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Mineral: Selenite


A transparent crystal form of the mineral gypsum. This can occur in clays and is the cause of efflorescence.

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  • (Glossary) Efflorescence

    A term describing the whitish or brownish dry or glassy scum (depending on iron content and firing temperature) left on the surface of a fired clay body (most often red earthenware or raw stoneware and fireclays). Many clays contain soluble sulphates that migrate to the surface with the water and ar...

  • (Minerals - Related) Gypsum, Calcium sulphate

    CaSO4 2H2O is the crystalline mineral from which plaster is made. It is not practical as a source of CaO in glazes because its decomposition produces SO3 which is dangerous to health and it is destruc...

  • (URLs) Selenite at Wikipedia


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  • (Temperatures) Sulfur evolution (425C-650C)

    This happens on first fire for many bodies. Sulfur is an impurity in many ball clays and related stoneware and earthenware raw clays, it occurs as cal...

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