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Mineral: Borate Minerals


The major borate minerals are Colemanite and Ulexite. The geology required for borates is found in very few places in the world (mainly southern California, Chile, Turkey, Argentina, Spain, Russia). Borate minerals supply boron, a key flux in glazes, enamels, glasses, etc.

Out Bound Links

  • (Minerals - Related) Hydroboracite

    A minor borate ore.

  • (Materials) Colemanite - 2CaO.3B2O3.5H2O or CaB3O4(OH)3·H2O
  • (Materials) Ulexite - NaCaB5O9·8H2O - Sodium calcium borate

    Television Stone

  • (URLs) Borax on Wikipedia


  • (Hazards) Boron Compounds and Their Toxicity

    Many natural mineral and man-made material sources of boron are used in the ceramic industry in glaze and enamels, here is information about their toxicity.

  • (Glossary) Borate

    The term 'boron' refers to the oxide B2O3. 'Borate materials' thus contain B2O3, they source it to glass-building during melting in the kiln. Boron is actually the potter's friend (because of his electronic-controller-equipped kiln) while as the same time it can be a scourge in industry (because the...

  • (Glossary) Boron Frit

    This term is very generic, referring of course to frits that contain boron. Unfortunately that is 80-90% of available frits! Boron frits may have 1% boron or 50% boron. Even though the boron in the frit is no longer in the borax form it is still customary to refer to such as "borax frits". Since man...

  • (Minerals - Related) Kernite

    A hydrated sodium borate hydroxide mineral.

In Bound Links

  • (Materials - Parent mineral) Borax Pentahydrate - Na2B4O7.5H2O - Etibor-48

    Borax 5 Mol, Sodium Tetraborate, Borax 5-hydrate

  • (Materials - Parent mineral) Anhydrous Borax - Na2B4O7 - Fused Borax, Sodium Tetraborate

    Calcined Borax, Dehydrated Borax, Pyrobor

  • (Materials - Parent mineral) Boric Acid - H3BO3 or B2O3.3H2O

    Boracic acid, Orthoboric Acid, Hydrous Boric Oxide

  • (Materials - Parent mineral) Borax Decahydrate - Na2B4O7.10H2O

    Sodium TetraBorate Decahydrate, Borax 10-hydrate, 10 Mol Borax, Neobor, Borax

  • (Materials - Parent mineral) Boric Oxide - B2O3

    Anhydrous Boric Acid, B2O3

  • (Materials - Parent mineral) Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate - Na2B8O13.4H2O

    Na2B8O13.4H2O, Polybor

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