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INSIGHT Software, the best way to deal with this: Watch the Gerstley Borate video here.

Working with Plainsman Clays ( and others and we created a successor to GB under the trade name BORAQ. It was used for a number of years until Laguna began processing another GB stockpile they found at the quarry.

Comparing Boraq and Gerstley Borate

A Study of Specific Glazes

Click here for lots of information on dealing with substitution in a variety of common glazes.

What to do if your glaze does not work with Boraq

How Was Boraq Formulated?

Making a blend of materials that has the same chemistry as GB is a process that requires ceramic calculation and physical testing.

Nirvana Has Not Been Reached

Still the 'Nirvana' of glazing with boron is not here. See the Learning page for more.

Out Takes

Here are some examples of one of the tests we have been doing. In the first two one recipe was compared using GB and a substitute. The third shows pure GB on the right and an early substitute on the left. This flow test method works extremely well and enables us to see an excellent comparison between two specimens both in the degree of melt and the behavior and character of the melt.

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