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The property of plasticity is evident in a wide array of materials of different mineralogy. In addition, many minerals are considered parent minerals to clays, they weather down to become these clays.

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  • (Minerals) Nontronite

    A clay mineral.

  • (Minerals) Nacrite

    A clay mineral.

  • (Minerals) Chlorite

    A group of silicate clay minerals.

  • (Minerals) Illite

    A clay. A sedimentary weathered alteration of muscovite mica. Some stoneware clays contain illite. Illite clays have significant K2O (e.g. > 2.5%).

  • (Minerals) Saponite

    A clay mineral.

  • (Minerals) Hectorite

    An uncommon fine grained highly plastic clay mineral related to bentonite. Named after Hector, CA. From volcanic sources.

  • (Minerals) Montmorillonite, Bentonite

    A clay mineral of extremely small particle size and high plasticity. Raw bentonite is generally a pale green, buff, cream, or grey material composed of the clay mineral montmorillonite. It is used to ...

  • (Minerals) Dickite

    A clay mineral with the same composition as kaolinite but different crystal structure.

  • (Minerals) Kaolinite

    The most fundamental clay mineral. This mineral is found in nature in its purest form as kaolin. However it makes up at least part of all ceramic clays. The purest deposits are created as it is weathe...

  • (Minerals) Allophane

    A clay mineral similar to kaolinite.

  • (Minerals) Halloysite

    From a purely physical properties point-of-view, halloysite is a clay mineral similar to kaolin in firing and raw appearance. In fact, it normally occurs with kaolin deposits because kaolin is the pre...

  • (Minerals) Attapulgite, Palygorskite

    Attapulgite is a magnesium aluminum silicate clay of very fine particle size. It is also known as Fullers Earth and is closely related to Sepiolite mineral. Unlike bentonite (or montmorillonite) attap...

  • (Minerals) Smectite

    A highly plastic clay mineral related to montmorillonite (bentonite), more correctly, the name of the group on minerals that includes montmorillonite and other similar minerals. The following was o...

  • (Minerals) Sepiolite

    A clay mineral.

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