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Burgess Iceberg Calcined Kaolin

Alternate Names: Icecap K

Oxide Analysis Formula
SiO2 51.70% 2.03
Al2O3 43.20% 1.00
Fe2O3 0.20% 0.00
TiO2 2.00% 0.06
Oxide Weight 229.26
Formula Weight 230.42


Conventionally calcined kaolin.
Burgess Icecap K, Iceberg and No. 30 calcined kaolins differ slightly in the pH, brightness, #325 residue, % free moisture. None of the differences should have significant effects on ceramic glaze and body applications.
However their Optiwhite thermo optic kaolins have the same chemistry but have an amorphous particle shape and lower specific gravity.

Related Information


Suppliers Burgess Pigments
Materials Calcined Kaolin
URLs http://burgesspigment.com/BurgessWebsite.nsf/ICEBERG.pdf?OpenFileResource
Iceberg Kaolin Datasheet
URLs https://digitalfire.com/4sight/datasheets/BurgessKaolin.pdf
Burgess Kaolin Data Sheet
Typecodes Kaolin
Pure clay mineral, there are many brand names of varying purity and iron content.


GE Brightness85-92%
% Passing 325 Mesh Wet99.95+%
Particle Shape (1-7 microns)Thin flat plate
Density (Specific Gravity)2.63
Moisture Content - Powder0.25-0.5%
Median Particle Size (Microns)1.4 microns
pH for dry powder5.5

By Tony Hansen

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