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"I have installed it and it is fantastic...will be purchasing soon..."

"I am a teacher with many years experience, I am pashionate about glaze calculations. You have done good work. Most people in the know care about and appreciate you."

"I am very much interested in developing my own glaze formulas. When you describe the potter who is looking for formulas all over the internet and buying comercial glazes you could have been talking about me."

"No problems installing Insight on Windows7. I'm just getting back into pottery after being away from it for many years and it was great to find your software on the internet. I expect it to be an integral part of my glazing process. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you. Its awesome!"

"I am a beginner potter setting up a studio at home. Having an extensive background in chemistry, I was elated to find a site addressing all the questions I had. I knew I didn't want to take the 'glaze junkie' approach. THANKS!!!"

"I will be teaching a glaze formulation class in a few weeks and would love to purchase the program for educational use as I have done in the past at a previous college. It is a wonderful tool and I cannot imagine teaching glaze work without it!"

"I am very pleased to read that you are actively working on the Linux versions of Insight, it is always wonderful when software is offered across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms."

"I have been testing "textbook" recipes for about a year now, ever since I took a glaze calculation class from my instructor. I'm hooked."

"It looks TERRIFIC!"

"This is an amazing piece of work you have done-so comprehensive and vast-it is overwhelming. Greatest of compliments to you. You are making me use brain cells that I have not used for 30 years when I was in pre-med and then industrial design school."

"My impression is that a large proportion of students passing through Higher Education in Ceramics either are not taught the Chemistry or are not interested in it. It seems that the Aethsetic or Creative side is more important. However maybe I am old school but I believe that you can't build a house unless you know how to lay bricks."

"Am very very happy to have seen your website and found out the great information your c.d rom would provide to me and my small scale industry ... because I wish to kill the glaze dragon and stay in control. Commercial glaze is so costly here and am not really making so much profit from my ceramic sales because of high cost of the commercial glazes and my inability to have a good glaze made by myself."

"I want to thank you for making the Insight upgrades available free of charge. The improvements to Insight are very much appreciated. The on line site continue to be a valued source of ceramic information. "

"I bought your version 4.1 for DOS many years ago and am thinking of upgrading? Will be running it under Windows XP. Your current evaluation copy looks quite interesting. I am looking forward to finally understanding glaze calculations."

"I really want to get the glaze stuff in my head. I am a chemist by profession. For almost 30 years I kept my clay as escape and did not focus on the science part of it. Now trying to integrate it all. "

"Tony, thank you, this has already been very helpful. I've been doing some tinkering with INSIGHT and see that the program really allows you to see past the items in a recipe to the oxide functions they are contributing to a glaze."

"I am pleased to see how INSIGHT2008 is fast compared to versions from last year or 2006 ... Even on my 4 year old computer, it is incredibly fast."

"Hats off sir! Extremely well done videos on tutorials. I have never never seen such fine and as detailed work any where. Congratulations! Keep it up."

"I was just updating my software and already have purchased your great system.... thanks again for your help."

"This program has helped me so much so thanks for keeping it going!"

"As a chemist, I really appreciate your approach, and respect your emphasis on awareness of toxicity of glazes and glaze materials."

"Excellent. Worked Perfectly. I'm looking forward to driving Level 2. Thanks for all of your great work on behalf of potters."

"Your site is great BTW. I took off 4 months from my pottery business to read and follow this adventure. Time well spent. Of course I am still reading...."

"I believe your software is superior in two areas. One being file storage and organization. Two being your accurate and very large raw material database."

"I love the Insight software as I can compare glazes based on the chemistry. I enter the recipes into Insight to get the chemical analysis of the glaze then enter that into spreadsheets to compare multiple glaze recipes. I had taken a Materials Analysis class at the University of Minnesota .. the Insight software was indispensible for me when I took this class."

"Thank you very much for all the efforts you have done in creating such a program! I have never seen a website and database so complete and useful for all the ceramists in the world!"

"This has got my spirit soaring with enthusiasm. This is great stuff .. send out the dancers."

"A glaze engineer from Pratt and Larson Tile introduced me to insight and I have been absolutely thrilled with it!"

"I have been a level 2 member for the past 4 years. The program has been great. I deal with cone 6 glazes. "

"We viewed a few of the flash presentations on Insight and the product looks very good. I understand that "training in the software" is the major reason that potential sales fall through - and I like the level of training support you provide with the software."

"I am very impressed with your generosity & your beautiful new program. Now, if it can teach a non-chemistry person like me (I always avoided it in h.s. & college) how to make glazes with understanding, then I will be in your debt forever!"

"I love my Digitalfire!"

"Thank you so much! I was overlooking an important step! I am sure that Leah will appreciate being able to use this valuable program again (she has been using it for many years)."

"Thanks for this great version!!!!!"

"The method of calculating a Cornwall Stone substitute described in the manual has saved us more than the cost of INSIGHT."

"Glad to see you are still around and going strong. When we (Judy and I) started using this program in the 80s it was just a few steps above DOS commands. Now it is smooth and polished."

"Regarding your website I think it’s absolutely the best and it’s well known. I found people using your program for frits calculation in Mexico, India, Egypt, etc. "

"The software installed great. I bought it specifically due to a crazing issue and to help with the fear of understanding glaze chemistry more fully. The video tutorials are useful. Insight as an invaluable tool to this quest of course, sort of a working course that goes at the users pace but which allows them to create their own recipes and truly understanding the chemistry behind them."

"I have been doing research for a safety manual for our college ceramics department for several days. Finding your site has been a God-send-Thank you!"

"I taught glaze research for years, (yes we used Insight quite a bit!) .. I used 'Insight' to successfully convert Tom Colemans copper red recipe into UK ingredients. "

"I had your program 15 years ago and it helped me so much with cone 10R glazes. I am back to clay again and looking forward to working on cone 6 electric. Thanks for your great work."

"I think I'm set to try and learn this thing .. I haven't read a book that is not a children's book in many years, let alone a glaze calculation manual! ... I have started reading some of the Magic of Fire and a lot of information and excitement about understanding how things work is coming back."

"I love this site, this program...and I must my 30 plus years in this field I have met only a few very very authentic are definitely one of them. My hat is off to you for working and improving this software and really caring that it works for people!"

"I was very pleased with myself that I could take your instructions, and sit down with the computer, and end up with a glaze that is very pleasing and reliable with many colors."

"I thank you for creating such an informative program that is going to help me transform into a glaze guru!! I was so excited to finally buy your program. I was ready through the book of fire and getting butterflies just thinking about the programs potential. Glaze chemistry is so overlooked and neglected in schools it's appalling so to have this resource exceptionally wonderful. Thank you. "

"I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU.. Thanks so much - !!! I hope one day to really understand all about coordinating the oxides - its so so interesting and such a challenge to learn since I never took chemistry in school..... !"

"I solved a shivering problem with a low expansion/high expansion frit system as recommended at Digitalfire so I bought INSIGHT."

"I have just spent the past week in Belleville with Ron Roy, learning how to use INSIGHT. I just ordered Level II INSIGHT. Can't wait to get started revising my Gersley Borate recipes!"

"What a great program. Thanks for the work you've put into it."

"I still find Insight amazing. If my wife would give me some time, I would use it alot more. Thank you for developing the program and the help you gave me in the past."

"I have really appreciated the Insight program and the way you respond to concerns and updates of the program."

"I seriously doubt that I would have an inkling about ceramic chemistry and process without the help you have given me through your programs, books, web site and emails."

