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Colloid 211


Colloid 211 is a neutralized low molecular weight polyacrylate dispersant for pigments in water based systems. It acts to disperse high solids, stabilize viscosity over a wide range of temperatures, control rheology over a broad range of pH and temperature.

Appearance: Clear, Light Amber Liquid
Nonvolatile Matter (NVM) 43%
(NVM = 1/2 gram sample @130 degrees for 1/2 hour)
pH 7-8
Viscosity (Brookfield #2 Spindle @ 30 RPM @ 77 degrees F: 250 cps
SG @ 77F: 1.3
Molecular Weight (Mw-GPC) 3500
Solubility: Water soluble

Application: Use .05-.5% (dry basis) by weight of pigment, depending on system. Colloid 211 is exceptionally effective in clay, calcium carbonate and other pigments, as well as in coatings formulations containing these.

Colloid 211 meets the food additives requirements of CFR 21, sections 173.210 (boiler water), 175.105 (adhesives), 175.300 (coatings), 175.320
(polyolefinfilm), 176.170 (paper and paperboard, aqueous and fatty foods), 176.180 (paper and paperboard - dry foods).

Colloid 211 can be stored over a wide range of temperatures and is not affect by freeze-thaw cycling. Should the product freeze under severe conditions, warm to 40C and mix well before using.

Colloid 211 complies with the Toxic Substances Control Act PL 94-469.
CAS Number 9003-04-7.

Colloids, Inc., 394 Frelinghuysen Ave, Newark, NJ 07114
Colloids Canada Inc, P.O. Box 160, St. Catherines, Ont. L2R 6S4

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