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Alberta Slip Black Cone 10R

Code: GA10-D
Modification Date: 2017-06-21 13:54:32
Member of Group: AS10

You can make a black glaze at cone 10R using only 1% black stain in a 100% calcine:raw mix of Alberta Slip

Alberta Slip50.049.5%
Alberta Slip 1000F Roasted50.049.5%
Mason 6666 or 66001.01.0%

Firing Schedule

Rate (C)Temp (C)Hold (Min)Step


Alberta Slip is a great base for black glazes at cone 10 reduction, only 1% black stain is needed to obtain a jet black glossy. Increasing amounts of stain up to 5% move toward a matte black for Mason 6600 (they remain glossy for Mason 6666). Adding 5-10% black stain and 5-7% iron produces a crystalizing intense gunmetal black. Mixtured additions of Mason 6600:6666 (e.g. 1:1, 2:2) produce metallic surfaces.

Like other high-percentage Alberta Slip glazes, you must use a mix of calcined a raw powder. See the preparation page at for more information.

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<recipe name="Alberta Slip Black Cone 10R" keywords="You can make a black glaze at cone 10R using only 1% black stain in a 100% calcine:raw mix of Alberta Slip" id="33" date="2017-06-21" codenum="GA10-D" altcodenum="L3341A">
<recipeline material="Alberta Slip" amount="50.000" unitabbr="g" conversion="0.0010" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Alberta Slip 1000F Roasted" amount="50.000" unitabbr="g" conversion="0.0010" added="0"/>
<recipeline material="Mason 6666 or 6600" amount="1.000" unitabbr="g" conversion="0.0010" added="1"/>
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By Tony Hansen

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