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Stain (yellow)

Yellows (PbSb)

Lead-antimony yellows are produced from calcined mixtures of lead oxide and antimony oxide to which are added precisely controlled quantities of the oxides of tin, titanium or calcium. Additions of small quantities of iron oxide to the mixture before calcination increases the strength of the red constituent and produces orange shades.

Color Range
Clean lemon yellow to dark brownish orange.

Specific Granvity: Approximately 7.0

Stability/Kiln Atmosphere
Primarily intended for use at moderate firing temperatures most, lead-antimony yellows have excellent stability up to 1080C, but some are unstable above 960C.

Must be fired in an oxidising atmosphere.

Suitable for blending with most other types of ceramic colours.
Not suitable as a body stain.

Relatively low.

Note: This description is taken from information provided by Blythe Matthey and may or may not apply to stains of this family from other companies.

Suitable for all types of lead-containing glazes for firing in an oxidizing atmosphere at temperatures up to 1080 C. Ideally, the lead content of the glaze should be as high as possible.
Addition to the glaze of 1-2% of zircon reduces the solubility of the stain in the glaze and results in increased colour stability.
Underglaze Color: Ideal for use under high lead-content glazes for firing in an oxidizing atmosphere at temperatures up to 1080 C. It is a fusible colour, it may tend to cause the glaze to sink over it if the colour is applied too thickly.

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