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This is the traditional Ron Roy materials file. He uses this in workshops and seminars. We do not recommend this MDT unless you are taking a workshop with him or need to open some of his glaze recipe files (the abbreviated naming scheme and lack of an update mechanism are the main reasons, see below).

However there are issues to be aware of:

-There are about a dozen materials specific to this MDT. Some of them are unique and came from Ron. However some of them are duplicates (although they are named differently) and have slightly different chemistry (e.g. Gerstley Borate). We do not have detailed information to account for the differences. However in the case of Gerstley Borate, we do have detailed information on the logic behind the analysis we provide and document that logic on a website specifically created for it ( We do not have an update mechanism in place for these. There is a video on the Tutorial Videos section on Digitalfire on how to compare two MDTs by exporting them as CSV files and combining them in Microsoft Excel. If you are aware of a material in our standard MDT file whose chemistry is not correct, please contact us. INSIGHT has a button in the materials dialog to get the Ron Roy MDT automatically, but it is just downloading a static file that is not being maintained, it is better to be generating a file from this database using the MDT download page.

-Ron uses an abbreviated naming scheme, for example "Frit 3195" is F3195, "Tennessee #9 Ball Clay" is Tenn #9, etc. Since Frit 3195 is included in other MDTs, how is it possible to avoid having two records for this material? Because this database and INSIGHT both support alternate names for materials. Where appropriate, Ron's abbreviated names appear in the list of alternate names for materials. Thus if you download the standard MDT, or any of the others, materials having these alternate names will be found by INSIGHT if created using Ron's MDT. Likewise, recipes including these materials are created using the standard MDT will open properly if Ron's MDT is active. However, recipes including the materials unique to his MDT will open with these materials being marked with an * (indicating that the chemistry could not be found).

You can see a master chart of exactly which materials are included for each MDT by clicking the MDT link in the menu bar above.

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  • (Materials - Member) PV Clay - Al2Si2O5 (OH)4 - White burning plastic feldspar

    Plastic Vitrox, P.V. Clay, P. V. Clay, Plas Vitrox

  • (Materials - Member) Albany Slip - High iron silty low melting clay

    New York Slip, Albany Clay

  • (Materials - Member) Calcined Alumina - Al2O3 - Aluminum oxide

    Alumina Calcined, Calcnd Alum, Ground Alumina, Corundum

  • (Materials - Member) Alumina Hydrate - Al2O3.3H2O

    Alum Hydrate, Alumina Trihydrate, Hydrated Alumina, Alpha Aluminum Trihydroxide, Gibbsite

  • (Materials - Member) Anhydrous Borax - Na2B4O7 - Fused Borax, Sodium Tetraborate

    Calcined Borax, Dehydrated Borax, Pyrobor

  • (Materials - Member) Ball Clay - Highly Plastic Fine Particle Clay
  • (Materials - Member) Barium Carbonate - BaCO3

    Barium Carb, Witherite

  • (Materials - Member) Bentonite

    Montmorillonite, Bentonite USA

  • (Materials - Member) Bone Ash - Ca5(OH)(PO4)3

    Calcium Phosphate

  • (Materials) Cadycal - Precipitated Calcium Borate

    Cadycal Jan/00

  • (Materials - Member) Calcium Carbonate - CaCO3

    Carbonate of Lime, Whiting, Aragonite, Calcite, CaCO3

  • (Materials - Member) Colemanite - 2CaO.3B2O3.5H2O or CaB3O4(OH)3·H2O
  • (Materials - Member) Cornwall Stone

    Cornish Stone, China Stone, Corn Stn, China-stone

  • (Materials - Member) Cryolite - Na3AlF6

    Cryloite, Sodium Fluoaluminate, Kryolith

  • (Materials - Member) Dolomite - CaCO3.MgCO3 or CaMg(CO3)2 - Double carbonate of magnesia/calcia

    Calcium Magnesium Carbonate, Raw Limestone

  • (Materials - Member) UnNamed
  • (Materials - Member) Ferro Frit 3185 - Low melting alkali borate bonding frit for abrasives


  • (Materials - Member) Ferro Frit 3191 - A source of alkali borate for use in abrasives industry


  • (Materials - Member) Ferro Frit 3227 - For low temperature vitreous bonding in metals industry

    F3227 Frit, F3227

  • (Materials - Member) Ferro Frit 3249 - Low expansion leadless magnesia borosilicate frit

    F3249 Frit, F3249 (Ferro)

  • (Materials - Member) Ferro Frit 3269 - Leadless high alkali low calcia frit


  • (Materials - Member) Ferro Frit 3278 - Leadless high boron calcia alkali silicate frit


  • (Materials - Member) Ferro Frit 3289 - High barium leadless frit for bright colors, satin finishes


