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Digitalfire Website and Reference Library (222)

"Thanks for your great contribution over the years to our field of work."

"What I am looking is the operation of roller kiln and what changes body undergo at what temp & why in kiln. Also general defects in vitrified body after kiln & likely reason for that. I am learning a lot about clay body formation from your site. It's really a gift for a people like me. "

"Everything you guys post on this page is materials science nerd gold."

"Very useful articles on practical solutions to the every day problems Ceramic Technicians face in their organizations."

"I have almost finished your book, THE MAGIC OF FIRE. I am enjoying it very much. I am sure that this is a book that I will reread many times. "

"We were at a friend's place whom had purchased the book "The Magic of Fire," and were both very impressed by the book - so I wrote down the web address and went to your site when we got home."

"BTW, I do a lot of reading about glaze chemistry and find that Magic of Fire to be one of the most informative and straight-forward texts out there! Thank you!"

"I'm still reading about expansion and some of what you explained to me is in this article by digital ... so much lay men terms and analogies makes its more viewable to the mind and understandable... thanks - I continue to say thanks... Tony.... :)"

"I feel your information about majolica and glaze adaptation is the best I've seen anywhere and I do understand I need to do the testing and find what works for my situation. "

"This is the greatest site on the planet!"

"After a lot of testing of various glazes I've decided he's overdue for sainthood."

"I regularly use your website for information on many technical aspects of glaze chemistry. I find it extremely useful and thank you for your service."

"I have been perusing through some of the level 2 areas of your site and am just in awe of what a great resource you have developed. "

"Thanks for the wonderful service."

"Wow. Thanks. That is so great. I also thank you for making so much material available on your web site. You obviously care deeply about the craft and teaching others."

"Great resource!!!"

"I cannot express how refreshing it is to no longer be dependent on textbook recipes."

"I enjoy using your software and website."

" is a fantastic resource!"

"I have used your web sight to help with information for teaching Glaze Formulation. I have sent my students here."

"Thanks - your help has always been prompt and useful."

"I, personally, think Digital Fire's contribution to potters, and the Ceramic industry as a whole, is absolutely awesome, and I thank the gods there are people like you who have the knowledge and energy to provide us simple artist/educators with such exceptional tools. "

"Am finding your website a treasure trove of extremely thoughtful writings for the aspiring more-technical studio potter. Thanks for putting it out there."

"I found your site while looking up cone 10 glazes on google. I must say, it has been of significant help to me as i recently set up a workshop and am preparing to produce some pottery after 30 yrs. in the construction industry as a superintendent. Thanks for what you've done here...!"

"This is a excellent site for Ceramic colors and containing very good knowledge for Ceramic coloring agents. Thank to Digitalfire Ceramic Oxides Directory."

"Hi Tony, Thanks for this great project and all the info and tutorials."

"I would also like to say thank you for providing the information about glaze's that you have on your websight. I have been formulating glaze for 20+ years, read practicaly every book on glaze & glass and your web page's had better information than any book."

"What an awesome list of videos you have here, and the info on your site is invaluable. "

"I use Digitalfire almost every day for reference to questions about materials. And as a relative newby to the industry and coming from an art background, my technical knowledge is limited to my own experiences, what I can find online and what is available in books and literature. I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done for the ceramics community. Your insights and technical knowledge have become indispensable to many in the ceramics community, including me. "

"High marks for the web site!"

"I used Boraq 3 as I wanted the layered action and for the first time, I GOT IT. Thrilled is an understatement. I used the boraq 3 formula in the floating blue receipe and it's wonderful!!!!! My 2000 gram test was encouraging and the 4500 gram test looks great. I've glazed only a few test pieces with larger ones going in later this week. Right now I am one happy campette."

"Go look at Tony Hansens page and look at Insite. Incredible amounts of information. He has a great explanation of .. Shivering ---and the opposite----- Crazing. Cause and solution."

"I have found your information extremely helpful - re firing and troubleshooting. Thank you!"

"Also, as a side note, this website is an excellent resource and I appreciate the fact that all this info is available on the web! Not only that, but I have found the information to be accurate, dependable and thorough, which is difficult to find anywhere."

"I have only been involved with ceramics and glazing for about a year now, and I'm hungry for knowledge. The wealth of information you have on your site and in your products has just been great."

