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Titanium Diboride


Titanium Diboride (TiB2) is a non oxide ceramic and the most stable Ti-B compound. It is made by reacting titania with carbon and a boron source to produce grey crystalline TiB2 powder (and excess CO2).

TiB2 powders are used to sinter and hot press parts that are very hard and refractory (a melting point of 2975C), stable against some forms of chemical attack (but yot against others), and highly stable against molten metals. Examples are wear parts, cutting tools, nozzles and metal crucibles.

The properties of parts are dependant on their density, particle bonding and matrix structure. Various factors determine these:
-The purity and PSD of the TiB2 powder.
-The fabrication process. Hot pressed parts are most dense but reguire machining. Pressureless sintered parts are less expensive to produce and may not need machining.
-Sintering temperatures (above 2000C are normal).
-Sintering aids used (in pressing or sintering).
-Combined materials: Adding other materials like SiC or Al2O3 can improve strength.

Like other materials of its type, TiB2 is expensive and suppliers are working on ways to reduce costs.

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