  • (Materials - Member) Ferro Frit 3292 - Strontium frit all or partially fritted clear glazes


  • (Materials - Member) Ferro Frit 3602 - Lead alumina bilsilicate frit


  • (Materials - Member) Ferro Frit 5301 - Very high expansion leadless fluorine frit

    F5301, Frit 501E34, Frit 5301-2

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit F-134 - Strontium frit base for cone 5-6 glazes

    Fusion Frit F134

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit F-2 - High Calcium Boron Leadless

    Fusion Frit F2

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit F-60 - Zinc free calcium and sodium frit

    F60 Fusion, Frit F60

  • (Materials - Member) General Frit GF-136 - High Potassium

    Frit 136, Frit GF136

  • (Materials - Member) PotteryCrafts Frit P2954 - Calcium Borate Frit similar to Gerstley Borate

    PotteryCrafts Frit 2954

  • (Materials) G-200 Feldspar - Potash/sodium/calcium 200 mesh Feldspar

    G200 Feldspar, G200 Spar, G 200 Spar, G 200, G 200 Feldspar

  • (Materials - Member) Grolleg Kaolin - Fine White Burning English Kaolin, English China Clay

    Grolleg China Clay

  • (Materials - Member) Imco 400 Fireclay - Fireclay

    Imco 400

  • (Materials - Member) Kentucky Stone - Kentucky Ball Clay

    Kentky Stn, Kentucky Stone Clay

  • (Materials - Member) KMS Kaolin
  • (Materials - Member) KT-Cast Kaolin

    KT Cast Kaolin

  • (Materials - Member) KTS-2 Ball Clay - Tennessee Ball Clay

    KTS2 Ball Clay

  • (Materials - Member) Lizella Clay - CLAY

    Lizzella, Lizzela

  • (Materials) M&D Ball Clay - Missouri Ball Clay
  • (Materials - Member) M-23 Ball Clay - Tennessee Ball Clay

    Old Hick M-23, M23 Ball Clay

  • (Materials - Member) M-44 Ball Clay - Kentucky Ball Clay

    M 44

  • (Materials - Member) Bentone MA - Glaze Suspender, Hectorite


  • (Materials - Member) Magnesite - MgCO3

    Mag Carb, MgCO3

  • (Materials - Member) Minspar 200 - Soda Feldspar
  • (Materials - Member) Molochite - Highly Calcined Alumina Silicate
  • (Materials - Member) Nickel Carbonate - NiCO3


  • (Materials - Member) Norfloat Feldspar - Potash feldspar

    Norfloat Spar, NORFLOAT Potash Feldspar

  • (Materials - Member) Pyrax HS - Pyrophyllite

    Pyrax HS#5

  • (Materials - Member) Redart - Red Firing Earthenware

    Red Art

  • (Materials - Member) Redearth - Plainsman Native Clay

    Red Earth

  • (Materials - Member) Redstone - Plainsman Native Clay

    Red Stone

  • (Materials - Member) Roseville Clay
  • (Materials - Member) Sapphire Kaolin - Secondary Fine Particle Kaolin

    Saphire Kaolin, Saphhire Kaolin

  • (Materials - Member) Sheffield Clay - Iron-rich native glacial clay

    Shefield Clay

  • (Materials - Member) Foote Spodumene
  • (Materials - Member) Standard Porcelain Kaolin - A white burning high strength Cornish kaolin

    English Standard Porcelain, Eng Stn Porc, Standard Porcelain China Clay

  • (Materials - Member) Tennessee #1 SGP - Tennessee Ball Clay

    SGP #1 Ball Clay

  • (Materials - Member) Tennessee #10 Ball Clay

    TENN #10

  • (Materials - Member) Tennessee #9 Ball Clay - Tennessee Ball Clay, very light firing ball clay

    Tenn #9, Tennessee #9

  • (Materials - Member) Texas Talc 286 - A talc having a rounded rather than platy particle shape.


  • (Materials - Member) Thomas Ball Clay - Tennessee Ball Clay
  • (Materials - Member) Velvacast Kaolin - Large Particle Size Kaolin

    Velva Cast

  • (Materials - Member) Yellow Banks #101

    Yelo Banks 101

  • (Materials - Member) Zircopax - Zirconium Silicate
  • (Materials - Member) Gillespie Borate - Gerstley Borate Substitute

    Gilespie Borate

  • (Materials - Member) Laguna Borate - Gerstley Borate Alternative
  • (Materials - Member) Blyth Frit 3104

    F3104, Blyth F3104

  • (Materials - Member) Spodumene Concentrate - LiAl(Si2O6) - Low Melt Spodumene

    Tanco Spodumene Ore 200 mesh, Tanko Spod

  • (Materials - Member) Snocal 707 Kaolin

    Snowcal Kaolin

  • (Materials - Member) Pyrotrol - Andalusite/Pyrophyllite Ore
  • (Materials - Member) Salt Lick - A dark buff PCE 27 clay.


