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Hydroboracite 30

Formula: CaO.MgO.3B2O3.6H2O
Alternate Names: Argentinian Hydroborocite

Oxide Weight159.12
Formula Weight205.32
If this formula is not unified correctly please contact us.

Also CaMgB6O8(OH)6:3(H2O)
This is mined in North Argentina, in the Andes Mountains, at about 4500 meters altitude. Material is normally sold in bulk bag but the company has facilities to pack in 25 and 50 kg bags also.

As2O3: 300-600 ppm

Size Granulated or Crushed to 20 mesh

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By Tony Hansen

XML for Import into INSIGHT

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <material name="Hydroboracite 30" descrip="" searchkey="Argentinian Hydroborocite" loi="0.00" casnumber=""> <oxides> <oxide symbol="CaO" name="Calcium Oxide, Calcia" status="" percent="14.500" tolerance="1.5"/> <oxide symbol="MgO" name="Magnesium Oxide, Magnesia" status="" percent="5.400" tolerance="0.8"/> <oxide symbol="B2O3" name="Boric Oxide" status="" percent="30.000" tolerance="Min"/> <oxide symbol="SiO2" name="Silicon Dioxide, Silica" status="" percent="12.000" tolerance="2.0"/> <oxide symbol="Fe2O3" name="Iron Oxide, Ferric Oxide" status="" percent="0.550" tolerance="0.15"/> </oxides> <volatiles> <volatile symbol="SO4" name="Sulfate" percent="2.500" tolerance="0.5"/> <volatile symbol="LOI" name="Loss on Ignition" percent="20.000" tolerance="3.0"/> </volatiles> </material>

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