"I have a background in Geology (BS-1973-New Mexico Tech), and with a few other degrees here and there - and have been doing quite a bit of Pythoning, and hanging-around my wife who does (I think (but then, of COURSE I am biased)) terrific pots... I am always interested in what she does with glazes (especially when I see the mineral-names from my Geology days on the bins in her studio... BUT - as an "engineer", sometimes I want 'more' knowledge - and I find your web-site VERY VERY good at that, it tells me a lot of things - gives me 'value added' and 'information' that I haven't found elsewhere! Especially when I think about 'geo-chem'."

"Thank u for your helping researchers .. Thank u for your efforts."

"I am having a BLAST learning about glaze chemistry from *The Magic of Fire* (I recommend this book highly)."

"Most of the compositions came from the Digitalfire Ceramic Materials site, to which all who analyze glazes owe a debt of gratitude."

"Actually my brother asked to download the books. He is running a ceramic company in India. He has learned so many things in your free download, later he is impressed on your simple and clear explanation of ceramic technology."

"We have been aware of your company and website for many years and see it as a model in its approach to educating makers about the processes involved in making/drying/firing. You teach them to take responsibility for their work process rather than blaming the product."

"Your website has been very helpful to me over the past several years. I refer fellow potters to it constantly. Your G1214Z matte glaze formed the basis for the glaze used on my tea bowls."

"Great customer service!!"

"I think Glaze chemistry is an extremely under-appreciated and under-estimated field of science."

"You are world famous consultant & that is why asking your opinion in details about above (best solution from production quantity, quality & optimal cost)."

"I downloaded Insight as a result of buying your book. WOW, I love that book, real information. "

"Thanks again for a thinking potter's website on glazes - working to take the guess work out of firing results!"

"First, let me thank you for creating such a wonderful, informative, and comprehensive site. I know that I will spend many a long hour pouring through your pages."

"Your information is very professional and I would like to incorporate in and on going education blinder for our community studio."

"All your info on glaze chemistry and material characteristics are very informative and great catalysts for pushing me to take things a bit further. Most appreciated."

"Thank you for continuing to provide this exceptional service. Just yesterday, a comment was made about one of the glazes: I have never used a glaze as smooth as this before. I wish to thank you for all of the information you keep available for us."

"Hello. I simply wanted to say thank you very much for providing me with so much important information."

"I found your article about majolica to be a real beacon, about a year ago, and am just producing finished ware now. I read through Magic of Fire yesterday and found the information on whiting causing gas problems/pinholes etc., which was immediately valuable with a problem I have been having."

"Thanks again for all you have done for the pottery world!!!"

"Thank you for your wonderful site i am new to home made glazes and am teaching myself... your site is so help full thank you."

"Firstly, I want to thank you about this very good site in the net which helps very much in the development of the ceramics industry. "

"I have read just about all your articles on Digitalfire and use your software, really appreciate the wealth of knowledge and testing you bring to ceramics. "

"First of all I'd like to congratulate you for the incredible source of information and Guidelines in your website. We are changing our fast-firing process (cold to cold in 4.5 hours) to a slow-firing process (cold to cold in 24.0 hours) and all our glaze formulas have lost their acid resistant characteristic, after dipping in 24 hrs at Ph1.3."

"I have been browsing the ceramic materials site with some of the Bastarache articles and their links. Extremely helpful information. Thank you both you and Edouard!"

"I've become fascinated with Glaze chemistry in the last year or so, have purchased your book, and refer to your site from time to time as well...What a great resource! I have read your book a couple of times, but have not completely digested all of it. I suspect it takes most folks quite a bit of time!"

"First of all, I want you to know what an incredible resource your work has been for me the past several years."

"I knew nothing about chemistry, so I have already learned a great deal from the information you've so generously provided on-line."

"Tony Hanson is like the person that is always waiting to answer my questions. He is very thoughtful and quick with response. I wish he was my neighbor."

"Thanks for your time and making the most informative website I have come across!"

"I have been a teacher of ceramics for twenty years and have always been annoyed with what you call traveling glazes. Tom's Blue, Randy's Red, etc. have been taken from who knows where, are out of context and without history or understanding as you point out."

"Great Web Site, by the way, I have found a lot of your generously offered help and information very useful. Thank you!"

"Thanks for all you do for ceramics!"

"Your work has been incredibly helpful. Magic of Fire especially."

"First I'd like to thank you about your site. It's outstanding site."

"I'm finding the magic of fire fantastic!"

"I normally do not comment on articles I find, but this is amazing. Thank you so much for providing this information! I am a ceramics student in my BFA year, and this is the most comprehensive and helpful information I have found on creating a porcelain casting slip."