  • (Materials - Member) Australian Spodumene - Li2O.Al2O3.4SiO2

    Ausi Spodumene, Ausi Spod

  • (Materials - Member) Hyplas 64 Ball Clay - Ball Clay

    Hy Plas 64

  • (Materials - Member) James Bay Stn Kaolin

    JamesBay Stn

  • (Materials - Member) JB Kaolin
  • (Materials - Member) Texas Talc 92 - A talc having a rounded rather than platy particle shape.


  • (Materials - Member) WL Rhyolite - From Ron Roy's MDT

    WL Rhyolite (Hanks)

  • (Materials - Member) Frit 439 - Gerstley Borate Substitute

    MexGBSub F439

  • (Materials - Member) Premium Feldspar

    Premium Spar

  • (Materials) Pemco Frit P-3T355


  • (Materials - Member) Gerstley Bor (99) - Plastic Calcium Borate, Borocalcite
  • (Materials - Member) FHC
  • (Materials - Member) New FHC
  • (Materials - Member) Gers Borate 9/97 - Plastic Calcium Borate, Borocalcite
  • (Materials - Member) Kurts Corn Stn - A material from Ron Roys MDT
  • (Materials - Member) Lepidolite - From Ron Roys MDT

    Lithium Mica

  • (Materials - Member) Low Melt Spodumene - From Ron Roy's materials table

    Low Melt Spod (Hank)

  • (Materials - Member) MCS - From Ron Roy's MDT
  • (Materials - Member) Mica - musc - From Ron Roy's MDT
  • (Materials - Member) Ochre - From Ron Roy's MDT
  • (Materials - Member) Old Hick #56SR - From Ron Roy's MDT
  • (Materials - Member) Volcanic Ash - From Ron Roy's MDT
  • (Materials) Alberta Slip - Albany slip substitute

    Archie Bray Slip

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit F-75 - Bond Frit

    F75 Fusion, Fusion Frit F75

  • (Materials) Ceramic Rutile - TiO2

    Calcined Rutile, Light Rutile, Rutile Ceramic

  • (Materials - Member) Iron Oxide Red - Fe2O3 - Synthetic Hematite

    Ferric Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, RIO, Iron(III) oxide, Fe2O3, Hematite

  • (Materials - Member) Kyanite - Al2O3.SiO2

    Disthene, Cyanite

  • (Materials - Member) Lithium Carbonate - LiCO3

    Lith Carb, Li2CO3

  • (Materials - Member) Manganese Dioxide - MnO2

    Mno2, Pyrolusite, Manganese(IV) oxide

  • (Materials - Member) Mullite - 3Al2O3.2SiO2 - Calcined Mullite


  • (Materials - Member) Nepheline Syenite - Generic

    Neph Sy

  • (Materials - Member) Petalite - LiAlSi4O10 or Li2O.Al2O3.8SiO2
  • (Materials - Member) Potash Feldspar - K2O.Al2O3.6SiO2

    K-Feldspar, Orthoclase, K Feldspar, Potassium Feldspar

  • (Materials - Member) Rutile - TiO2 - Iron Titanium Mineral
  • (Materials - Member) Silica - SiO2 - Quartz, Flint
  • (Materials - Member) Sodium Carbonate - Na2CO3 H2O or Na2O.CO2.H2O - The most common form of sodium carbonate

    Soda Ash, Sodium Caronate Monohydrate, Na2CO3

  • (Materials - Member) Strontium Carbonate - SrCO3 or SrO.CO2


  • (Materials - Member) Talc - Mg3Si4O6 or 3MgO.4SiO2.H2O

    Magnesium Silicate, Steatite, French Chalk, Hydrated talc

  • (Materials - Member) Tin Oxide - SnO2

    Stannic Oxide, Tin(IV) Oxide, Tin Dioxide, SnO2

  • (Materials - Member) Ulexite - NaCaB5O9·8H2O - Sodium calcium borate

    Television Stone

  • (Materials - Member) Wollastonite - CaSiO3 - Calcium Silicate


  • (Materials - Member) Zinc Oxide - ZnO - Pure Source Of Zinc

    ZnO, Zincite

  • (Materials) Alkatrol - Andalusite/pyrophyllite/sericite
  • (Materials) Barnard Slip - High Iron Clay

    Blackbird Slip, Blackbird Clay, Barnard Clay

  • (Materials) Bell Dark Ball Clay - Tennessee Ball Clay
  • (Materials) C & C Ball Clay - White burning plastic ball clay