"As part of my technical studies module, I have been evaluating various glaze calculation programs. From a personal view I am very impressed with what I have seen so far. Subject to further evaluation over the next few weeks, particularly with regard to the background resources, I would recommend Insight to anyone interested in Ceramics even if they were not particularly concerned with glaze calculation, which they should be, and which obviously lies at the heart of the software."

"Thanks so much for the reminder ! I love my insight."

"Thanks so much for your program. While I am self-taught, this has helped me tremendously and I know it will help in my classroom!"

"Thanks! I am feeling super liberated to be diving into glaze chemistry - you have done an amazing body of work and I am very appreciative."

"I want a more scientific approach ... the way the things were getting done was sort of copy (from acquaintances or friends from other companies) and paste (in this company) of the compositions. I need to teach my people in the company how to work out the composition for body and glaze."

"I think that the best source for materials is Digital Fire website. Tony Hansen sells Insight glaze software and maintains a ceramic materials database which is unbelievable!"

"Thanks for the great educational discount on your awesome software. "

"I used your program when I studied at North Island College and I was very impressed with it's potential. I'm looking forward to using the information on your site, thank you for the opportunity and congrats on the quality."

"I am one of those weird people who understood basic and organic chemistry and did very well in it. I also am a decent cook, so the idea of glaze chemistry is especially appealing for me. I downloaded INSIGHT to get just that, insight into the realm of ceramic chemistry. I do intend to become a level 2 member at the expiration of the trial."

"And I have started learning to use your (free trial) glaze chemistry calculator (standalone) program called 'Insight' - as well as your 'online only' glaze database 'insight-live' (lite?). The tutorial videos are brilliant."

"I looked at it and in 3 minutes it looks good!"

"I have used Insight for the last 4 years. Love it. Great usefulness in comparing one glaze formula to another in terms of Coefficient of expansion for crazing and shivering analysis."

"If I owe you money for the use of this software please let me know and I'd be happy to remit. I don't want to freeload on all your hard work and I truly mean hard work."

"Thank you very much! So far, I love this program. Keep up the good work! :)"

"I have to commend you on your software. I recently purchased xxx and find yours much more user friendly. Congrats on a great product. "

"I have changed my computer for a new one which runs XP ... Can you help me? I have been using this program for years and would be really sad to loose it."

"I have looked at your website for years but only now after running our company for 15 years am I frustrated enough to spend the time needed to LEARN more about glazes. Some of my glazes are metal marking."

"I was thinking when it was I first talked to you and bought the program... early 90s I think. I have used it a lot, and appreciate the work you have put into it. It has been very useful over the years. Thank You."

"I am very impressed with the software. It has been quite helpful in researching materials and I look forward to exploring its other capabilities."

"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that 2006-20 now works fine under Gentoo Linux 64-bit version! Thanks!!! I can quit running the windows version under WINE now.!!!"

"I am a new grad at XXX and have taken advantage of our lvl 2 membership! John pointed me in the right direction and your video tutorials have filled in all the gaps! You do amazing work! Anyways, I just wanted to thank you, this program has really transformed my approach!"

"If it were not for INSIGHT I would not be doing and teaching ceramic calculations today."

"I am the last person i thought would ever get to understand glaze making .... I know there's more to learn than what I have leaned , but for my purposes I have come a long way."

"I continue to use Insight almost daily and it is a fantastic tool. "

"Now that I have purchased the software, I am finding all of this information and so many of my questions are being answered as I watch and digest the videos you made. Let me just say that what you have provided is amazing - and the way you provide the information is so digestible even for someone like me who has absolutely no understanding chemistry or what is involved in making glazes. I understand so much more, I can't even believe that I got a grasp of the Batch & Formula recipe sections on the videos. I will be working the lessons plans you provide too to become better at this. The software provides a lot more than meets the eye.... INSIGHT is worth every penny! "

"The software makes glaze development more efficient and understandable for our high school students."

"I have been very impressed with the software thus far as I begin to explore its features as well as your considerable expertise. My eventual goal is to simplify the glaze situation in the studio by employing Frit based glazes overall and/or simple base glazes that can cover a reasonable range of colors and provide consistent reliability (and safety) to the beginning student ... and avoid any toxic elements that would compromise safety in the studio or in the fired, functional, piece. "

"Your support for Linux is a big reason why I purchased your program."

"Thank you so much for creating this program. I can see how useful it can be."

"I remember when I was in school learning glaze calculation, we would have been happy with a simple calculator. I studied with Peter Sohngen who is a graduate of Alfred from the Daniel Rhodes era. All of your information and program should help a lot of people, if they care to know how important all this really is. My fear is; that many schools and so called teachers do not have a clue and are happy in the dark. There are a lot of really bad glaze recipes being passed around."

"I'm trying to develop a group of cone 6 glazes. I did have knowledge of Glaze Chemistry to manually do the glazes. Anyway I'm up and running with INSIGHT. I'm impressed!"

"I just opened the kiln this morning and for the first time in my 30+ years. Total silence. There was not even one ping of crazing. It is said that some time the most monumental events go by in a whisper, but this one needs a shout: THANK YOU, Tony Hansen and all your team at Digitalfire for your persistent vision to put a technically valuable glaze chemistry tool, INSIGHT, in the hands of potters."

"My thanks for your very useful computer program and the extremely helpful video tutoring you provide to go along with it."

"I am checking out also the __ program, which seems to be more textbook oriented, without your philosophical charm. Should I learn the basics first, and then go on to the deeper philosophical approach?"

"We have been using your software since I was a student in my second year. Since then, we've used it in our second year clay and glaze tech. class going on 19 years!"

"I've used Insight for years. It's been a indispensible tool for what I do. Thanks very much."

"I'm glad you understand this stuff so well. You have done an amazing job of keeping the software moving forward, and for the most part, very transparent."

"Your program is awesome and easy enough to understand and figure out where glaze problems or solutions could be made."

"I am currently finishing my schooling, and will begin teaching in the fall. This program will be invaluable to me once I start teaching. Thank you for all the hard work you have done in putting all this information in one easy to use program. My instructors are of the "happy accident" school of glazing. They have done this for so many years that they are constantly tweaking the glazes and mixing new ones, most of which don't give consistent results. I think this program will be a Godsend to my further education in ceramics. "

"Thank you. Cannot live with out it!"

"Thanks again for the wonderful program, it helps us out all the time!"

"I have no problems with your software and I think it is quite interesting tool, namely in the combination with your technical support published in the education part. I have never seen so nice ceramic web pages and this is the reason why I am recommending them to my present and former colleagues to read. It is quite evident you are experienced ceramist."

"The best! "

"The program is worth its weight in gold and I am glad to have it available again on my new Windows 8 computer."

"Although only a part time potter, I would not be able to experiment to the same extent without Insight. It makes me admire potters of past generations who managed to develop glazes without such a tool. "

"The software and the lessons are fascinating...thank you for all the good information."

"We mixed your 20 X 5 gloss transparent and several other glazes to test. Over half of our 14 glaze test pieces were terrific! And even the one's that were not were indeed learning opportunities. We will continue to test them in combinations, different temps, longer soak times at the top, etc. Thanks again for a great, informative site and a great encouragement and confidence builder! We look forward to glaze firings with more confidence and excitement!"

"After looking at a number of glaze programs these last few days I must compliment you on Insight. Everything is very well done especially the Help on the main menu and your InsightManual.PDF."

"I'd like to congratulate you on what looks to be a fantastic piece of software. I've been using the raw materials section of your website for almost a year - working part time in a pottery supplies store it has been an invaluable resource ... I'm very excited at what I've learned about it over the past couple of days. I'm actually looking to produce a range of commercial glazes and I feel your software would be an essential part of my developmental/testing process."

