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Alternate Names: sulfonated lignin, sodium lignosulphonate, lignosulfate

A by-product from the production of wood pulp. Used as a binder in plastic ceramic bodies. Care is needed before using this product in slurry operations as it can result in the formation of flakes on the inside the slip tank.

Calcium lignosulfonate used as a glue to hold ball clay bags on a pallet

Calcium lignosulfonate used as a glue to hold ball clay bags on a pallet

Some companies (e.g. Old Hickory Clay) use this as an alternative to shrink-wrapping every pallet of bagged materials (for environmental reasons for example). This wood derivative material is very sticky and behaves like a glue. However it redissolves quickly when whetted. Dark hard particles of this glue can be a concern in batching operations where they fall into the mix. However in a pugmill the particles dissolve during movement through the barrel and are not visible in the extruded product.

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