Ceramic Oxides

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K2O (Potassium Oxide)

COLE - Co-efficient of Linear Expansion 0.331
GSPT - Frit Softening Point 707C (From The Oxide Handbook)


-Together with sodium and lithium oxides, it is classified as one of the Alkaline group. Colored glazes whose flux portion is alkaline-dominated tend to be visually intense, especially if the alumina is low.

-K2O is considered together with sodium, since the two almost always occur together and have very similar properties. When taken together the two are often labeled KNaO. K2O generally promotes higher melt viscosity than Na2O.

-It is an important auxiliary flux in high temperature glazes.

-It is a heavy oxide and in general hosts the brightest colors of all fluxes except for lead. It is usually preferred even to soda for a more brilliant glossy glaze and longer firing range. Very good colored glazes can be made in K2O-PbO-SiO2 dominant formulas.

-Considered a very stable and predictable oxide.

-Like sodium, it has a very high expansion, this tends to contribute to crazing in higher amounts, but not quite as bad as sodium. Thus high alkali glazes almost always craze. If the color depends on this (i.e. copper blue), then it may be necessary to adjust the body to eliminate crazing (since a reduction of the alkalis to reduce crazing will mean a loss of color).

-The alkalis can increase lead solubility.

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