"I want to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for writing this book. It is exactly what I was looking for! I studied at a 4 year institutions--7 semesters in the ceramics department and I was taught how to calculate glazes with the empirical formula but that was it--no expansion stuff, etc. I wanted more than anything to have a knowledge base to create safe glazes, resolve problems like crazing, and the list goes on. In reviewing parts of your book many of my questions have already been answered. I absolutely love the way you address crazing--and yes, I did try many of the suggestions that were in that CM article and they didn't work. Now I know why. I have a lot to learn but am elated with what I have learned so far."

"Thank you for all your hard work."

"The Tony of digitalfire, wow. I love the digitalfires website, but I thought it cost money to get advice from you."

"Your Magic of fire was a waker upper, had to read it a few times this past few months just to give my head a shake. Yes, I am having crazing issues, and its past time to get away from Gerstly Borate. Just purchased numerous frits and actual commercial stains. After 30 years in the biz, I am going to do this!"

"First I want to thank you for creating and maintaining your web site. I started as a potter and moved into ceramic engineering over the course of my career and your web site has helped me all the way. Currently I am working on digital ceramic ink jet printing."

"I have had previous communication with you Tony, and want to say that you do a great job. Very informative. All of my former students are aware of your expertise."

"Again, thanks for being such a resource to potters over the years!"

"Thank you for all the great work you have done and the tremendous contributions you have made to the ceramics community."

"I love the site. I use it all the time at the Clay Business, and I feel like I have not even touched the surface."

"As I read this I am thinking wow, what a great article, so useful and I love the details of the pictures."

"Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for the ceramic community."

"I found a link to your great site whilst looking at oxides/effects ... Generally, the website is brilliant and I've already learned a lot. I need to try it out properly before I go ahead and buy the full thing. Looks very tempting, as all the answers are in one place. The testimonials look promising too."

"I am working as production engineer in ... Egypt, I have learnt more from your site, nice to me to be a member. Thanks to you."

"Thank you for this article. I learned more about the science in this one article (What is Deflocculation) than I have in the last 40 years of classes and conversations. Truly enjoyed this."

"This article is just what I have been looking for, actually for years. I am going to experiment making my shiny clear glaze matte. I do not have an MFA and have not really ever studied glaze calculation and yet I understand this article and know where to start. Thank you!!!"

"I enjoy and appreciate your work very much."

"I have been studying your web site and which I have found extremely helpful for someone like me who is not a chemist!"

"Thanks for sharing so much great information!"

"I love your website so much! I am a potter just starting to delve into the world of glazes, and I cannot tell you how incredibly useful this website is. I have already spent hours reading about chemicals. Thank you so much for this amazing resource!"

"THANKS so much for all of the information you share at no cost. It really helps me. I feel a little guilty for not subscribing to Insight, but I am working toward that. You have truly changed the way I think about glaze, and I appreciate you. thanks. future subscriber/fledgling potter"

"Again, thanks for building a website that has been very influential in how I look at ceramics in general, and that has been such a valuable resource to my work as a student, production potter, and chemist."

"My pleasure -- your database is a wonderful set of reference info, and if I can help make it even more accurate and/or complete, I'm happy to do so."

"Hi, I love your work and I would like to participate."

"Tony's site is really full of exceptional technical information."

"However, I must add that it would be well worth it--the Magic of Fire is one of the best-written books I've read! I must admit, it's the first technical manual to keep me up 'til 3 a.m. because I just couldn't put it down... In fact, it has inspired a bit of a revolution in my small corner of the world... you see, I am one of those dreaded hobby ceramicists (well, actually, I cast cute kittens and ducks and what-have-yous for a ceramics store in Dallas, Tx), and I often have customers ask advice regarding firing, pouring molds, etc., and since I've been reading your book, I've been able to provide MUCH better answers... and I've often referred them to the book directly when they seem so inclined. I am beginning to have a hope that more hobby amateurs will take an interest in the whys and wherefores instead of the hit-or-miss-and-hope-like-hell method so prevalent in this side of the ceramics industry."

"I really enjoy the information you have on your website ... it is the best I have seen on the internet ... I appreciated your help on using and creating slips and adjusting base glazes."

"I have been a ceramic consultant for many years and working in many parts of the world and must say that you are doing a very nice job with your website and software."

"I have visited your site many times. We have the largest department in new england at the moment. I invited students to visit the school library to access your site directly for all its wisdom! You do far more good than you realize, fellow mud-diver."

