Alta Slip Cone 6 Base w/Frit 3249

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Alberta Slip40.021.1%
Ferro Frit 324920.010.5%
Alberta Slip 1000F Roasted40.021.1%


This is part of a program to compare the results of fluxing Alberta Slip for cone 6 using 4 different frits (3134, 3124, 3195 and 3249).
Frit 3249 is a low expansion frit, it reduces the expansion of the Alberta Slip base such that it works well on even P300 porcelain.

Even though this recipe calculates to a low Si:Al ratio and a very high MgO level (both indicative of a matte glaze), this one fires ultra glossy.

2700 water, 3000 dry gives 1.43

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GA6-A base using Frit 3249 and 3195 on buff body

The body is buff-burning Plainsman M340 (cone 6). The amber-colored glaze is 80% Alberta Slip (raw:calcine mix) with 20% of each frit. The inside of mug 1 is white engobed (L3954A) and with transparent over it (G2926B).

The GA6-B glaze uses Frit 3195, covering mug 2 completely. Mug 1 uses low expansion frit 3249, it fires to the same brilliant gloss. But its low expansion limits its use to low-silica bodies and hard-to-fit-glazes-to porcelains.

These mugs are fired using a drop-and-soak firing schedule yet no micro-crystals have grown as they would using the GA6-A recipe with Frit 3134.

P300 and M370 mugs with GA6A Alberta Slip (using Frit 3249)

Rather than the normal 80:20 AlbertaSlip:Frit3134 recipe, this one substitutes Frit 3249 (super low expansion). The glaze is less runny and even glossier. These are fired at cone 6 in a cool-and-soak firing. They survived boiling water:ice water tests without crazing. The finish is dazzling, a brilliant amber glass with no defects and perfectly even coverage. Of course, the iron in the glass prevents the colors of the blue underglaze from showing through. But the black is great.

Melted glaze for thermal expansion test has bubbled

GA6A base using Frit 3249 - P300 cone 6

Surface is flawless. Drop and soak firing.

L3500 Frit 3249, 3195, 3124 ingots ready to fire

9 12gram balls in each refractory crucible.

GA6-A glaze with four frits (flow tests)

Four frits in GA6-A at cone 6

Frit 3195 (top left), 3134 (top right)
3214 (bottom left), 3249.
10 gram melt balls.

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<recipe name="Alberta Slip Cone 6 Amber Base 3 - Low Expansion" keywords="An amber-colored glaze that produces a clean, micro-bubble-free transparent glass for use when GA6-B crazes." id="140" date="2019-04-18" codenum="L3500E">
<recipeline material="Alberta Slip" amount="40.000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Ferro Frit 3249" amount="20.000" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Alberta Slip 1000F Roasted" amount="40.000" added="0"/>
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By Tony Hansen

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