MAT - Matte Glaze Recipes

Much less common that glossy glazes, normally have stricter firing requirements.

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  • (Articles) G1214Z Cone 6 Matte Base Glaze

    This glaze was developed using the 1214W glossy as a starting point. This article overviews the types of matte glazes and rationalizes the method used to make this one.

  • (Glossary) Matte Glaze

    A glaze that is not glossy. Of course, unmelted glazes will not be glossy, but to be a true matte a glaze must be melted and still not glossy. To be a functional matte it must also resist cultery marking, clean well and not leach into food and drink. Thus it is not easy to make a good matte glaze. I...

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  • (Recipes) G1214Z - Cone 6 Silky Matte

    This glaze was born as a demonstration of how to use chemistry to convert a glossy cone 6 glaze into a matte.

    2003-06-10 - Please click the article link below for more information. This recipe is adjustable in that you can raise and lower the silica to increase and decr...

  • (Recipes) G2928C - Ravenscrag Silky Matte for Cone 6

    Plainsman Cone 6 Ravenscrag Slip based glaze. It can be found among others at

    2014-02-20 - This works well on Plainsman M340, but especially on a whiteware like M370. Produces an ivory white with some fleck. The surface is very silky, remini...

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