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Oyster Shells

Oxide Weight113077.20
Formula Weight203742.70
If this formula is not unified correctly please contact us.

Crushed oyster shells have been used in clay bodies as a grog, but are only useful below 1500-1600 (they may cause lime blows above this). Crushed to a fine power for use as oxide sources, in glaze melts for example, they are one of the purest forms of theoretical calcium carbonate (having lower iron and alumina especially).

The chemistry shown here is from Characterization of Sand Casting and Oyster Shells as Potential Sources of Raw Material for the Production of SodaLime Glasses in Vol 43, 2015 Chemical Engineering Transactions (http://www.aidic.it/icheap12/535maia.pdf). The CaO, SiO2, Fe2O3 and LOI percentages are in harmony with other types of sea shells (mussels, clams), MgO is higher, Al2O3 is lower. All are quite similar to limestone.

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By Tony Hansen

XML for Import into INSIGHT

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <material name="Oyster Shells" descrip="" searchkey="" loi="0.00" casnumber=""> <oxides> <oxide symbol="CaO" name="Calcium Oxide, Calcia" status="" percent="53.700" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="MgO" name="Magnesium Oxide, Magnesia" status="" percent="0.940" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="K2O" name="Potassium Oxide" status="" percent="0.040" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="P2O5" name="Phosphorus Pentoxide" status="" percent="0.030" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="Al2O3" name="Aluminum Oxide, Alumina" status="U" percent="0.050" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="SiO2" name="Silicon Dioxide, Silica" status="" percent="0.640" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="Fe2O3" name="Iron Oxide, Ferric Oxide" status="" percent="0.030" tolerance=""/> </oxides> <volatiles> <volatile symbol="LOI" name="Loss on Ignition" percent="44.500" tolerance=""/> </volatiles> </material>

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