"Thank you for the work you do to improve the work of potters trying to do new things."

"Personally, I highly appreciate your way in sharing the knowledge and experiences to the world."

"Thanks a lot for this sea of knowledge."

"I've been reading your entire book on the Glaze Dragon - I'm only at page 77 but I feel much more knowlegeable about glazes and I can't wait until I gained the experience from making and firing glazes so I will have the ability to nail down the mechanism of a glaze effect and bring those mechanisms at will into any glaze I make... I will stick to one glaze or two that I can adjust rather driving myself crazy with hundreds of glazes... "

"Your web is great!"

"This site is very very useful in our ceramic business in India, so, that thank u very very much. "

"I'm excited to get started learning how to use the program. I've drawn much from your online glaze chemistry information over the years, and now I hope to apply some of that knowledge effectively."

"I just read the Magic of Fire cover to cover...I feel that a gift from heaven fell into my lap at just the right time. Two months ago I couldn't have appreciated your advice...The reality of tests too numerous to comprehend had just hit me. Your advice to establish a base glaze that is shown by testing to be well fitted,and to create variations from there seems to sensible but I didn't see it for myself. I was on my way to a workshop about commercial glazes...Armed with a new attitude, I now wonder if I need these samples?"

"I just want to thank you for this generous, helpful and very educational website."

"I love your site and am so grateful for all you have done to help with glaze formulation/safety."

"Thanks again, and again, as always, for your ever-so-helpful web pages."

"Your site is excellent and informative, you should conduct online conferences on various subjects, please let me know if you have one."

"'we have been using the arabia blue and white variation of the 5X20 cone 6 glaze, and have had a great response from our customers. Thanks for your efforts - you have made a believer out of me!""

"Your site is one of the most unusual sites I have encountered since I began exploring ceramics on the web. I am a student in a 2 year pottery program, and would like nothing better than to understand glazing from the very beginning of my career as a potter...It is pretty overwhelming. To tell you the truth, you almost come off as a Southern Baptist Revival Preacher the way you rant and rave against the "Dragon." It is what got my attention, however, and I appreciate the quality of your work, but it is very overwhelming."

"I have visited your website for many years to get ceramic information - your website is excellent ... Thanks again for all the great info on your website - hopefully one day I can repay you for your outstanding resourse."

"I Everyday visit your website Fantastic knowledge you have....thanks ."

"I'm trying to access a great article on deflocculation. I have formulated so many casting slips over the years with the help of what I learned in that article and on this site."

"Your glaze expertise is the piece of the clay puzzle that I need to relax and enjoy this artistic journey."

"You are so good for me. Find a stumbling stone and in a moment the path is easier."

"Thanks for the great resource Digitalfire is. I could not make our studio glaze without it. "

"I'm only just beginning to learn about pottery and glazing. I have learned more from your website than anything I have read! "

"Your web site is amazing, the information I have learnt is so exciting. So thank you for your hard work to put it all together."

"Thanks for the fantastic program and service."

"Your attention to the people has been allways great, as its your software, thanks for the support."

"Thanks for following up on my download. I've learned a lot from INSIGHT and the Digitalfire web site over the years. I appreciate your efforts."

"Almost anything I have to say I learned from you. Keep up the great work."

"Great site btw. Besides getting married its the next best thing I did."

"Your advice is always helpful and well thought out."

"..I want to know more about the ceramics field and I see your outfit as being the most proactive in having vital information in the field."

"Great site you have here, I am the ceramics tech at the University of .. the info. on your site is a great help to my students."

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help with this problem!"

"Your sight ROCKS. "

"Tony, the Boraq II substition for gerstley borate in the formula I sent you a while ago was succesful. Congratulations for figuring out boraq! I've tested Murray's, Gillespie, Laguna, IMCO, and also raw materials such as Cadycal, Ulexite, Colemanite, and the substitutes you recommended in your articles made of several components blended with Cadycal (I referred to these in my previous letter) all with varying degrees of success but only the boraq II produced results that were indistinguishable from GB. This glaze is very sensitive so I consider the test a success. It had to mess with the plasticity with additions of hectorite and ball clay."

"I'm half way through MF and have loads of questions but will wait untill I have finished and tried some experiments before I ask."

"Love your book! I am really into the science. You deserve some accolades for your work Tony, I recognize someone who is very serious about knowledge. Thank you for your work sir!"

