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Acumer Dispersant Polymer


A sodium salt of a polyacrylic acid selected for polymer weight, composition, structure and mode of surface adsorption. It ships as a clear, light amber solution. It is a high performance dispersant for minerals (calcium carbonate, kaolin, titanium dioxide, talc, aluminum hydroxide) that promotes low viscosities in 70% slurries and maintains low viscosity during storage at ambient or elevated temperatures.

9300 - General purpose for ceramic industry
9000, 9400 - For kaolin slurries

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Oxide Analysis Formula
Materials Sodium Silicate
Materials Darvan
Suppliers Rohm and Haas
Typecodes Electrolyte
Materials used to control slurry properties of glazes and slips (vicosity, specific gravity).


Density (Specific Gravity)10.9
pH for dry powder7.5

By Tony Hansen

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