Ravenscrag Plum Red Cone 6

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Modification Date: 2016-09-30 22:52:01
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Plainsman Cone 6 Ravenscrag Slip based iron-red glaze. It can be found among others at http://ravenscrag.com.

Ravenscrag Slip34.934.9%
Ferro Frit 313414.114.1%
Red Iron Oxide15.015.0%


Iron red glazes are common in the cone 6 range. The red color is a product of iron silicate crystals forming during the cooling cycle in the kiln; it can be difficult to develop a process that gives repeatable results. While it would seem logical that these glazes should have a very fluid melt and a slow cooling cycle during firing to give the red iron crystals time to grow, in actual practice we have not been able to confirm either assumption. However it does appear that a thick application is needed to encourage the crystallization (and thus there is a danger that too much thickness will result in it running down off the ware). Thus experience is needed to achieve a workable thickness to be able to manage vertical surfaces. Just try to apply the glaze just thick enough that you can tolerate the amount of running.

Since this recipe employs Ravenscrag Slip, its application properties are superior to many others.

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<recipe name="Ravenscrag Plum Red Cone 6" keywords="Plainsman Cone 6 Ravenscrag Slip based iron-red glaze. It can be found among others at http://ravenscrag.com." id="102" date="2016-09-30" codenum="G2896">
<recipeline material="Silica" amount="12.300" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Ravenscrag Slip" amount="34.900" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Ferro Frit 3134" amount="14.100" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Talc" amount="13.500" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Ulexite" amount="10.200" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Red Iron Oxide" amount="15.000" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
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By Tony Hansen

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