HTR - High Temperature (Cone 10) Glaze Recipes

Normally reduction gas fired.

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  • (Glossary) High Temperature Glaze

    In functional ceramics this term generally refers to glazes that mature at cone 8 and higher. At these temperatures natural minerals like feldspar, calcium carbonate, etc can be compounded to create glazes that will melt well without the need for powerful (and troublesome fluxes) like zinc oxide, bo...

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  • (Recipes) GR10-A - Pure Ravenscrag Slip

    Ravenscrag all by itself makes a great cone 10 reduction semi-gloss glaze. It also has great working properties.

    2003-12-19 - Ravenscrag Slip is a revolutionary glaze material for stoneware. At cone 10R it can be used pure and produces a functional semi-gloss surface. The pos...

  • (Recipes) GR10-B - Ravenscrag Cone 10R Gloss Base

    Cone 10 Reduction glaze made using 90% Ravenscrag Slip.

    2005-02-22 - 100% Ravenscrag slip fires to a silky matte at cone 10R so you need to melt it a little more to get a good gloss. This version produces excellent r...

  • (Recipes) G1947U - Cone 10 Glossy Transparent Base Glaze

    Reliable widely used base glaze for cone 10 porcelains and whitewares. The original recipe was developed from a glaze used for porcelain insulators.

    2003-12-18 - This is is long-time cone 10 transparent base, it is used by many potters around the world. It was originally employed as a high temperature porcelain...

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