Temperature: 250C - 370C

Description:Organic burnout


Organics are literally burned out during first fire of ceramic bodies. Ball clays often contain significant organic material (the lignite imparts their dark grey to even black coloration). Excessive organics and insufficient time or oxidation will lead to black-coring of the body during firing. During this range it is the low temperature organics that are removed, others remain.

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  • (Glossary) Black Coring

    Black coring usually occurs during a reduction firing and is a result of fast firing and/or lack of oxygen in the kiln between 700 and 900C (usually in the bisque firing). If body carbon fails to oxidize to CO2 it steals oxygen from Fe2O3 (reducing it to FeO, a powerful flux.) This FeO will then flu...

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  • (Temperatures) Carbon / iron oxidation (370-950C-?)

    Lignite and lignite contained particles are burned away. Lignite is more difficult to remove than low temperature organics. Sometimes black particles ...

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