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There are many methods to flux and densify clay bodies and these are based on a number of different mechanisms.

  • Materials - Grolleg Kaolin

    The use of kaolins containing significant alkalies is an excellent way to achieve greater body maturity coupled with white color. Lower feldspar enables replacing dirty ball clays with kaolin.
  • Materials - Feldspar

    Feldspar is the most important body flux for cone 2+. Many clays and other body materials contain feldspar. The classic cone 10 porcelain recipe is 25% each of feldspar, ball clay, silica and kaolin.

Body Flux

  • Materials - Nepheline Syenite

    This material is generally fluxes better than feldspars and produces whiter burning bodies.
  • Materials - Talc

    Talc in 1-4% amounts can be used in the cone 4-10 range to effectively increase body maturity. In some case 1% will move a body down by one cone.
  • Materials - Ferro Frit 3110

    This frit is an excellent body flux, 15% can move a cone 10 body down to cone 6.

Low Fire Red Clay

  • Materials - Redart

    Red terra cotta clays are typically 6-8 cones more vitreous than is possible with feldspar-white clay mixes. Thus where a red clay can be tolerated, materials like this can be employed to create cone 02-2 stoneware.

Mullite Formation

  • Materials - Alkatrol

    Assists in the formation of mullite at lower temperatures than formed by conventional alumina-silica sources.

Out Bound Links

  • (Articles) Formulating a Porcelain

    The principles behind formulating a porcelain are quite simple. You just need to know the purpose of each material, a starting recipe and a testing regimen.

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