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M2 Red Stoneware

Medium temperature deep red burning stoneware

Alternate Names: Plainsman M2

Oxide Weight710.98
Formula Weight756.36
If this formula is not unified correctly please contact us.

M2 is a red burning low to medium temperature stoneware clay. It can be used as-is for many applications requiring deep natural fired color. It has about the right plasticity for plastic machine forming (slightly less than for hand modelling). It burns to an attractive dark red at cone 3-4 and by cone 6 it turns dark brown. At cone 2 it fires to a warm red progressing down to a typical terra cotta color at cone 06-04. M2 is quite similar to Redart but it is more plastic.

See the data sheet and PlainsmanClays.com (link below) for more information on properties.

M2 vs. Redart

M2 vs. Redart

Plainsman M2 (left) vs. Redart (right). These bars are fired cone 04, 02, 2, 3, 4 (top to bottom). Fired color is almost identical. M2 has a little more soluble salts and is more plastic (although still not as plastic as a typical pottery clay). Redart will make a good casting slip which M2 does not deflocculate well.

M2 vs. Redart

Plainsman M2 clay (right) and a terra cotta (L215 left) fired to cone 04,02,2 and 4.

Raw red burning clay stockpile

Raw red burning clay stockpile

The raw Plainsman M2 clay stockpile before it is ground. This is mined in Montana and imparts red color to various middle and low temperature clay bodies. It is a remarkably consistent material.

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By Tony Hansen

XML for Import into INSIGHT

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <material name="M2 Red Stoneware" descrip="Medium temperature deep red burning stoneware" searchkey="Plainsman M2" loi="0.00" casnumber="70694-09-6"> <oxides> <oxide symbol="CaO" name="Calcium Oxide, Calcia" status="" percent="0.300" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="MgO" name="Magnesium Oxide, Magnesia" status="" percent="1.000" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="K2O" name="Potassium Oxide" status="" percent="2.700" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="Na2O" name="Sodium Oxide, Soda" status="" percent="0.100" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="P2O5" name="Phosphorus Pentoxide" status="" percent="0.300" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="TiO2" name="Titanium Dioxide, Titania" status="" percent="0.700" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="Al2O3" name="Aluminum Oxide, Alumina" status="" percent="13.500" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="SiO2" name="Silicon Dioxide, Silica" status="" percent="69.400" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="Fe2O3" name="Iron Oxide, Ferric Oxide" status="" percent="6.100" tolerance=""/> </oxides> <volatiles> <volatile symbol="LOI" name="Loss on Ignition" percent="6.000" tolerance=""/> </volatiles> </material>

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