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These are sample recipes included with INSIGHT software.

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  • (Recipes) G1214Z - Cone 6 Silky Matte

    This glaze was born as a demonstration of how to use chemistry to convert a glossy cone 6 glaze into a matte.

    2003-06-10 - This is a calcium matte (as opposed to magnesia matte). As such, it develops its visual effect by the crystallization of calcium silicates (which depe...

  • (Recipes) G1214W - Cone 6 Transparent Base

    A cone 6 base clear glaze recipe developed by deriving a recipe from a formula taken as an average of limit formulas

    2003-06-21 - More information is available in the articles section at the Digitalfire Reference Database.

  • (Recipes) G1215U - Low Expansion Glossy Clear Cone 6

    A recipe sourcing high MgO (from Ferro Frit 3249) to produce a low expansion glass resistant to crazing on lower silica porcelains.

    2003-12-18 - The original impetus to create this recipe was to reduce the thermal expansion of the G1214M and G1215W recipes to work better on porcelains (the othe...

  • (Recipes) G1947U - Cone 10 Glossy Transparent Base Glaze

    Reliable widely used base glaze for cone 10 porcelains and whitewares. The original recipe was developed from a glaze used for porcelain insulators.

    2003-12-18 - This is is long-time cone 10 transparent base, it is used by many potters around the world. It was originally employed as a high temperature porcelain...

  • (Recipes) G1214M - Original Cone 6 Base Glossy Glaze

    A recipe developed by Tony Hansen in the 1980s. Its was popular because of the simplicity of the recipe and how well it worked with chrome-tin stains.

    2003-12-17 - This is also known as the 20x5 recipe. It was developed during the early 1980s to demonstrate principles of glaze chemistry in creating a glaze base s...

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