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Calcium Aluminate Cement

Oxide Weight211.56
Formula Weight222.93
If this formula is not unified correctly please contact us.

Calcium Aluminate Cement is made by fusing or sintering alumina and calcia contributing minerals to produce monocalcium aluminate (CaAl2O4) clinkers that are subsequently powderized. This CAC material is superior to Portland cement in its setting properties and its ability to withstand high temperatures and chemical attack.

CAC-containing cements are compounded for many applications in construction and refractories. The amount of active monocalcium aluminate (and therefore the CaO and impurity content) determine the service temperature of a cement compound. Advances in particle size distribution and packing technology and increases in alumina content have made it possible to greatly reduce the CAC percentage in mixes while improving mechanical performance and increasing service temperatures to more than 1900C.

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By Tony Hansen

XML for Import into INSIGHT

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <material name="Calcium Aluminate Cement" descrip="" searchkey="" loi="0.00" casnumber=""> <oxides> <oxide symbol="CaO" name="Calcium Oxide, Calcia" status="" percent="33.390" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="MgO" name="Magnesium Oxide, Magnesia" status="" percent="0.880" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="Al2O3" name="Aluminum Oxide, Alumina" status="U" percent="45.760" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="SiO2" name="Silicon Dioxide, Silica" status="" percent="7.690" tolerance=""/> <oxide symbol="Fe2O3" name="Iron Oxide, Ferric Oxide" status="" percent="7.190" tolerance=""/> </oxides> <volatiles> <volatile symbol="SO3" name="Sulfur Trioxide" percent="5.100" tolerance=""/> </volatiles> </material>

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