"Insight has been an excellent tool in helping to adjust glazes and understand glaze chemistry."

"Insight must be great as our potters rave about it!"

"You have been a great mentor and we swear by that Insight program."


"I DO like your software (been using it for years since I bought version 4). Please keep me informed of new versions. I was going to write my own glaze calc program until I found out about Insigt."

"First of all I would like to say that I think your software used in combination with the book is great and I can't recommend it highly enough."

"It was nice to meet you in person. You have written a great program. It has and continues to be a great learning tool for me aside from the assisting tool it was intended to be. I usually need concrete numbers and facts before I can learn anything; once confronted with them, I just research the topic as time permits. Thank you for making this possible. I can't wait to see what the next version will do."

"I really like your website and have heard that your program is the most state of the art."

"This is a really good software and must be very useful to me. I come from a manufacturer of glazed wall tile in China."

"Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!! Thank you again for your excellent support and care!"

"I've unhappily done without Insight for six months now. Thanks for allowing me to get a new download without having to purchase it again? ... I have been using Insight since the mid 1980s and have upgraded a few times since then."

"Thanks so very much! I am impressed with the software and your responsive customer service."

"Your book Magic of Fire and INSIGHT software have been a life saver."

"Well, I am so pleased at your comprehensive approach to helping others be successful. I make exterior tile and am very concerned about proper fit and long-term product performance. I am so glad that your software can help me shorten what would otherwise be a very long learning curve. Thanks for turbocharging my learning curve."

"I guess the bad news with you supporting Linux is that there are a whole lot more compatibility issues for you to deal with over Windows. However I have used the Windows version for about 3 years (serial # NW338T73) and I am as pleased as punch with it. Keep up the good work."

"Your software loaded fine and looks great. Your message of control is spot-on. I have a Master of Fine Art degree where I concentrated in ceramics ... Coming from a time when I did all the chemistry on pad and paper, I'm delighted to see the strides you've made in your software because I've got 15 years of ideas pent up."

"I am a BFA ceramics student who has just downloaded the trial version of your Insight software. What a great program!! "

"Now if only you were here sitting beside me to help me effectively use this powerful weapon you have supplied me with! :-) But I guess getting to know its capabilities is half the fun. I am very excited and have already started loading some local recipes that I want to start analyzing/tweaking."

"I'm going to install your software today and see how it works. I'm no chemist but am hopeful I can make it go. Your web page tutorial is very good. I may have to camp out there to get a grasp of what I'm trying to do."

"The download and install went perfect which I enjoyed ;-) . I find it very expensive to keep buying all the various components of the recipes. It would be nice to actually understand what the ingredients do and learn how to substitute a smaller subset of ingredients for the desired results. Hence the interest in your product! There is a lot to learn and it looks like the software coupled with the Magic of Fire book would be a structured path to meet this goal."

"I mostly work with crystalline glazes. All the European potters speak in terms of Seger formulas so I have to become proficient with the program if I am to communicate with them."

"My first attempt to go from glossy to matte worked! I was so happy and proud of myself. I will let you know how the second adjustment works as I am trying to see if the amounts of AL02 will affect the transparency of the matte."

"Also want to thank you for the Digital Fire program... It is a valuable resource, especially to small business folks like us who do not have the platform of big industry to work from."

"It's great."

"I am a ceramic consultant ... I recommend your glaze software to my clients."

"Thank you for your glaze calculation software! After one class with Brad Taylor. I feel as though I have the fundamentals to explore and understand almost any glaze. I wish I would have started ceramics with this class!"

"Have had the total package since September 2001, and love it. Work with it constantly. Trying to learn everything I can about revising to cone 6."

"Thanks very much! I am a former engineer/scientist and LOVE your product so far...."

"All I have to say is "Bless You!" I am a beginning potter (just 2 1/2 years of community ed) and glazes are a complete mystery to me. The professional potters I have come to know use the "hit & miss" method of glaze formulation, and the community college I attend hasn't the funding or space to educate re: glazes! In my previous life (before marriage & children) I was a chemistry major. The lack of science used by local potters has had me completely baffled--no one has ever cared to find out WHY their glazes were performing poorly!!!"

"For years I have told any potter who would listen that INSIGHT completely changed my knowledge of glazes and gave me an understanding and control I never thought I would have. I can't thank you enough!"

"I have been very impressed by the documentation which I have printed out."

"Thank you for your prompt responses, and for creating such a wonderful program. I am amazed at how much I have learned about glazes and chemicals through my short time using Insight. "

"We are now learning how to use your program in class. It is very interesting and we students are just amazed at what you have accomplished. Last week, I brought one of my cone 6 glaze recipes into class and we put it through your program. Thanks to all of your work we were able to easily make some adjustments. I will be test firing the new recipes soon. I am really excited and thank you very much."

"We really cannot function glazewise, without the use of your excelent software"

"I have never experienced such great customer service as I have with you. I truly appreciate it. Your program has helped me understand glaze chemistry and when the results do not turn out as hoped, I can analyze it and modify it based on some knowledge. "

"I'm up and running. Thanks for the excellent instructions in the manual. Super thorough."

"Just got done teaching my glaze class and have a couple of students that are going to buy Insight as a result. Keep up the good work. "

"I am very impressed by what you have created with Insight. The videos are excellent."

"The software is very good, but in China all of the raw materials are different to whats available in the USA and Canada ... But that doesn’t mean that I may not be interested in insight at some later stage as I was very impressed with the product. "

"Have just spent a couple of weeks intensively exploring Insight and stacks to go yet. Congratulations! It keeps surprising me with the attention to possibilities, and forethought. In about 1993 I developed a system on paper to convert glaze formulae to and from analyses and Unity formulae, a completely circular system. It worked but very, very slow. My son is a long term sufferer of my rabbiting on about and therefore gaining understanding of ceramic technology. He is a BSc student and also programmer dealing in intricate database development interfacing with industry specific software. He is very impressed. Thank you for your contribution to this exciting ceramic world. "

"Having a good time with a glaze program for the first time in my life. Thanks for being there. There are still things I don't comprehend about the whole thing, but I'm gaining ground."

"I teach Pottery 1 and 2 at a high school. I have not used your program enough to understand all the intricasies but thus far it has shown to be very useful in computing glaze formula changes."

"I'm having so much fun with this program that I'm not making pots I'm designing and fixing glazes!"

"I am always on the brink of ordering of Insight, and I know I will at some time. I know many people who use your program and quite successfully. I am going to take time to download some of the programs available and move around in them. I know that you are an expert so I expect that Insight is excellent."

"I like your software. My background is engineering so I am comfortable with all the chemistry and the program sure does all the work. INSIGHT has been a big help!"

"Everything downloaded perfectly onto my Mac and the video lessons are really helping me understand the software. I've been using INSIGHT to swap out materials in glaze recipes with similar materials available in 'the shed'. Also, I am trying to move from ^10 gas to ^6 electric. I will be graduating soon so I am trying to prepare myself for a method of making that more cost effective. School starts tomorrow and I can't wait to test out some of my new ideas :)"

"I liked INSIGHT so much I bought both the Macintosh and Windows versions."

"I loved Ron Roy's course on using INSIGHT."

"The software demo works perfectly and it´s very professional. I have used one of your first software DOS versions already about 1988, when I was lecturer and teacher in local School of Art and Design. I have tried many other ceramic calculation softwares, but my opinion is that Insight is the most effective and professional for me. Thank You about your good information and care!"

