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GBCG1 - Frit 3110 Generic Base Crystalline Glaze

Modified: 2009-05-23 11:15:31

From Fara Shimbo Crystal Glaze book 2

Material Amount
Zinc Oxide25.00
Ferro Frit 311050.00


You can change the ratio of these ingredients to suit your individual needs and tastes, within certain parameters. The more frit you use (relative to the other ingredients), the lower will be the maturing point of the glaze. The more silica you use (as mentioned earlier), the less the glaze may tend to craze, but the fewer the crystals you will produce. You can see from the composition of zinc silicate, Zn2SiO4, that for every two atoms of zinc oxide, we need one of silica to get a crystal molecule. Aside from the silica that is needed for the crystals, additional silica is needed for the glaze itself; so one must make sure one has enough. Raising and lowering the amount of zinc oxide in a glaze will directly affect how many crystals the glaze will be able to grow. Adding additional oxides/carbonates such as those of titanium, calcium, tin and so on will affect opacity, crystal size and shape, ancillary development and color.

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