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Mineral: Limestone, Calcium Carbonate


Also called GCC (Ground Calcium Carbonate), limestone is a very common sedimentary rock. Calcite and Aragonite minerals are the pure crystalline forms of CaCO3 (limestone contains them), but limestone is a much less homogeneous rock (with impurities) that manufacturers blend to produce a consistent product to is close to the ideal CaCO3.

When both mineralogy and chemistry are shown on a data sheet

When both mineralogy and chemistry are shown on a data sheet

Some material data sheets show both the oxide and mineralogical analyses. Dolomite, for example, is composed of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate minerals, these can be separated mechanically. Although this material participates in the glaze melt to source the MgO and CaO (which are oxides), it's mineralogy (the calcium and magnesium carbonates) specifically accounts for the unique way it decomposes and melts.

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