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Alberta Slip Iron Crystal Cone 10R

Code: L3341B
Modification Date: 2016-09-11 21:21:50
Member of Group: AS10

By adding a little iron to 100% Alberta Slip you can make an iron crystal glaze.

Alberta Slip 1000F Roasted50.048.5%
Alberta Slip50.048.5%
Red Iron Oxide3.02.9%

Firing Schedule

Rate (C)Temp (C)Hold (Min)Step


Typically this type of glaze is made by adding up to 15% iron oxide to a transparent glaze. However using Alberta Slip, you only need 3% iron (this is an advantage because 10% iron flocculates the glaze, requiring the addition of more water which in turn causes crawling). Adjust the iron to get the amount of crystal development and metallic appearance desired. In reduction the extra iron will flux it more so melting should be good.

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<recipe name="Alberta Slip Iron Crystal Cone 10R" keywords="By adding a little iron to 100% Alberta Slip you can make an iron crystal glaze." id="57" date="2016-09-11" codenum="L3341B">
<recipeline material="Alberta Slip 1000F Roasted" amount="50.000" unitabbr="g" conversion="0.0010" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Alberta Slip" amount="50.000" unitabbr="g" conversion="0.0010" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Red Iron Oxide" amount="3.000" unitabbr="g" conversion="0.0010" added="1"/>
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By Tony Hansen

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