"I really appreciate your help, and could not live without Insight ... not to mention all the information on the Digitalfire website!!! I have been working on developing new glazes for ^04 talc bodies (considering the energy crunch), and I would never have approached this investigation had it not been for these tools. One of the best purchases that I ever made!!!"

"I am sure this would probably not be an easy fix, but it is one that would be GREATLY appreciated. It would also be appreciated by the hundreds of potters I recommend Insight to every year... Overall, Insight has greatly increased my understanding of how to alter glazes. Before Insight, it felt like I was doing surgery with a pocket knife, now I have all the modern operating tools at my disposal. Thanks for making Insight available for us Luddites! "

"My glaze instructor swears by this software, and I am eager to try it."

"Your program Insight has been responsible for me spending way more time in front of a computer than I could have ever imagined. Thanks to you I now have a tool that gives me a better understanding of what is going on with my glazes. I have always enjoyed mucking around with glazes, now I'm in danger of becoming a glaze geek!"

"Thanks for the response and I will continue to learn. It appears that I need to set aside serious time to learn this. And as a chemist myself, I see the great value in it."

"I have just re-entered the clay world, and need to use this great software for my glaze work."

"I love INSIGHT!"

"I have been a user of Insight for years and would be lost without it. You have a wonderful product."

"What you have provided is a fabulous way for people to make glaze technology accessible and understandable. Though I still know how to do everything by hand, Insight has certainly enabled me to get things done quickly and broaden my diagnostic abilities. Thank you for making all of this available to the ceramic community. "

" I have been using Insight to get smooth, matt glazes without crazing on various sculpture clays for cone 10, 6 and 03. I also use Insight to substitute Canadian materials for the English ones in my glaze recipes. Insight seems to be a robust program and I am glad that I chose this one. But I still am leaning how to use it fully. Also, I find the educational section of your website informative and it is very generous of you to share your expertise with the the rest of us. Thank you so much for your kind assistance."

"FYI I got you web site information from Ferro. I had called them about some frits and they put me on to a tech guy who put me on to you. Thought you'd like to know that."

"Insight is very efficient."

"I cannot believe the amount of resources available with the Insight Live program. I had no idea! Thank you."

"I think your program will help me to develop glazes I can be proud to use. I was very impressed with my trial of your product and even more impressed with your customer service. Receiving your message this morning serendipitously happened as I sat down to comb the Web for advice."

"I am exploring the software today and learning a lot. I am just getting back to making pottery in my retirement. I am determined to take advantage of the wonderful communication advances that have been made since I was a youngster. The software illuminates much of the rote learning I remember from student days."

"I'm back on track with my glaze tests! I'm using Insight to change the expansion of a red / purple glaze. Your program really is teaching me."

"I am still involved as the technical consultant and have worked on some big projects. Thanks to Insight, for launching that part of my career."

"Some of the glazes I've tried (from other recipe books) have worked while others have not. Kind of feels like flying an airplane without knowing what the controls do. I understand how to weigh and mix and am just learning about the different materials. To gain more information, I started researching glazes and how they work on the internet and came across your site. I want to be in control of the 'flying plane' as it were. So far I've had a few successful 'flights' but it was mostly luck. If I'm going to have a unique voice in my surface treatment, I'm going to need to know what to adjust to get the desired results. "

"I have been using Insight since the 1980's. I have used other programs and I like yours best."

"The program really is changing the way I think about glazes."

"By the way, Insight has been a wonderful learning tool for me."

"As I have downloaded the Insight software; I have started to study everything about it. It's an amazing thing, and I was very taken by it. I admire the work that you have placed into it and also your knowledge of Chemistry practice. "

"Best, as always, from ..... (who enjoys your program and appreciates your effort to improve product!)"

"I learned the longhand of glaze formulation in art school (before computers....) and have done the trial of Insight. Great program (my paying job is as a computer tech in a school)."


"Things are good (actually...GREAT!). I like it! I even tried putting in pictures. Had never used that feature before. The open recipe layout is super, particularly the "more window". I know that part has been there for awhile, but I really like that part. The search button is working great, too."

"I use this program with great success in all my glaze formulations."

"Thanks for the new toy. Am going to have my weekend full of INSIGHT and no class for 2 weeks to learn it."

"My old software developer instincts result in me liking the look and feel of Insight best, and create the impression that it is the most mature and robust product. I also like the level of support and associated data with the product. Everything about the product and the associated web sites appear to be very professionally done."

"I make porcelain and stoneware and have been a grateful user of Insight for years."

"I liked INSIGHT so much I wrote a book about using it!"

"I like INSIGHT, it has helped me a tremendous amount!"

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"I have been doing pottery for 10 years after retirement and following the glaze recipe path. Your advice and approach have made a huge contribution to my naive understanding of what I am doing with glazes."

"This is a wonderful resource for serious pottery and clay artists! Thank you!"

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"The trial license on my version of Insight is expiring in a couple of days, and I am hopelessly addicted to the software ... Insight is an invaluable piece of software."

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"I really like this program...I really like it a lot. In 1995 I started doing pottery. I was always interested in making glazes and took a glaze calculation glass from one of the instructors at the community college that I attend. We did all the math by hand. I learned the calculation process and about glaze material. I am not computer efficient, but when I found out from a classmate that there was software to do the math I looked at what was available. I tried one other program before I tried Insight. Insight provided me with the tools to increase my testing ability during the semester about 100 fold."

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"You have compiled a great resource for the world of ceramics!!! Thank you for a great web resource and I look forward to the assistance that Insight should provide to our Tile operation."

"Hi, just bought your insight software and I'm pretty stoked to get rid of my complicated excel file of glazes. Insight's running great out of the box on my ubuntu laptop with xfce 4 desktop environment. The drag and drop of images from the xfce file manager works great too."

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"Insight has so much information, I'm still taking it all in. "

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"Great web site..Currently I am teaching classes at a local art center and hope you don't mind if I pass this website on to my students. Thanx!!!""

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"I purchased my first Insight program from you over 10 years ago. It helped me develop a glaze that perfectly fit cone 10 B-Mix. That in turn helped me to feel great about the durability and sanitary nature of my functional ware. Thank You so Much. Thanks for all the Information on the web, everwhere I look digital fire is there."

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"My professor personally would rather "concentrate on glaze application and not on calculation". Not that he is against calculation ... he offered to .. let me set it all up and learn it and the calculation process then teach it to him and other students as a research project... he means more like a biology student spending 4 months researching the sexual habits of the horned African beetle ... The more I talk to people the more I find there are many many folks who want to know glaze calc and cant seem to figure it out."

"What a marvelous invention your Insight programme is! I love it! Many, many congratulations and, of course ,many, many thanks for sharing it with us ALL!"

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"I just want to learn as much as I can so that I can come up with custom glazes that do what I want them to do. I don't want to be a slave to others' ideas, nor do I want to hope for someone to find a miracle glaze for me. This is where I differ a bit from my mentors."

"Thank you for the wonderful Digitalfire software, I would not have been able to create the glazes I use without it :)"

"Great work on expanding an already wonderful utility. "

"I have had wonderful success with supplier here said that what 'little' practical benefit I would get from INSIGHT would not even justify the initial cost..I always preferred to veiw glazes from the oxide viewpoint and as a 'total package' as opposed to base and additions, and with the aid of your program I was able to review and update my chemistry knowledge quickly..and was able to produce and modify glaze to suit my needs efficiently with little time or material wasted. The excellent results I have had has definitely changed their tune. She called BBS 3/20/95 read info. Downloaded info 5/21/95."

"First off, thanks for all the work on Insight. It is so much faster and easier now! The online MDT structure is terrific."

