HyperGlaze, GlazeGhem, GlazeMaster, Matrix, INSIGHT XML recipes (single and multiple), INSIGHT SQLite DB files.
  • Assign a batch number to recipe imports (later search by batch).
  • Assign multiple typecodes to imported glaze and body batches (to classify) (search on these later).
  • Prepend character sequences to glaze recipe names during import.
  • Import the pictures and pair them to their corresponding recipe records automatically.
  • One click to automatically export the database to an SQLite DB database file and download it (for use with desktop INSIGHT or just as a backup).
  • Export and import individual glaze recipes as text or XML.
  • Import materials data in various formats or just use the thousands of built-in reference materials.

Perfect for Education

  • Close ties with the Digitalfire Reference Database of ceramic knowlege.
  • SmartPhone and Tablet webapp-help-system with video tutorials on the mechanics of using Insight-Live and how to solve real problems with it.
  • Ceramic study programs can accumulate data year-after-year, building course ware that links to their recipe, material, process and photo archive.
  • Students already have internet connected devices, they can each have their own private accounts at Insight-Live and hit the ground running with all their data when they graduate.
  • Insight-live does the physics, mineralogy and the chemistry; it is about really understanding bodies and glazes. Employ it in your program and students will graduate better equipped to recognize and solve the kinds of problems that stand in the way of quality and quantity in ceramic production.
Learn more..


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