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Purpose of This Web Site

We are on a mission to help manufacturers and educators who not only want to make beautiful functional objects but have a sense of accountability for their durability, strength, and safety and a desire to take control and not abdicate it to suppliers, consultants, or educators.

Web Sites

Since 1995 we have involved ourselves in a wide range of Internet activities related to the ceramic industry, this is all being done in order to ultimately make INSIGHT software completely integral with the internet ceramic community. Sites such as the Digitalfire Reference Library communicate with INSIGHT, are built on database foundations and are much more complex than INSIGHT itself. Insight is moving from the PC to the internet (including the smartphone and tablet).

Who are We?

Digitalfire Corporation is a company dedicated to the dream of enhancing the power of ceramic chemistry and physical testing and seeing them and materials information made available to more people and companies in the ceramic industry and arts. Since the introduction of the first micro-computers in the late 1970's, we have worked to develop software and printed materials to this end. Digitalfire Corporation has close ties to a number of ceramic manufacturers and raw materials producers and maintains contacts with ceramic related institutions, periodicals and companies around the world.

We published a quarterly newsletter on the use of computers in formulation and trouble-shooting from 1988-1996 and maintained a BBS from 1992 to 1996, and a Web Site since 1995. We publish our own books, software and websites.


Those decades have required a lot of tenacity to 'hang on' until the traditional ceramic world fully appreciates the value of glaze chemistry and intensive record keeping. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent and many hard lessons learned. Many of our original customers from the 80s are still active users, this is also a powerful incentive.