"The installation of the software went with no problems. I am a fan of your work and have heard many good comments about INSIGHT. I am going to get it to help me make the best cone 6 glazes with the raw materials I can find."

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"The Ceramics Materials database is wonderful! I'm just learning how to make glazes and clay by hand and this will be invaluable."

"I've got Insight, I'm doing it right. I'm boiling the water, and shuffling the ice. I'm telling my glazes, "behave and be nice!" Don't craze, don't crack, don't mark, don't make me go back and recalculate! Three minutes boiling, Three minutes ice. They're still acting real nice. Three minutes boiling, Three minutes ice, Wow, still acting nice. Third time boiling, Third time with ice. I did it, they still look nice. Get out the Dazor, look at them real close, Put them almost right up to my nose. I tested them, I did what I could. I tried to make them craze, but they never would. I tested my glazes, I did it just right, I tested for cracks, crazes and marks. I did it all with Insight!!"

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"I've been using Insight for a couple of years now, and I absolutely love it. Thanks for writing such a great program and reference database. "

"Years ago, after studying all available books, and whatever you had on DigitalFire at the time, I had written a glaze program myself (in old Delphi and Paradox database) which I have later lost. At the time I did not appreciate enough yours as I wanted more for recording firings and tests. It was a bit slow and cumbersome and, obviously, lacked such a wonderful support like 4Sight. So now I can fully appreciate what you have done and am grateful for it."

"Your programme looks absolutely wonderful and I am anxious to install and start working with it...It was actually my client that found your information online and forwarded me the URL. I was amazed at the level of work that you have put into developing your programme and the information you include is priceless. I can see this is both a learning tool and a quality control tool, with the option of upgrading to a server for application over a wide area network."

"I did use local materials available in my country, Czech republic, Europe. I did recalculate few of the recipes with the help of the Insight. I am really excited about the possibility to make almost the same looking glaze with different materials!"

"My professor would be after me if I didn't have Insight."

"I have had excellent results lowering the expansion in the existing glaze formulas enabling me to use a much stronger clay body and eliminating the fracturing after the glaze fire. We now get a 100% yield compared to the 75% to 80% yield from the beginning of the company almost 20 years ago."

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"I tried your glaze program some time ago and didn't buy it because I didn't know enough about glaze chemistry. I evaluated 3 glaze programs and liked yours the best. I really want to start making more of my glazes. Last weekend I went to a glaze chemistry workshop with Paul Lewing. Now I think I know enough about glaze chemistry to purchase your glaze program."

"I was delighted to read your brilliant book, fantastic. I mean I've had to teach glaze calc in past, and I've never seen it written so clearly and easy for me to understand. I mean it was a delight to read your way of putting it together, super. You are marvelous...keep up the good work, what a guy!"

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"I have my degree in engineering and "caught" the bug two years before I graduated. I really like your program, very intuitive in operation and good results."

"I am in the process of filming a teaching DVD ... I plan to purchase your software as soon as I have spare money in my pottery account. (Right now it is all going to expenses for the DVD...) Again, thanks for checking in with me about INSIGHT. It is a neat program! "

"I went ahead and bought Glazemaster. While I appreciate (and tell other potters) that Insight has more depth and offers more, I just need something quick and simple."

"I will say this Tony, you sure packed alot of knowledge into your software. I have only just begun investigating glaze formulation. I am looking forward to getting a better understanding of what's going on an to demystify the process. I fixed cars for 30 years so I find it a challenge to problem solve. During your instruction videos I was astonished about all the possibilities. "

"I have to share my absolute joy with you. I pulled out my tests from the kiln today and they were absolutely wonderful!!!! When people ask for the recipe, I'm going to tell them, "I'll do better than give you the recipe--I'll show you how you can create your own glazes that will be as wonderful these." Then I'm going to refer them to your web page. Thank you! Thank you! I am on cloud 9, where I doubt if I will sleep tonight due to all of the excitement!"

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"By the way I am a big fan of your book, web sight and of course the programme ... I've been mucking around with glazes for 30 years. I find your 5 by 20 glaze a wonderful teaching and learning tool."

"I'm a painter/photographer so this really chemical approach is very new. Working on a Mac I found your program pretty soon. Of course your aware xxx also works on a Mac. First I'd like to compare both programs; that will take some time as I still don't understand all the technical possibilities. Two months later: Doesn't matter, I would like to buy the program, and of course also the level 2, that's a fantastic asset."

"And for the record, my mentioning the reasons for not purchasing yet was not an attempt to get you to lower the Insight price."

"No matter, I love your program and the most excellent customer support! Thank you!!!"

"I will be formulating glasses to match a 104 COE. Thanks so much for your help, I am looking forward to using the program successfully to get the glass I am looking for. One real nice benefit for me is that you have frit compositions for my calculations as bases I will use - this alone is worth the price."

"I wish I would have upgraded sooner, it has been many years, there are so many improvements in the 2008 version."

"I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed using your software. The more I learn the more I realize how little I know."

"I have a Mac and operate OSX. You can send it to me at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemisty ... Again, thank you, I really enjoy working with INSIGHT. "

"I was the kind of potter that saw a glaze, fell in love with it, got the recipe, followed the recipe and that was that. ... Chemistry wasn't my strong area although, looking at your program, I can see where a lot of mystery and frustration could be avoided. If only I had access to your program in grade 12!"

"I've recently purchased your software, and am totally blown away by the completeness of the package. The tutorial is incredible, I've learned so much from it already! This will be invaluable to me; glazes have always been somewhat mysterious, and I've relied far too heavily on the Kiln Gods. I'm looking forward to completing the tutorial and start experimenting.... As to the software, as an old Foxpro programmer myself, I can appreciate what it took to do what you did."

"Hope all is well Tony! Thanks always for Insight!"

"Thanks, Insight is a great tool."

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"I've been drooling over this program for years now. Let's hope I can learn from it. I have a feeling you'll be on call a lot for me."

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"I had no problems installing it: Save the file, double-click the file. Fetch the key. And off we went. Earlier in the day I downloaded the Insight Manual and read the first parts as part of my software selection process. I chose Insight because I like the layout of the working windows and the technical approach to classical glazes. It fits my way of thinking about material. I find the tutorials inviting and useful. So far, I like Insight very well."

"I have tested at least 1001 recipes and I can only wish it had been 1001 glorious nights. I have boxes full of bad tests. I am ashamed of the pots I have dressed in a ho-hum manner. It seems that after creating my beloved pots, I hand them over to 'death by glaze and extreme heat' here I am, the Internet Illiterate, 1001 glaze test wonder, and I am finally on the right track!""

"I love you Tony - I'm so glad I found you.... spiritually and academically!! God lead me to you.... as I searched for ways that would help me learn about making & understanding glazes... This software you created is so the bomb! truly... "

"...this problem was in fact largely due to my own attitude. I rarely made practical use of this body of information myself in my own glaze work. You know the routine, find a glaze, run some sample test on tiles and make some variations, mainly color test, while never really fully understanding how and why glaze materials worked the way they do. Ron Roy's workshop certainly gave me the information I have been looking for for many years. The "immediate" response available through Ron's "Digital Fire Insight" computer program was extremely exciting to me! In conversation Ron we discussed the "Immediate feedback" available through your computer program."

"Excellent software! Normally I'd just fire up the debugger and crack something like this, but I was so impressed by what your doing, I'll buy a piece of software for the second time in my life (first was a copy of MS Quick C)."

"I am really enjoying INSIGHT."

"The program looks very complete. I wish I would have had it 30 years ago when I was first starting out. But ah yes, there were no PC's as of yet!"