"When I first opened the program I thought I would never know how to use it and did not open it again until last week. I have been watching some of the tutorials and those made it very easy to understand and work with Insight. Also your website has been very helpful for a project I am currently working on (and in general the understanding of glazes). So thank you for all the information you have collected and made available."

"You have changed my approach to ceramics 180 degrees. Bless you!"

"I am so fascinated by your site I have trouble to leave it!"

"if I am unable to find an answer, I can most always depend on this site !!!!! I appreciate your efforts greatly."

"I found your site and spent a long time studying various parts of it. I intend to use it alot, and hence I probably purchase the software in due course."

"I think that I have read almost every article I found on ... I admire your knowledge about glaze mess, it is very very complicated to me. "

"DID I TELL YOU I LOVE YOU ... you made me feel so much better!!! I was stressing that I will never figure out how to resolve issues b/c it always seems like an new hurdle to get over ... thanks for that email again I feel empowered again."

"I want to comment. This is the most complete site about ceramics that I have ever seen."

"Just found you and am very excited. Will order a copy of your Magic of Fire II as soonas I have some $. I won INSIGHT on newsletter web page."

"I am so glad I found your site, I have been looking for a site with this type of good information."

"I am very delight about the services provided by your site. It is really very informative."

"Firstly, I want to thank you about this very good site in the net which helps very much in the development of the ceramics industry. "

"I have been working as research assistant for the design of continous type microwave dryer for ceramics. Thank you for the infomation provided."

"Keep up the fantastic work!"

"I've read it cover to cover (and some sections two or three times) and I wish more than ever that I had read it before the eighteen months of mixing and testing that I've done. "

"I am very thankful that you are so good at what you do! Thank you for all your hard work!"

"Your materials database has been the best source of information for me for a long time. Even most of the European frits are in there and this is not true for many books."

"I find the educational section of your website informative and it is very generous of you to share your expertise with the the rest of us. Thank you so much for your kind assistance."

"Your website's a great help to ceramic beginners. Keep up the good work."

"I truly love the database and use it frequently."

"What a lovely surprise to find you online. As I've changed to Broadband you were allowed through and I'm really pleased. I'm quite sure your site will be a source of much inspiration."

"This is a fantastic source of on-line information. Thank you for permitting me to access the contents."

"I was really impressed with the way the ideas were presented and reinforced with analogies (especially those dealing with the importance of understanding glaze composition)"

"I would love to take a trip inside of your brain. I am sure that it would be a fantastic light show."

"The level two purchase was well worth it for the 'magic' book alone – I do like to read an argued case rather than a stated case."

"Honestly I do not see how you have time to experiment, test, etc. and disseminate the massive amount of knowledge you have."

"However I do believe you have the most comprehensive information anywhere in the world, and I would not hesitate to contact you for any information I required for Ceramic Glaze. I will also refer my associates to you if ever they require assistance."

"Your articles have been a great help when explaining glaze and the techniques to amateur ceramic students. Many thanks. "

"After perusing your site for some time, I am really getting the sense of what a valuable resource it is. Thank you for it."

"What a great site! Such a wealth of information. The thing I appreciate most about the site is the orderly and thoughtful and thought through approach to glazing. We are learning and earning potters, learning the craft and acquiring some income from it as we grow, working with cone 6 clays and glazes. I've been visiting your site frequently recently because we are starting to mix our own glazes, and we wanted to be able to incorporate the textures, surfaces and colors of our choosing, not hit or miss due to trying untold numbers of blind recipes. I've found that even a glaze that I've seen on someone else's work, using the same glaze mix on my work, does not guarantee the same result in my kiln, due to clay differences, surely, but also how my kiln fires, what temps it reaches, what timing, etc. So we want be able to work out glazes that look and feel the way that we like, in our firing environment, on our clays. "

"I have used this site on numerous occasions for glaze information and always get a personalized answer, quickly, and plenty of help. They go above and beyond the call of duty!! They are a excellent website for potters!! "

"I am impressed with your site - it is very comprehensive."

"Your web site is wonderful. You guys are my knight-in-shinning-armor to slay that dragon. Learned more about glaze chemistry on your web page than in a graduate program at RISD."

"I want you to know how much it means to me to have you help with my questions. I have been doing pottery for over 20 years and never new this stuff. I feel so responsible for my glazes leaching and stupid to not have known, and the stress or waiting for the lab test results has been eating me up. "

"Just wanted to thank you for the timeline. I check for new posts every day and think it is a brilliant way for you to keep me thinking about clay and glaze chemistry. "

"I would like to stay connected to your program. In my glaze workshops, I use your 5/20 glaze as our Cone 6 reference so I often mention you and Digital to all of my students. I also tell them about all the great articles and reference materials you have with the level 2 program."

