GBS - Gerstley Borate Substitutes

Be careful, many of these materials are approximate substitutes (e.g. they have similar chemistry but much different physical properties). There is no exact substitute.

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  • (Materials) Colemanite - 2CaO.3B2O3.5H2O or CaB3O4(OH)3·H2O
  • (Materials) Ulexite - NaCaB5O9·8H2O - Sodium calcium borate

    Television Stone

  • (Materials) Boraq - Plainsman Plastic Gerstley Borate Substitute

    Boraq 1

  • (Materials) Gillespie Borate - Gerstley Borate Substitute

    Gilespie Borate

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit F-309 - Calcium borate frit, Gerstley Borate substitute

    Fusion Frit F309

  • (Materials) Laguna Borate - Gerstley Borate Alternative
  • (Materials) Murrays Borate

    Murray Borate

  • (Materials) IMCO Borate
  • (Materials) Gerstley Borate - Plastic Calcium Borate

    Colemanite, Calcium Borate, Borocalcite

  • (Videos) Subsituting Gerstley Borate in Floating Blue

    Details how to substitute Gerstley Borate for another boron source in the popular Floating Blue glaze recipe. The lesson demonstrates that the most practical way to deal with the GB issue is on a glaz...

  • (Materials) Ferro Frit 3134 - Leadless and low alumina high calcia borosilicate frit


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