"I am the glaze tech at ... I am using your INSIGHT software and have had great success, thank you! "

"I do appreciate everything that you do with Insight. I have used it exclusively for years now. I LIKE INSIGHT. IT LOOKS GREAT. THE RECIPE CALCULATION PORTION IS FABULOUS. Thank you for your hard work. I know that your knowledge of programs and their workings are far beyond what I can comprehend. I'm just a user. Thanks for being there...may you live long and prosper."

"Just to let you know, even though it is a very complex program to learn, I am thrilled by the flexibility, and don't even use my other glaze programs anymore. I also, appreciate the very prompt help that you provide. In short, I am an Insight Addict!"

"I have to tell you that your Insight software is great! To think that I used to spend hours doing math to figure out stuff that your program takes seconds to do ... you did a great job on your program and I have not run into any problems with it. "

"Presently, I am learning glaze chemistry and have been to the digitalfire web site many times to peruse the educational and technical materials. Although I have a background in molecular biology, most of the chemistry I used was biochemistry but the inorganic chemistry is returning quickly as my review continues daily. Moreover, there is no doubt that knowledge of ceramic chemistry will enhance understanding and controlling the different aspects of glazing. May the fire with be you."

"Tony, thanks for a great programme."

"Many thanks Tony, everything is now working as it should! It is a fantastic programme, congratulations, so much quicker than the slide rule of old, some 60 years ago now. Sort of ages me doesn't it!"

"I am already an fan of yours. I have visited the Digitalfire site before and it is one of my favorites. I particularly liked your clear glaze explanation. I was also going to ask your permision to reprint some of your web site, with a proper by-line of course, in my new catalog. I am very interested in your project, please let me know if I can be of any help."

"I downloaded a trial version of Insight today and must admit that I'm having way too much fun. It's a good thing my boss allows me to do my own research in my spare time, although he didn't seem to understand why I was bouncing in my chair."

"I am really impressed with the application and would like to purchase the level 2 package. What do i need to do?"

"First of all I have purchased Insight and it works great, thanks. I would like a cd of the (online) tutorials."

"Thanks - great software use it and recommend it all the time!"

"Today I got a look at the program on my work location computer. Looks like it will do what I need. Thanks for the help. Knowing support is there is a real plus. I do computer support at a chemical company. Even the big name software packages can have issues in some environments."

"I did a trial of digitalfire about a year ago and loved it. I seem to have a block to really getting it when I read it in books, but have been very drawn to the way that you communicate and feel as though i might be able to actually learn something from you!! "

"I am delighted and feel privileged to be able to use Insight. It is an amazingly robust tool for us as pottery students and ceramists."

"I like the new layout. It shows you're listening and working hard with the product you offer. Thanks for the great program."

"I am the only one using INSIGHT, almost everyone here lives under the influence of the Glaze Dragon. I am beginning to change their minds but it is taking me a lot of time... but one step at a time. It is incredible how a big company still trust the old way of formulating glazes. Thanks to your program and book Magic of Fire, I have been able to develop, correct and optimize glazes according to our clients needs! "

"Ron's book, knowledge, and willingness to help; along with your book, web site and INSIGHT have unlocked a world of information to me that I have been longing to understand. "

"INSIGHT very very good logical. No understand every possibility. Sorry for language."

"Thanks for the email. That was really cool. Yes, the INSIGHT program installed just fine on my Mac (Snow Leopard). You guys are thorough to say the least. Very impressed. "

"I have to say, you have done a fabulous job with this least from what I can see so far. Very robust options. I wish I would hav known about this in the late 90s, when I was having a go at making pots professionally."

"I thought that I knew something about glazes but talking to Ron Roy was a very pleasant yet humbling experience. He is the reason that I purchased INSIGHT. I've been using a friends INSIGHT program for the last 10 months and think its terrific. It has changed the way I teach glaze calculations and has made the empirical method muchmore accessible to my students."

"I'm a very satisfied user of insight v. 5.4 level 2. Thank for your fine product and assistance ... you guys are great."

"I think your enterprise is one of the most conscientious and responsible ones I've dealt with in years. (Great product, great support, genuine interest in progress all-round. These virtues are the embodiment of a marvelous work ethic!)"

"I'm up and running. Thanks for the fine product and help."

"It's an incredible program. Thanks for developing it!"

"I find insight and your digital fire data base information very helpful. I appreciate the time and effort you have put into your products. "

"I must say, that your software and support services have come highly recommended from one of our ceramic faculty. "

"I appreciate your prompt response. I think Insight is great."

"I really like the software."

"I am an independent artist and have been using your Insight program from the beginning. Through your program I learned a lot about the ceramic materials and their use."

"Thanks, this software is FANTASTIC! I may not understand what is going on completely but with more practice, I think I will get there."

"I am studying Ceramics right now and are in the midst of Labs and glaze testing for our final exam. I have not had time to study the program completely but the little I did was certainly v. helpful in my assignment."

"The current problems that prompted me to look for software are not exotic. Cornwall stone is $84 USD, G-200 is $14, so how much of what can we substitute to convert our favorite matt blue ^10 glaze? Why do some glazes craze sometimes and not others? Besides that I find the chemistry fascinating. We have recipes that work very well. I'd like to understand why. The math I find tedious; I did similar analysis for a course on ruminant nutrition, solving for protein, energy, calcium and potassium. Insight will allow me to explore the chemistry without spending so much time on the calculations."

"I owe you a thank you for creating such a good product. It really is impressive how much info you have available on materials and general clay and glaze topics. So, Thanks! "

"And btw you have done an awesome job on this program. I will be buying an extended code soon."

"I'm now ready to purchase level 2 of Insight. Your resources are truly amazing and as an ex electronic engineer (now a potter), I really am impressed with your analytical approaches ... Thank you for your wonderful contributions."

"I am having a great time with your software, thanks for writing it, by the way. I am a ceramic chemist and technician; I have just left a wage job in industry to begin consulting. I have used Insight before and it is my favorite glaze calc program. I have a similar personal mission to raise the general level of ceramic knowledge and expertise both in the academic and industrial worlds, and I have always appreciated the free share of knowledge that the digitalfire website is built around."

"Yes, thank you for that excellent advice. I have just finished assembling ingredients for mixing - but haven't yet had mixed anything but I'm living in this magical world in my head where I'll mix a test batch from a recipe from workshops that I've attended, fire it and it will be beautiful and I'll mix a larger batch and it will be the real world I'll most likely have different experiences from that - and I'm sure at some point I'll purchase insight!"

"I got my first computer because of INSIGHT. It has changed my life after 30 years in ceramics and teaching."

"Wow...your software is quite amazing. And I am very impressed you all have an OS X version. I think your software is excellent."

"Given the chance, I would like to say how helpful I have found the program. With what I have learned about glaze formulation from reading and workshops, Insight makes it easy to apply and evaluate my findings."

"I'd like to say how much I enjoy using Insight for developing my clays and glazes...Again thank you for the wonderful product and support."

"I have recently taken up hobby pottery after a career as a lecturer and software engineer. I was looking for a disciplined way of dealing with glazes and was disappointed by the lack of explanation in glaze recipe books. I stumbled over your site which does hold out the promise of being able to develop a principled understanding of what is going on."

"I have been working with clay for 3 decades and this is the first time I feel that I have really begun to get a grip on what glaze materials do. It's one thing to read about the materials in a book but theory and reality often didn't line up for me. The best part was learning as much as we did by limiting our base glaze. So thanks for your book, Insight and Five Twenties!"

"Thank you for all the work ... good info that you have put into Insight. It is well worth the money. I like your philosophy, you come highly recommended."

