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Bentonite-based rheological additive

Claytone rheological additives are produced from carefully selected natural sodium bentonite. Only a very small percentage of all the bentonite in the world is suitable for the production of Claytone additives, and Southern Clay Products searches the globe to find the most suitable bentonite. Claytone additives are "organically modified" clays that are produced by reacting organic cations, such as a quaternary ammonium chloride with bentonite. The reaction changes the nature of the clay from hydrophilic to oleophilic. Claytone additives are used to provide various rheological characteristics to solvent-based or oil-based formulations. Claytone additives are the rheology modifiers of choice for solvent-based and oil-based inks, paints, greases, oil well drilling fluids, consumer care products, sealants, and adhesives.

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By Tony Hansen

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