Ravenscrag Cone 10R Bamboo Matte

Code: GR10-J1
Modification Date: 2018-05-24 15:23:04
Member of Group: RV10

Plainsman Cone 10R Ravenscrag Slip based glaze. It can be found among others at http://ravenscrag.com.

Ravenscrag Slip51.651.1%
Gerstley Borate4.04.0%
Calcined Kaolin13.513.4%
Custer Feldspar16.216.0%
Red Iron Oxide1.01.0%


This is GR10-J dolomite matte (a Ravenscrag version of g2571a) with 1% iron oxide added (to produce a bamboo effect).

An alternative bamboo (for both this and the G2571A recipe) is to add 3.5% rutile and 10% zircopax.

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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<recipes version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8">
<recipe name="Ravenscrag Cone 10R Bamboo Matte" keywords="Plainsman Cone 10R Ravenscrag Slip based glaze. It can be found among others at http://ravenscrag.com." id="108" date="2018-05-24" codenum="GR10-J1">
<recipeline material="Ravenscrag Slip" amount="51.600" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Dolomite" amount="12.100" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Talc" amount="2.600" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Gerstley Borate" amount="4.000" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Calcined Kaolin" amount="13.500" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Custer Feldspar" amount="16.200" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Red Iron Oxide" amount="1.000" unitabbr="kg" conversion="1.0000" added="1"/>
<url url="https://digitalfire.com/4sight/recipes/ravenscrag_cone_10r_bamboo_matte_108.html" descrip="Recipe page at digitalfire.com"/>

By Tony Hansen

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