    C&C Ball Clay, C and C Ball Clay

  • (Materials) Carbondale Clay - Red Medium Fire Clay

    Carbondale Red Clay, C-Red

  • (Materials) Goldart - Cream Burning Stoneware

    Cedar Heights Goldart

  • (Materials) Custer Feldspar - Potash Feldspar

    Custer Spar

  • (Materials) EP Kaolin - Plastic White Firing Kaolin

    EPK, Edgar Plastic Kaolin, EPK Kaolin

  • (Materials) F-2 Ball Clay - F2 Ball Clay

    Hick F-2, F2 Ball Clay, Old Hickory F-2 Ball Clay

  • (Materials) Ferro Frit 3110 - High alkali, low alumina and boron leadless high expansion frit

    F3110, Frit KFG 4110, Ferro Crystal Frit, Ferro Frit 3110-2

  • (Materials) Ferro Frit 3124 - Leadless high calcium borosilicate frit


  • (Materials) Ferro Frit 3134 - Leadless and low alumina high calcia borosilicate frit


  • (Materials) Ferro Frit 3195 - Leadless High Borax/calcia for glaze


  • (Materials) Ferro Frit CC-257 - High Barium Frit

    Frit CC257

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit F-12 - Artware Flux Calcium Frit

    F12 Fusion,Frit F12

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit F-18 - Dinnerware Strontium Frit

    F18 Fusion, Frit F18, Frit F 18

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit F-19 - Boro Calcium Dinnerware Frit

    Fusion Frit F19

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit F-280 - All fritted cone 06 glazes

    Fusion Frit F280 Fusion

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit F-309 - Calcium borate frit, Gerstley Borate substitute

    Fusion Frit F309

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit F-38 - Strontium Flux

    Fusion Frit F38

  • (Materials) Fusion Frit FZ-25 - Boro Sodium Frit, Tile Flux

    Frit FZ25

  • (Materials) Hawthorne Bond - Missouri Fire Clay

    Hawthorne Fireclay, Hawthorn, HAWTHORN 35m

  • (Materials) Helmer Kaolin - Helmer clay

    Helmar Kaolin

  • (Materials) Jackson Ball Clay - Tennessee Ball Clay
  • (Materials) Jordan Fireclay - Low Iron Fireclay

    Maryland Ball/Stoneware Clay

  • (Materials) Kaopaque 20 Kaolin - White Non Plastic Delaminated Kaolin

    Kaopaque, Kaopaque Kaolin

  • (Materials) Kingman Feldspar - Potash Feldspar
  • (Materials) KT #1-4 Ball Clay - Tennessee Ball Clay, KT 1-4

    KT1-4, KT#1-4

  • (Materials) APG Missouri Fireclay - Buff Burning Plastic Fireclay

    AP Green, A.P., A. P., APG Fire, APGFC

  • (Materials) OM #4 Ball Clay - Tennessee Ball Clay

    OM4 Ball Clay, OM4, OM#4, OM 4, Old Mine #4, OM-4 Ball Clay

  • (Materials) Pioneer Kaolin - Medium plasticity kaolin

    Georgia Kaolin

  • (Materials) Tile #6 Kaolin - Highly Plastic Fine Grained

    Tile 6, Tile#6 Kaolin, #6 Tile kaolin

  • (Materials) Wood Ash
  • (Materials) Frit RCG 2430

    F RCG 2430, RCG2430, RCG-2430

  • (Materials) Cherry Ash - Washed

    Cherry Wood Ash, Cherry Ash Washed

  • (Materials) Synthetic Ash - From Ron Roy's MDT

    Synth Ash

  • (Materials) Pemco Frit P-25 - Leadless alkaline fluorine frit, use for cone 06-02

    Pemco 25, Pemco Frit 25

  • (Materials) NC-4 Feldspar

    NC4 Feldspar, Spruce Pine #4 Spar

  • (Materials) Newman Red Clay - High temperature red burning low plastic stoneware

    Newman Fireclay, Newman Slip

  • (Materials) No. 1 Glaze Ball Clay - Kentucky Ball Clay, Glaze #1, Glaze Number 1, Glaze No 1

    Glaze #1, #1 Glaze Clay

  • (Materials) Pioneer 2661 Talc - White Texas Talc

    Pioneer Ceramic Talc, Pioneer Talc, Pioneer 2882

  • (Materials) S-3 Ball Clay - S3 Ball Clay

    s3 ball clay, Hick S-3, Old Hickory S-3 Ball Clay

  • (Materials) Sagger XX Ball Clay

    XX Sagger, XX Sagger Ball Clay, Saggar

  • (Materials) TI-21 Ball Clay - Tennessee Ball Clay

    Hick TI-21, Old Hickory TI-21 Ball Clay

  • (Materials) optiKast Kaolin - Large Particle Size Kaolin


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