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Alberta Slip is a substitute for Albany Slip that has gained a life of its own so that there are now many glazes based specifically on it.

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  • (Materials) Alberta Slip - Albany slip substitute

    Archie Bray Slip

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  • (Recipes) GA10-B - Alberta Slip Tenmoku Cone 10R

    You can make a tenmoku from Alberta Slip by adding only 2% iron oxide and 5% calcium carbonate

    2003-12-12 - Tenmoku glazes normally contain 10%+ iron oxide, they are extremely messy to use and often have poor slurry suspension properties and are difficult to...

  • (Recipes) GA10-D - Alberta Slip Black Cone 10R

    You can make a black glaze at cone 10R using only 1% black stain in a 100% calcine:raw mix of Alberta Slip

    2003-12-12 - Alberta Slip is a great base for black glazes at cone 10 reduction, only 1% black stain is needed to obtain a jet black glossy. Increasing amounts of ...

  • (Recipes) GA6-A - Alberta Slip Cone 6 Amber Base Glaze

    An amber-colored glaze that produces a clean, micro bubble free transparent glass on brown and red burning stonewares.

    2003-12-12 - This is the base cone 6 Alberta Slip recipe. The 20% frit makes it melt well to form a transparent amber glossy. Frit 3134 has traditionally been ...

  • (Recipes) GA6-H - Alberta Slip Cone 6 Black

    Pure Alberta Slip can be made into a black adding only 20% frit and 3% black stain

    2003-12-12 - A glossy black. The small amount of frit needed is due to the fact that Alberta slip is a dark burning material already. If it is not black enough, in...

  • (Recipes) GA6-C - Alberta Slip Rutile Blue Cone 6

    Plainsman Cone 6 Alberta Slip based glaze the fires bright blue but with zero cobalt.

    2003-12-12 - This glaze creates a bright blue yet contains none of the world's most expensive common ceramic material, cobalt oxide. It has a great glossy surface ...

  • (Recipes) GA6-G - Alberta Slip Lithium Brown Cone 6

    Plainsman Cone 6 Alberta Slip based glaze. It can be found among others at

    2003-12-12 - One of the most popular Albany Slip glazes was 11% lithium, 4% Tin and 85% Albany Slip. A portion of the Alberta Slip must be milled or the glaze will...

  • (Recipes) L3341B - Alberta Slip Iron Crystal Cone 10R

    By adding a little iron to 100% Alberta Slip you can make an iron crystal glaze.

    2003-12-18 - Typically this type of glaze is made by adding up to 15% iron oxide to a transparent glaze. However using Alberta Slip, you only need 3% iron (this is...

  • (Recipes) GA6-G1 - Alberta Slip Lithium Brown Cone 6 Low Expansion

    Plainsman Cone 6 Alberta Slip based glaze. It can be found among others at

    2013-06-04 - The regular Alberta Slip lithium brown recipe crazes on porcelain. This one was formulated to maintain the appearance but reduce the thermal expansion...

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