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Stain (grey)

Grey (SnSb/SnSbV, SnSbV)

Additions of controlled quantities of vanadium oxide to the mixture before calcination produces a wide range of greys and chrome free brown suitable for all applications.

Colours containing vanadium must have freedom from soluble vanadium salts, minimizing the risks of producing dimples or other defects in the glazed surfaces of finished ware.

Color Range
Blue grey through neutral grey and brown grey to brown, the brownness of the shade increasing as the vanadium content increases.

Specific Gravity: 6.0 approximately.

Stability/Kiln Atmosphere
Excellent in all types of glazes and bodies for firing at temperatures up to 1300C. No tendency for colors to flash or separate. Must be fired in an oxidising or neutral atmosphere.

Suitable for blending with most other types of ceramic colors. Not suitable for blending with colors containing chrome oxide owing to the formation of chrome-tin pinks which show as brown discolorations.

Relatively high owing to the high intrinsic cost of tin oxide.

Note: This description is taken from information provided by Blythe Matthey and may or may not apply to stains of this family from other companies.

Suitable for most types of glazes for firing in an oxidizing atmosphere at temperatures up to 1300C.
Either zircon or tin oxide may be used as an opacifier.
Underglaze Color: Excellent for all applications that require neutral shade underglaze colours for firing in an oxidizing atmosphere at temperatures up to 1300C.
Chrome-free browns are possible.

Excellent in all types of bodies for firing in an oxidising atmosphere at temperatures up to 1300C.
Find wide applications as stains for bone china bodies.
Relative high cost of the colours is offset by their consistency and exceptional stability.

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