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Diamond Kaolin

Secondary Intermediate Psd

Oxide Weight231.75
Formula Weight267.92
If this formula is not unified correctly please contact us.
SAMG - Surface Area (m2/gm) 18
L5 - % < 5 microns 83
L5M - % < 0.5 microns 38

This is a secondary kaolin with an intermediate particle size distribution. It is primarily used in plastic forming processes where its particle size distribution and montmorillonitic mineralogy serves to impart green strength to the body. It contains low Fe2O3 and TiO2 content for applications where fired color is critical. It has also proven useful in glaze applications.

Physical Properties
Dry M.O.R., psi: 300-400
pH: 4-6.5
C.E.C., meq/100g: 6.5 +/- 1.0
Specific Gravity: 2.6
P.C.E.: 33-34<

Particle Size, Microns:10 5 2 1 0.5 325# residue
(% finer than) 99% 97% 93% 81% 72% 56% .5

Fired Properties
Color, Cone 8 (L) 83.0
(a) -0.8
(b) 8.6

Shrinkage Cone 10, 100% clay 9.8
Absorption Cone 10, 100% clay 8.9

The manufacturer claims this material is a substitute for GK Pioneer Kaolin.

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By Tony Hansen

XML for Import into INSIGHT

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <material name="Diamond Kaolin" descrip="Secondary Intermediate Psd" searchkey="" loi="0.00" casnumber="95077-05-7"> <oxides> <oxide symbol="CaO" name="Calcium Oxide, Calcia" status="" percent="0.150" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="MgO" name="Magnesium Oxide, Magnesia" status="" percent="0.100" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="K2O" name="Potassium Oxide" status="" percent="0.180" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="Na2O" name="Sodium Oxide, Soda" status="" percent="0.080" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="TiO2" name="Titanium Dioxide, Titania" status="" percent="1.400" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="Al2O3" name="Aluminum Oxide, Alumina" status="" percent="37.900" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="SiO2" name="Silicon Dioxide, Silica" status="" percent="45.600" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="Fe2O3" name="Iron Oxide, Ferric Oxide" status="" percent="0.700" tolerance=""/> </oxides> <volatiles> <volatile symbol="LOI" name="Loss on Ignition" percent="13.500" tolerance=""/> </volatiles> </material>

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