"I will no doubt buy Insight as well - a small price for the education I have gotten already just accessing your reference database."

"The programme is great! It has saved us time and anguish on many an occasion."

"You have got a real treasure trove of information here. Fine write-ups of many ceramic materials which are not covered clearly in Wikipedia."

"My hope is that you live long and prosper. I want Insight forever."

"On the clay side of things - I used Insight to calibrate a glaze substituting Strontium for Barium. Worked out great! Could not have done it without looking at the chemistry. Would have ended up an oxide imbalance if had just done a 1 for 1 replacement."

"First impressions of the software on my Macintosh are very good and the manual is excellent. When I'm not acting the part-time ceramicist, I'm a web software designer/developer and I know how hard it is to do this stuff well."

"Your program will take me leaps ahead in understanding how all these chemicals work to form a stable glaze. I cannot thank you enough. I am ready to make this "leap" into the world of glaze calculations. I have longed to understand glaze formualtion and until now I have been unable to find a way to learn it. Most teachers here, really do not care about the whys and the chemistry behind it. I am really so excited to be beginning this process. Thanks so much for all of your hard work, I greatly appreciate what you and Ron are doing."

"I've pretty much put the program through several calculations and it is very elegant, easy to use. Best of all for us Apple folks, it works on OSX."

"I love the online video lessons ... What a help! Thank you!!"

"Keep up the great work!"

"I enjoy the power of this program... Fantastic job. Thanks"

"I sure am enjoying working with my new Insight software. If nothing else, it gives me a way to organize my recipes--- previously I was using Excel. I have gotten great help from the effortless calculation of silica:alumina ratios for figuring surface quality."

"I'm about to give a mini-course in glaze formulation, and feel it essential to include a session or two on glaze calculation, and being addicted to the program myself, I would like to use Insight. "

"By the way! You guys have helped me a lot. I love Insight. I don't think I would ever have had the courage to jump into trying to understand glazes if it hadn't been for insight and the information you have posted on this site. GREAT JOB!!!"

"Love the software! I never took chemistry - not even in high school. Yet, I can take those unity formulas from the Boraq pages (like lavender, butterscotch, the iron red) and create a recipe that actually works and looks real close to the pictures on the web pages. I have also converted GB recipes over to Boraq and it is hard to see any difference, except for 1 recipe."

"I am so relieved that there is a workaround because your software is definitely head and shoulders above the rest."

"I must compliment you on the development of INSIGHT. It is a pleasure to work with the programme."

"You have a great Product and data base. I found the video tutorials great and instrumental in helping me appreciate all the facets of Insight."

"Thanks for the follow up. Everything worked great - your instructions are easy to follow - thanks. It's great to know that you are available should any questions arise. I plan to explore the links you've provided - want to really understand glaze well eventually - thanks so much!"

"I learned glaze calc with a slide rule in the early 60's, and was appreciative for hand held calculators the years I taught full time. These new computer programs are like a dream come true."

"Upon opening my dearly beloved program I get this message: Insight notification (N1) .. It would appear that I can manipulate a newly entered glaze recipe, save it and print it out as usual....recalling it is the problem. Thanks for your's just one more reason why I am so impressed with Insight. "

"Our Advanced Clay Class is studying the chemistry of clays and glazes this semester. Our professor, told us we really should buy Insight, he says it will be a tremendous help to us from here on out. He says Insight is a must-have for every potter. I took a brief look at it, and know it will be a great resource. It looks to pretty easy to follow, too."

"Thanks for making such a fine tool in Insight!!!!"

"A couple of my students are interested in purchasing "Insight" .. They have seen my program and LOVE it!"

"I have been happily using INSIGHT for one and a half years ... It is, without doubt, the best program available and a great site. "

"Thanks for your interest and the follow up note. You have done a tremendous job with this software. I have enjoyed the tutorials that you have on your web site and marvel at what a teaching accomplishment your work represents. My hat is off to you!"

"INSIGHT has opened my eyes to the ease of cooking a glaze and the way of looking and thinking about glaze. "

"This is a really lovely program and all of my concerns have been dealt with. Please ignore any comments I have previously left."

"I am getting better at using Insight for what it is intended in the ability to select different materials to provide the various oxides and to compare them to target glazes. I have also used Insight to review recipes to decide whether I want to try them or not, given the likely characteristics and avoided wasting my time with poorly constructed recipes."

"It is about bloody time, the kids expect this sort of information to be on computers and I might get a bit of peace now and again."

"You are truly an exceptional person to deal with the two universes of Windows and Mac, and the idiosyncrasies of each. I do not follow the logic of the Windows users except, maybe that that is the way they have always done it ... Just as I have always been an Apple user and that set my preferences ... my hat is off to you!!!"

"After a life as biologist and in information management, I am now a beginner in ceramics. Installation of Insight was without problem. What a wonderful tool and what gigantic sum of information. Thank you for your work!"

"I took my laptop to my friend's studio to show her Insight. She has decades of experience and was only mildly curious. But when she saw it, she had more and more questions about the materials she's used for years."

"I am a Ceramic Engineering Student doing a COOP at Kohler Company until August. I have found INSIGHT to be very helpful on all of the issues I have faced since I started here. If I get a job in glazes after college I will resort to INSIGHT for any glaze issues I face."

"It and has opened up my way of thinking about glazes ... it has made me feel free to try many more things than I would have, as well as enhanced my understanding of how to get what I want. Many thanks, Tony!!!"

"You have a great product at a great price. Do not see how you do it."

"I was at the wonderful workshop that Ron Roy held this weekend in Ottawa and am interested in purchasing insight based on his presentation. I understand you have very graciously offered us a 60% discount and I thank you very much. I thought your program was wonderful. I am looking forward to purchasing it and using it with (some) confidence. As Ron said, you have got to use it or lose it!"

"I am really enjoying the software, in fact a bit hooked on it right now. I am working my way through the videos. I think I looked at this software a couple years ago, but maybe I wasn't ready for it. Right now it seems to be right in my 'window of learning' and I'm finding it fascinating."

"I am not so good at computer yet the little I have known on this program shows that it is a must buy for me because beside the calculation I learn a lot of ceramics in the notes. Please let me know how I can pass on the money for the program and the book (CD) because I will surely buy after my trial expires."

"I have been using Insight for years and am very happy with it for the knowledge it gives me, it will still take me years to reap its full potential. Thanks for all you have done for ceramics. "

"Since many potters/ceramicists I have met seem to be of the try-it-and-see approach and I come from a what-about-the-periodic-table-then-try-it variety, I get some blank stares. I see no reason to try it ten times when three can get you started predictably. Of course, I would have to know the chemical composition of a product but once I know that, it becomes math and balance."

"I have just finished a course in the use of your program with Ron Roy at Loyalist College in Belleville and found it very helpful. Thanks, so much, for the product."

"I've run hundreds of glaze tests without the aid of software and while I haven't done badly I'm definitely finished with that approach. After modifying a couple of Pete Pinnell's Tomato Red glazes with different materials side-by-side in both INISGHT and xx, the logic of how you've designed your program really impressed me."

"Tony, I envoy Digitalfire so much. Too bad Hobart Cowles did not have such a tool. I learned so much from Hobart."

"I use my INSIGHT program all of the time!"

"Hi Tony, I just would like to thank you for this wonderful program you have developed. It is such a great tool. I am going to try Insight live."

"My goal is to reformulate and simplify many of my old cone 9-10 glazes to cone six, substitute ingredients for materials no longer available and remove any ingredient that now has been found to be toxic or questionable. Of all the software I reviewed so far, I have found yours to be the best and easiest to use. Your tutorials are also excellent."

