Conquer the Glaze Dragon With INSIGHT Glaze Chemistry Software
The PDF Manual.
Modified: November 19, 2016
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Desktop Insight is now free!

Download it from the Files panel in your account (it costs $15 for 6 months access). Current downloads only include the program file, starter recipe, materials, overrides data is built in. It functions as level 2, without need of a key. No features have been removed. It will never expire.

Do you really need Desktop Insight now that Insight-live is here?

No. Insight-live has a much broader scope and is far superior, it is the future (it still does the chemistry but is much more about data and access-from-anywhere). We still support desktop Insight for users who need to convert data for import to insight-live or who must work off-line.

Desktop Insight is About Glaze Chemistry

Insight FAQ

There is a direct relationship between the way ceramic glazes fire and their chemistry. Insight is a calculation tool anyone can use to learn and harness the power of glaze chemistry.

Without glaze chemistry you'll never really have control and you could be a slave to your suppliers or the trafficing in recipes that never work.

A desktop application for Windows, Linux, Macintosh that you download and install.

Insight was first released in 1979 and has been used world wide since. It is an excellent teaching tool for demonstrating the principles of formula/analysis/unity, limit formulas, LOI, and material-oxide relationships.

Overwhelmed by glaze chemistry? Try starting here.

What People Have Said

"I find insight and your digital fire data base information very helpful. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into your products. "

"I think I'm set to try and learn this thing .. I haven't read a book that is not a children's book in many years, let alone a glaze calculation manual! ... I have started reading some of the Magic of Fire and a lot of information and excitement about understanding how things work is coming back."

"Well, I must tell you that you are currently my hero and I am spreading the word about INSIGHT to any of the potters I know that will listen, (although I must confess that I think many get scared to death when I talk about glaze chemistry.)"

"First of all I would like to say that I think your software used in combination with the book is great and I can't recommend it highly enough."

"I have been a level 2 member for the past 4 years. The program has been great. I deal with cone 6 glazes. "

"I love the program and now have a ton of glazes to test."

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