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Ryolite S1

Alternate Names: Riolite S1

Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 0.10% 0.01
MgO 0.10% 0.02
K2O 7.00% 0.61
Na2O 0.50% 0.07
TiO2 0.09% 0.01
Al2O3 12.50% 1.00
SiO2 77.00% 10.45
Fe2O3 0.90% 0.05
Oxide Weight 801.23
Formula Weight 815.50


Ryolite is a rock containing as essential minerals: quartz (50%), potassium feldspar (30%), kaolinite (12%) and accessory minerals (8%).

Ryolite is currently used in the ceramics industry for the production of red single-fired tiles and in the refractory industry. With chemical and physical properties similar to those of Maffei pegmatite used in single-fired whiteware, ryolite is utilized for its special characteristic of being totally without organic impurities. After being properly crushed and sieved, ryolite is also used in single-fired whiteware; in mixtures with aplite, it forms eutectic points at lower temperatures than either component singly, without altering the sintering range. Research is underway to investigate the possible applications of ryolite in porcelain stoneware.

Riolite S is similar but in a coarser size.
The Maffei Group ryolite quarry is an open-pit mine.

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Minerals Quartz
Minerals K-Feldspar
Minerals Kaolinite
Suppliers Maffei Natural Resources
Typecodes Aluminum Silicate
Materials not classifiable as commonly known aluminum silicates. For example, kaolin is a common aluminum silicate.


Bulk Density g/cc (Packed)1.4
Hardness (Moh)5-6
Ultimate Particle Size Distribution0-6mm
Density (Specific Gravity)2.4
pH for dry powder8-9

By Tony Hansen

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