"I have a large experience in characterization of ceramic materials ... development of glazes and pigments (several publications in renowned magazines and encyclopedias) ... I find the website, the database and the software of Digitalfire very good and I would like to offer my help as a consultant or editor."

"There are several reasons I am attracted to Insight including the outstanding educational elements. The training videos and links to Digitalfire data bases are outstanding."

"I re-read chapters 5 through 7 in the book of mastering cone 6 glazes - those chapters made a world of more sense since reading Digital fire information on transparent base glaze 20x5 and the M vs. W version !"

"After trying several different programs I feel this one is the easiest to work with and is the best for the way I work. "

"I talked my employer into buying your INSIGHT SOFTWARE. THANK YOU. It has helped me solve many problems by adjusting glaze chemistry."

"I am firing a downdraft propane kiln to cone 10. I have been using the Digitalfire software to better understand the glazes I know and see their similarities/differences. I enjoy glaze chemistry but I am tired of testing blindly and floundering around with countless buckets of glazes that don't really satisfy. I want to test smarter."

"I have a PhD in chemistry (inorganic), and I spent many years taking data ... Let me say again that I am so very pleased with Insight! -- It gives me the ability to approach the glaze development with much better understanding. It is a favorite tool of in my arsenal!"

"...BTW, both the software and the manual are wonderful!"

"I started hunting for more information and that was when I discovered Insight and I haven't looked back. I am not a chemist, but I have enough advanced quantitative training from other areas that, with the help of your excellent videos and reference material, I was able to jump into Insight and more generally glaze chemistry feet first. Thanks again for a great piece of software and your continued support of it."

"I have just finished the glaze calculation course given by Ron Roy at Loyalist College. I very much enjoyed using your software and I would like to purchase Level 2. "

"During a course we were advised that if we contacted you that we could buy your Level 2 software at a 50% discount. I really appreciated the capabilities of the software and found it to be a great resource and would like to purchase the software from you."

"I have a lot of respect for the tremendous work she made."

"I recently got LEVEL 1 and love it. Now I would like to upgrade to LEVEL 2 ..."

"I think you have an exceptional product and it would be great for the students."

"I am really pleased with your new software! I love Insight!! "

"Well, I must tell you that you are currently my hero and I am spreading the word about INSIGHT to any of the potters I know that will listen, (although I must confess that I think many get scared to death when I talk about glaze chemistry.)"

"I have Insight up and running. I am a believer. Have spent many wasted hours fiddling with recipes (and coming up short!)."

"I like xxx software, but Insight is much much better, in allowing us to modify and observe. Not to mention the materials database and all the video tutorials you put together. My favorite is the one about whiting and LOI. Even though your tutorial is about how to use the SW, it has a lot of great chemistry information, so it both a class and a tutorial! It was really mind blowing to understand about the LOI, now I understand why some of our glazes that have high organic content burn out (like whiting and Ash glazes) create cool effect when you layer another glaze on top...."

"It's also become obvious that even with glaze software I need to have a lot of information in my head, which means education, and obviously you hold the edge there too with your excellent website."

"I am a teacher at a university in Germany. Glazes are my love. I spend 30 years in glaze research mainly about the question how to adjust glaze-recepies to my raw materials, my clay and my kiln with the help of Insight. Now I have a very good unterstanding about handling the Seger-Formular with a special view on eutectic mixtures."

"I do prefer insight much more than xxx just from entering three recipes."

"Several years ago i purchased 5.4 from you and have had a wonderful time with it. "

"I went to school for ceramics a few decades ago, but went to the wrong school as they did not provide glaze chemistry. My teacher would like to help me select a palette of premixed glazes to give me a quick start. I have chosen the route of learning the glaze chemistry on my own."

"I'm actually a trained chemist, I specialised in ceramic Chemistry before I moved over to bio and Forensic. I think Insight is a great tool for any ceramic chemist, it's great that we don't have to faff about developing our own spreadsheets!!! I used it all the time when I took my doctorate years ago. It's been a while.... so I really need to get to know the programme again. "

"I think I have always been a bit of an emissary for Insight, on Clayart and elsewhere, and will continue to do so. I have always preferred Insight over the other glaze-calc programs, and I enjoy teaching it to my students and seeing the way it helps open up the world of technical ceramics."

"I bought an early copy of insight for my PC, then went on to have a stroke. It has taken me more than eight years to get back to pottery. Is there any way I might get an upgraded copy of the program? I have returned to the university ... I would be in a position to speak well about Insight, should there be any advanced students asking about calculating glazes. Thanks for the nice program. I've loved using it and need it again."

"I've never been satisfied with the glazes I've used. Most of them are either commercial stuff or house glazes at the studio. I'm hoping that through the Insight product and the Magic of Fire I can get a better understanding of the physics and the chemistry of glazes and have more control over what happens inside the kiln and what it looks like outside the kiln. I've been reading the book and fooling about with the software and so far I'm learning quite a bit about what oxides do, what fluxes do, and so forth. Good stuff indeed. I've got high hopes."

"I use a lot of commecial glazes, but am becoming more and more interested in developing my own palette... this has led me to look at the various calculation programs out there."

"I used the trial version and was very impressed with this software. I look forward to using it in my glaze calculation class."

"Highly recommended by __. "

"Despite my having told them about Insight, they still mix up large batches of "baby-poop" glazes that craze."

"Anyway, good program and lots of info on the web site. Keep up the good work. "

"I am interested and cannot thank you enough for this work."

"Thanks, don't know what I'd do if I didn't have INSIGHT available."

"Thanks for making a nice program and having a nice website."

"I .. have been running it ever since 1995 on Windows 95 and then Windows 98. I've just updated to Windows XP .. What are my options for accessing this wonderful program again and hopefully saving any data I had before...all my recipes etc?"

"The Insight is the only thing that I really consider critical to my use of the computer. Everything else is just convenience. Insight has CHANGED MY LIFE!!!"

"I participated in a workshop with .. when he was talking about glazes and demonstrating his techniques, I steeled myself to ask him if he worries about the functionality of his glazes. I figured everyone would laugh at me for bringing up such a subject, but I felt like it should at least be said, given the amount of young student potters in the group if nothing else. As expected he said he didn't worry about that. High fired glazes shouldn't pose any problems, was what he said. "Why is that?", I asked, "Is it because they are fired to such high temperatures that you don't worry?" He said it was. I want you to know that this is all a big challenge for me. But I'm determined to give it a good shot .. this is all a big challenge for me. But I'm determined to give it a good shot."

"With my Digital Fire software I will be able to see recipes I concoct or decide to borrow and see chemistry information about those recipes pertaining to how I want the glaze to look, and get an idea from expansion info. if a recipe may give problems on my clay bodies, etc. Thank so much for all the information you put out there ..... it really is helpful and edifies and save my reputation as a artist making and selling ceramics."

"I really love this software!"

"I'm really enjoying Insight 5. It's a great program and saves me tons of time."

"I make all my own glazes from scratch but with the only education I have being that derived from books I am pretty much in the dark. Lucky mistakes have helped me come up with some great glazes but really, what is happening remains a mystery. I need to learn much more and am hoping your software will help with that."

"I have quit my job to do pottery full time, and am in need of your great materials and calculator."

"Your Insight; I have downloaded, is just the most wonderful thing ever seen by me. I am really impressed."

"We're all very excited to be able to offer this great program to our growing ceramics program here at the university."

"Excellent software you have created. Thanks again."

"Insight has been a big help to me in understanding my glazes and making new ones. Best money I ever spent for software."