"Your website has become an excellent resource for students and professionals alike, congratulations."

"Abundant thanks on you how much the huge information and useful for me and for domain of pottery and the academic arts and the students."

"Thanks for your website! I found it greatly informative and useful in my research work on high temperature ceramic materials."

"I'm all right brained..... I have the serial number. My computer is finally going. Thanks for the service. I love my Digital fire."

"Thank you so much. This is what a good business looks like; great product, immediate response from the owner no less, and over the top service."

"Thanks, your website is a wealth of information for me and my students."

"You have been more than helpful and I will recommend your site to all of my pottery friends. Once again a big thank you."

"In the meantime I downloaded the book. It was an interesting reading without any stop. That was exactly what I was looking for. I will start my work after my summer vacation and see what I will be able to achieve. Based on the given information I hope to be able to create something."

"Thank you for Digital Fire!!! Your site and your program are wonderful, thank you for the resource!! "

"I am at the point where I'm ready to go beyond the hit or miss approach to finding workable glazes. So far I'm finding you book most helpful. It is clearly written, and most of all understandable for a non-chemist like myself. I look forward to trying the Insight program soon. Your website is a great source of information. Thanks and keep up the great work."

"Your website is phenomenal, I love it to get insight on different oxides. I helps me alot, even though we are pretty specialized."

"Many Solution Regarding Ceramic Problems Got From Your Website.Thank You Very Much."

"I have been thinking to thank you for the great help your interest in ceramics continues to inspire in my studio."

"omg i just discovered your page this is like breaking bad for ceramics, learning how to cook. this is a great page thanks !"

"I'll be reading and studying for a while, but what is so great is that the information is now right at my finger tips anytime that I need it - its all so very interesting - I never thought that chemistry would ever be interesting, - and I know now very soon I too will be able to slay the glaze dragon! "

"I have found the glaze information on your site really helpful for quite some time now. I like the way that there is an emphasis on problem solving and understanding how things work, rather than just offering recipes that might work."

"Where have I been. I could have used this site about a thousand times and would have saved myself about a thousand hours over the past years had I been aware of the remarkable information provided here."

"I have the downloaded version of The Magic of Fire for several years now and find it excellent. I'm now ready to purchase level 2 of Insight. Your resources are truly amazing and as an ex electronic engineer (now a potter), I really am impressed with your analytical approaches. Your site is almost a complete college level course on pottery (less the throwing & handbuilding). "

"Thanks for your time. It's impressive to get this kind of customer service."

"Nice to know you are out there to lend us a hand. You are very much appreciated by this potter and many more, I am sure."

"I want to also thank you for all you have done for the ceramic and pottery industry."

"Being new to this I was fascinated by the amount of information contained on your website and impressed by what you are willing to share. "

"This is the first time I have used this site, and I am impressed. I use HyperGlaze software on my PowerMac with pleasure, but this data site is an up to date boon. Congratulations!"

"This site is very informative. If the average layperson were to read this site, they would be blown away, and in my case, inspired to learn more. I like to give credit where credit is due, and this site rocks."

"I always visit this site, found very helpful to make my own ceramic composition and now I need your software to use for advanced ceramic."

"I am very much appreciative of the work you are doing."

"I have not been pottery long and I have decided to try to make my own glazes. Your web site is great. I like your cone 6 base glaze."

"Thank you for your support, it is wonderful and appreciated."

"Just wanted to share the good news with you. Couldn't be doing it without all the help you have given us over the years!"

"Thank you for your work on behalf of the betterment of pottery."

"I Just wanted to say thank you for all of your research! every question i ask google about ceramics ... POP there is your artical with the answer. !"

"Just wanted to tell you I just found your site and find it extremely useful. Got it bookmarked and will be referring to it frequently. Great job! Thank you!"

"You have such a goldmine of information available on your Digitalfire website and I am asking your permission to, not only use some of it, but to direct the students to your website for more info than I could ever convey."

"So far your site has been a blessing in that I don't feel I have to go anywhere else to get my information, you have it all (at least as far as I can see now) right here in one place. I am new to glaze formulation but not to ceramics. Recently I have had a crazing problem with a certain clay body I am using and as of today I feel confident I can solve it using information on your website. It is I who want to thank you for making such a clear and concise information depository that can be used by all, especially those new to glaze chemistry."

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