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Stain (brown)

Brown Stains (FeCrZnAl, FeCr, FeCrZn)

The darkest shades of ceramic browns are based on calcined mixtures of iron and chrome oxides (with possible additions of manganese and nickel). Successively lighter shades are produced by the addition of zinc oxide and alumina.

Color Range
Black through dark brown, red brown and light brown to yellow brown and fawn.

Specific Gravity: 4.5-4.75

Stability/Kiln Atmosphere
Stable at temperatures up to 1300C under both oxidizing and slightly reducing conditions. Some tendency to flash or strike owing to volatility of the chrome.

Dark, zinc-free stains should be used in zinc-free glazes. The presence of zinc lightens and reddens the shade, zinc-containing stains should be used in zinc-containing glazes; red shades or red-browns are developed by glazes containing about 5% zinc oxide.

Suitable for blending with all types of ceramic colors except chrome-tin pinks. The zinc-free iron-chrome based browns are, however, suitable for blending with chrome-tin pinks.

Relatively low.

Note: This description is taken from information provided by Blythe Matthey and may or may not apply to stains of this family from other companies.

Suitable for all types of glazes firing up to over 1300C. Glazes should preferably be leadless to prevent solution of the stain by the glaze. Zircon should be used as an opacifier.
Underglaze Color: Suitable for use under all types of glazes for firing at temperatures up to over 1300C.

Suitable for all types of bodies for firing at temperatures up to 1300C, although there is a tendency for the chrome contents of the colors to flash and strike.
Also FeCrZn, FeCrZnAl

See FeCr


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