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Stain (pink)

Pink Stains (MnAl)

Complete freedom from soluble salts is important to give maximum color dispersion without flocculation of the bodies or slips to which the colors are added.

The colors are produced from calcined mixtures of manganese compounds and alumina. Additions of controlled quantities of other compounds before calcination produce cleaner, brighter shades.

Color Range
Brown pink through pink to strawberry.

Specific Gravity: 3.5 to 4.0

Stability/Kiln Atmosphere: Exceptionally stable in all types of bodies up to 1450C in both oxidising and reducing conditions.

Suitable for blending with all types of ceramic colours. Find wide applications in the production of highly stable shades as blends with chrome-antimony-titanium yellows, zircon-vanadium yellows, molybdenum-alumina greys, cobalt-alumina blues and zircon-vanadium blues.

Since these stains tend to be refractory, crawling of overlying glaze can sometimes happen where a 'dry' underglaze lacking sufficient flux prevents the glaze from gaining a foothold on the body underneath.

Relatively low.

Note: This description is taken from information provided by Blythe Matthey and may or may not apply to stains of this family from other companies.

Glaze Stain: Not recommended.
Underglaze Color: Particularly suitable for applications that demand high firing temperatures for which other types of pink are unsuitable.

Among the most stable stains for use in all types of bodies under all firing conditions. Particularly suitable for staining bone china bodies, the phosphate contents of which promote optimum color development.

See Pink MnAl

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