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  • (Glossary) Low Temperature Glaze Recipes

    This term generally refers to glazes that mature from cone 06-04 and are not functional. Low temperatures require the use of boron-containing materials (e.g. frits) to produce a well melted glass. While low fire glazes are not as hard as well formulated medium temperature glazes, they have the a...

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  • (Recipes) G2853B - Cone 04 Clear Ravenscrag School Glaze

    A Ravenscrag Slip base made by simply mixing it 50:50 with a frit

    2004-01-07 - What is Needed: -Plainsman Buffstone (lowfire buff burning body) (for a class with 20 to 30 children, for two projects for each student, 2 to 3 b...

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