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Boron Nitride

Alternate Names: BN

Boron Nitride is a non oxide man made ceramic that occurs in two distinct particle shapes.

The primary alpha BN has flat particles similar to graphite or kaolinite. Among its other excellent thermal and electrical properties, BN has the ability to resist wetting by molten metals and is thus used as a parting agent for metal casting, especially aluminum). Its particle shape makes BN suitable as a solid lubricant for high temperature applications.

Beta BN has a cubic particle shape and is the second hardest material known. It is made from alpha BN. It is used to make a wide range of wear resistant parts.

Very fine BN powders can be cast into shapes using traditional slurry deflocculation and plaster casting methods. The cast parts separate best from completely dry molds. Items need to be fired to 1500C+.

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By Tony Hansen

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